We wash down pillows at home - better than in the laundry

Posted by: 12.02.2018

From time to time, the usual bedding loses its former freshness and attractiveness. And then there is an unbridled desire to replace them with new ones or to order a professional cleaning. But how to wash a pillow feather and down, when there is no opportunity to contact dry cleaning? Is dry processing possible? Where and how to wash a pillow from a feather at home? Let's try to deal with all the nuances.

Any cleaning, cleaning will go smoothly and harmoniously, if the hostess is morally ready for this process. After all, the complexity of this problem is not only the solution of the question “how to wash pillows at home from a feather,” but also its qualitative drying. To implement their own plans, the hostesses often replace the old pillow-case with a new one.

How to wash feather pillow

Determine the contents of the pillow

Washing feather pillows, unlike silicone products, is a much more complicated process. Therefore, before starting the procedure, it is important to find out: what is before us is artificial fiber or natural filler. How and where to wash the feather pillow, so that it retains its shape and fully performs its functions? It is easy to do this even without going to the laundry or dry cleaning; it is only important to objectively assess your strengths and capabilities.

How to wash the pillow from the pen in the washing machine? And can this be done? Yes, this is a prerequisite for all products that have undergone 6 months of continuous operation. Allergens, dust, fat stains require total intervention. And the constant exploitation in the form of the smallest particles of dust, dirt, small litter, mites creates a favorable zone for microbes.

How to wash feather pillows at home? In addition to periodic drying in the sun, in the open air, they need to be treated with filler. Qualitatively wash the feather pillows at home, knowing the properties of the materials used. Artificial and natural fillers allow processing in an automatic machine. The exceptions are organic analogues, special orthopedic rolls.

Washing pillows by hand: is it permissible?

How to wash a feather pillow with plain water by hand?

  1. Fully pull the contents out of the pillow. There should be no drafts in the room.
  2. How to continue to wash feather pillows at home? Fill the bathroom with water, dilute the detergent, preferably liquid.
  3. Is it possible to wash down pillows at home? Regardless of the inner contents, feathers and down are immersed in water in small pieces. It is not recommended to wet the whole mass at the same time, later there may be problems with drying.
  4. How to wash a pillow from the pen in the machine and correctly determine the time of soaking? Two hours is enough for odors and pollution to move away from her.
  5. How to wash the pen at home? After soaking the water is drained, the fluff wring out. Relieve this hard work will help ordinary kitchen colander.
  6. Bathroom again filled with warm water, add detergent and wash its contents. At the end of the feather rinsed and squeezed carefully.

We erase the pen in an automatic car

Как to wash the feather pillow in the washing machine? This process is very laborious and peculiar. If synthetic products are dipped completely into the drum, then natural fillers are washed in parts. How to wash feather pillows in a typewriter correctly?

  1. Carefully open the pillow case and take out its contents.
  2. Having divided into parts, down is laid out in separate covers or old pillowcases. Typically, the average cushion has 4-5 such shares.
  3. Is it possible to wash the feather pillow in a typewriter and is it necessary for this napernik? Any drum holds up to 3 such batches. As a result, vibrations are reduced, and the down does not clump together.

To wash the feather pillow in a typewriter with the highest quality, the product is soaked in a special solution. A few drops of liquid detergent and ammonia 3% are added to the collected water. (On 5 l liquid - 4 tsp. Ammonia, soap cap). How to wash feather pillows at home? To do this, the prepared bags are immersed in the solution and thoroughly impregnated with moisture. The best hygienic results are obtained using liquid powders or gels.

Where can I wash the pillows? Excellent opportunities gives an automatic car. The delicate wash mode, the choice of 600 revolutions and temperatures in 30 degrees provide the best processing results. How to wash a pillow from the feathers machine? Washed covers are removed from the drum, spread out the sheets and fold them into a roll. In this way, excess moisture evenly leaves the product, and the content is evenly distributed over the pillowcase.

How to wash feather pillow at home? After washing, it is often necessary to manually dispense its contents. They should be carefully picked and knead the lumps.

How to wash a down pillow in a washing machine? To avoid uneven loading on the drum, any things are put into it additionally.

Advice! For a small pillow, it is not necessary to prepare the cover and pour all the contents into it. How to wash a down pillow in a washing machine? If there is no special mode, a delicate wash at 30 degrees and an extra rinse will do. Expose the maximum spin should not be.

We erase pillows from down of the house by own forces

How can I wash down feather at home? For high-quality processing of the product, it is important to prepare a special pillow-case and balls for beating the inner filler. In some cases, for this take tennis balls. How to wash down pillows after long use? This work requires concentration and diligence. Divided into several napernikov fluff is placed in a centrifuge.

How best to wash down pillows at home? In the bag carefully sew the seams so that the contents do not accidentally fall into the drum. Placing several balls inside it, it is possible to achieve even whipping of fluff. How to wash a down pillow at home? One of the necessary functions in this case will be setting an extra rinse and water temperature below 40 degrees.

We finish the washing of the pillow with high-quality drying.

How to wash a pillow with a down-feather filler correctly? The final stage of this work is drying the product. A wetted feather is ventilated for a long time, so any wrong actions often lead to the formation of an unpleasant smell and mildew.

Attention! The pillow keeps freshness and pleasant aroma during the first two days of drying. The inhibition of the process leads to the stuffiness of its filler.

How to wash a pillow down or feather bed? A clean feather is laid out on a dry and level surface, avoiding windy areas. The main condition for proper drying is uniform, periodic mixing and constant air flow. A product that has been in a typewriter does not require the removal of internal contents. It is enough to hang it on a rope and shake it from time to time. Accelerate drying hot hair dryer.

Can I wash silicone pads at home? Yes, such processing is allowed. Ball silicone is well tolerated washing in a washing machine, if its temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. Such products dry quickly, and it is convenient and pleasant to use them.

So, if in the process of familiarization with the article you refused to attend dry cleaning, feel free to proceed to the self-wash. The annual replacement of napernik, the periodic processing of down will be the guarantor of easy sleep and longevity of its owner. Be healthy!

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