How to wash a rug in a typewriter machine: rules and recommendations

Posted by: 26.01.2018

In English, the word plaid means a scarf made of wool. Once not used it at different times! They threw on their shoulders in the winter instead of warm clothes, escaped from the cold in their travels, covered chairs and beds for decor.

Today, blankets are also relevant. They are in almost every family. It is pleasant to warm yourself in cold evenings with a warm soft cloth and enjoy watching your favorite movie or dive into a good book. Frequent use leads to stains on things, and a good housewife has a question about how to wash the rug so that it does not lose shape.

Variety of blankets

The warmest products are made of natural wool. They are very light, soft and comfortable. The most popular are plaids:

  • from sheep and camel wool;
  • cashmere;
  • from the llama.

Plaids from natural and artificial fur are not less demanded. In spring and summer, fleece, acrylic, linen, silk, cotton bedspreads are relevant.

Many products include synthetic fibers that quickly absorb odor, attract dust and lose their attractive appearance. To return them freshness, you need to clean them regularly. To determine at what temperature to wash the blanket, you need to rely on what it is made of.

Is it possible to wash a synthetic blanket in a washing machine

If the question is how to wash the blanket in a washing machine made of polyester or other synthetic fabric, study the label. It should be indicated, the limitations for machine wash. Typically, such products easily tolerate the temperature of the water in 40ºC, and can be trusted with a washing machine.

Experienced housewives are advised to use machines for washing, the drum of which has a capacity of at least 5 kg, otherwise the large thing will not be cleaned properly.

  1. To wash a large blanket in a washing machine, it needs to be twisted into a roll, and loaded into the drum. A small product needs to be folded 4 fold or simply crumpled.
  2. The subtleties of care for synthetic materials are that you need to use liquid powder. It foams less, penetrates better into fabric fibers, and is easier to rinse out. If the blanket is a bright color, choose a product that does not contain bleach and retains color.
  3. Be sure to use the air conditioner. It will make the veil soft, gentle and reduce its ability to accumulate statistical electricity.
  4. What mode to wash the blanket? If the label indicates the recommended temperature of the 40ºC water, the “delicate wash” or “wool” mode is best. If you need advice on how to wash acrylic blanket, use the program "synthetics". It is designed for such fabrics.
  5. When drum spinning can be manually set, limit to 400. In this mode, you get the product wet, but it is not deformed and will not be crumpled.

Can I wash the rug in a typewriter

Attention! Automatic drying is not recommended. Besides the fact that it can ruin a thing, there will be rough folds on it that will be hard to iron out. Gently hang out the blanket in the air, it dries quickly.

How to properly wash a plush rug in a typewriter

Articles made of faux fur and plush are beautiful and comfortable. If their weight does not exceed the dimensions of the washing machine, it is easy to wash a plush or fur blanket in it.

  1. Carefully shake the item from dust, put it in the drum, set the temperature of the water to 30-40 ºC, pour in the required amount of liquid powder, conditioner and select the “synthetic” mode.
  2. To plush rugs after washing in a typewriter machine does not lose shape, you need to completely turn off the spin cycle. In a pinch, put the minimum mode, otherwise plush can lose softness.
  3. In addition, artificial fur and plush products in the rinsing process absorb a lot of water. From this at high speeds the machine starts to vibrate, and its motor wears out quickly.

How to wash a blanket in a washing machine

When a thing drains, hang it in a draft, preferably on the street. If it dries for a long time, it can cause a rotten smell.

How to wash a fluffy fleece blanket? The same as other products from synthetics. Fleece fabric is easily washed, dries quickly, does not tolerate high temperatures and intense spin.

How to wash a rug from natural fabrics in a washing machine

Covers made of cotton and flax do not require special care. Washing such a rug in a washing machine allows the temperature mode 40ºC. It is undesirable to expose more - the product may decrease in size.

