At what temperature wash white and colored linen: recommendations

Posted by: 11.01.2018

More recently, the wash was tedious, difficult task. Now a machine has come to the aid of a woman, so things can be refreshed without any hassle. Despite this, the housewives have a lot of questions. With what temperature to wash color and white linen in the washing machine? How to wash black laundry, which powders should be used in a typewriter so that they wash the most difficult stains?

Preparing underwear

It is necessary to go through pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers and sort the colored items from whites. Pay attention to the type of fabric. Satin linen should be washed separately from silk. They require different modes of washing.

Before washing clothes in the car, estimate how much each product weighs, and do not exceed the permissible drum load. Otherwise, things wash out badly. Weight depends on the fabric:

  • large sheet drags up to 500 g;
  • duvet cover from 500 to 700 g;
  • pillow cases to 250

Important! Carefully review the labels, if any, and follow the recommendations given to them. Turn things inside out and distribute on the drum. When they are heavily soiled, it is better to soak the material for a while.

How to soak

Before washing colored laundry with a typewriter, put warm water in a basin, pour the powder with enzymes into it and rub the patches of households. soap During the 3-4 hours the dirt goes away, then you need to start washing. Instead of the powder, the “Vanish” stain remover can be dissolved in water, it will remove the most persistent soiling.

For soaking white fabric suitable bleach "Vanish", "Ace" or regular peroxide. Pour 3 Art. l peroxide on 10 l of heated water and immerse the laundry in the 3 underwear for an hour.

Do not forget to soften the water while soaking. To do this, pour 2 spoons of baking soda into it.

How to wash colored clothes in a typewriter

We start washing: comments of professionals

To know exactly at what temperatures wash clothes in a typewriter, you need to correctly determine the type of fabric from which it is made.

  1. Как wash white laundry in a cotton and linen machine? It calmly withstands high temperatures, so you can safely set the maximum water heating and intensive washing mode.
  2. Washing linen of linen should take place at a temperature not exceeding 60ºС, and cotton - 40 ºС. So you can avoid tarnishing the brightness of the material.
  3. Professionals recommend installing additional rinsing and twisting at slower speeds. From the strong spin natural fabric often decreases in size.

How to wash white clothes in the washing machine

Elegant colored linen made of natural silk is pleasant to the touch and very comfortable.

  1. Experts warn that it is necessary to wash it in the “delicate wash” mode or select the “silk” program.
  2. Do not expose the temperature to more than 30 ºС and completely refuse to twist so that the laundry does not lose shape.
  3. Remove the wet things from the drum, let the water drain into the sink. Then carefully hang sheets and pillowcases in the open air.

Synthetic underwear does not absorb moisture well and does not allow enough oxygen to pass through, so our experts do not recommend covering the bed with them. But there are many such kits for sale, and if they appear in the house, they need to be put in order. Select the “synthetic” mode, set the water heating to 40 ºС and press the extra rinse button. For unscrewing enough 400-600 revolutions.

Powder selection

For the machine can not use the machine for washing hands. Such powders are highly foaming. They are difficult to rinse, besides, abundant foaming can damage the machine.

The ideal cleanliness of light things depends not only on the temperature at which the white laundry is washed. Much decides the quality of the powder and bleach.

  1. For washing white clothes, it is better to choose powders from proven brands. These are Persil, Ariel, Tide.
  2. From domestic brands we can recommend “Myth” and “Biolan”.
  3. Make sure that the packaging indicates that the product is intended for white fabrics. This means that it has bleaching additives.

When you need to remove the yellowness from a white fabric, Bose bleach comes to the rescue. This is an effective tool at an affordable price.

Attention! The required powder for colored bedding sets of satin and cotton has the inscription "Color". It is designed to preserve color. Delicate fabrics wash well. liquid or gel for washing silk.

White linen turned dark: what to do?

This happens when a red T-shirt or socks are randomly scrolled with washed white things. It does not matter at what temperature wash white clothes. If the paint on the T-shirt substandard, it will instantly stain light material.

  1. It is necessary to immediately send white things for repeated washing with powder and bleach.
  2. Sometimes it does not help. Then prepare a special solution. In the iron bucket type 5 l of water. Dissolve there 100 ml peroxide and 10 ml ammonia.
  3. Put the colored laundry, put it on the stove, boil and stew on the minimum flame for 15 minutes.
  4. Cool slightly and rinse thoroughly.

You can do without boiling. Dilute saline in 5 l of water 10 ml, soak things for an hour, unscrew and send to the washing machine, setting the intensive mode.

Wash black underwear

Dark things require special treatment. How to wash black laundry in a washing machine so that it does not lose the saturated color?

  1. Be sure to turn it inside out and wash it at a low temperature. Maximum heating - 40 ºС.
  2. For a delicate, sensitive fabric, lower the threshold to 30 ºС.
  3. To make things better wash off, load the drum at the minimum.

To preserve the color of black underwear before washing it is useful to soak in a saline solution with a little vinegar for 1 hour.

For washing, choose a product designed for black fabrics. It must be liquid. These powders do not leave white streaks, and they are easier to rinse out.

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