  1. If the blanket is light and qualitatively colored, you can use dry powder with oxygen bleach.
  2. Bright colors require a means of enzymes. They wash off pollution well and return rich color to paints.
  3. If you need a proven way to erase a blanket in a typewriter machine so that it retains its original appearance, do not use spin. This makes it difficult to wash, but it guarantees that the thing will not sit down or stretch.

Silk cover does not take out hot water. It is better to wash it with your hands, using a mild shampoo or in a delicate wash mode with silk detergent without the slightest spin. Dry by spreading out the floor.

Many people care how to wash a woolen blanket if it gets dirty. It is necessary to study the label and strictly follow the recommendations.

Most often, manufacturers allow machine washable, but, according to numerous reviews of people, it can be judged that it is risky. To keep the shape of the blanket, it is desirable to wash it by hand. If this is not possible, use a few tips.

  1. Use only the mode "wool", pour detergent with the addition of lanolin in the powder tray.
  2. Wash at a temperature not higher than 30ºC and, taking out of the drum, do not wring.
  3. Put the item in the bath, let it drain a little. Then wrap in a terry towel. When it absorbs water, remove it and place the product on a clean, smooth surface in a well-ventilated area.
  4. Periodically overturn the blanket so that it dries evenly. Do not iron before use. Just shake the thing - it should not be folds.

Attention! This is the safest way to wash the woolen blanket in the washing machine.

Hand wash and dry

When a large double bedspread is contaminated, it is often impossible to wash it in a typewriter. It just doesn't fit in the drum. How to wash a shaggy blanket of huge size?

  1. Type in a bath of water heated to 30ºC, dissolve liquid powder or mild shampoo in it, foam and immerse the blanket.
  2. Woolen thing enough to soak for 10 minutes, gently rub with your hands, reach without twisting and rinse in cold water.
  3. To dry such a rug you need the same way as after washing in a washing machine.

If you need to wash a large fluffy rug made of faux fur or plush, soak it in the bath for 2 hours. Rub the product with your hands, release the water and rinse the 3 fold. Open the drain and leave the item to drain for 20 minutes. Then twist it into a roll, put it, leaning against the bath, and wait a few hours. When the water from the rug stops flowing, post it outside so that the direct rays of the sun do not fall on it. Otherwise it may burn out.

Cleaning of natural fiber blankets

Frequent washing, even by hand, gradually spoils the appearance of woolen rugs. To maintain the softness and tenderness of these non-expensive items, it is advisable to use a dry cleaning method. To prepare the solution you will need:

  • 100 ml of warm water;
  • 1 tsp. table vinegar;
  • 2 tsp. shampoo;

Stir the ingredients in a small container until a thick foam forms. Take a soft brush, scoop up the foam and walk along the dust-shaken product from both sides. Place the rug on the floor and leave until completely dry. After vacuuming the thing or once again shake out thoroughly.

If you are the owner of a luxurious veil of natural fur, you can not even think about how to wash a plaid in a typewriter. This can not be done. He is banned and hand washing. Such things should be trusted by professionals, so take the product to a dry cleaner, they will cope with the most difficult pollution.

Tricks of storage and care

During storage, any blanket has the ability to accumulate dust.

  1. To avoid this, keep it in an old pillowcase made of natural fabric. Beautiful polyethylene packages that sell blankets are not recommended. There is no air circulation. This can lead to unpleasant odors and the spread of moths.
  2. When storing a plaid made of natural wool, it is useful to put a lavender or a sprig of cedar in close proximity. It will save him from pests.
  3. If the wool blanket has lost a pleasant smell, no need to wonder whether it is possible to wash the blanket in the washing machine. Hang it outdoors in the shade and leave for 3 hours. Freshness will return to it.
  4. To preserve the amazing softness of woolen blankets, in the last rinse it is useful to add 1 Art. l vinegar made from natural wine.

Proper care will keep your favorite blanket in perfect condition for a long time. Do not forget, the softer the fabric, the more carefully it should be washed, and then the product will not lose shape.

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