At what temperature wash color and black clothes

Posted by: 02.05.2018

For clothes to serve you for a long time, you need to carefully care for her. Washing and ironing are not the last of the list, but very important details. If you want your things to always look neat and well-groomed, you need to wash them properly. You do not want them to sit down or stretch out? Then the question at what temperature to wash clothes will be relevant for you.

At what temperature can you wash things

Many users are interested in how to properly wash things from different fabrics. Consider this with examples of tissue features.

  • Cotton

Cotton is a very durable and non-marking fabric. However, it has a significant disadvantage: after washing the cotton is very wrinkled and needs proper ironing. Before you iron your clothes, you need to wash them. Experts recommend washing white cotton items at a temperature of 90 degrees, and colored ones - at 50. Do not increase degrees when washing colored items; they can fade badly. It is not recommended to dry them in a washing machine - there is a risk that they will simply sit down.

  • Linen

Prefer clothes from natural fabrics and are interested in what temperature to wash clothes from flax? This fabric is strong enough and dense, dries quickly and absorbs moisture. She is very good for a hot summer, because flax allows the body to "breathe."

It is recommended to wear clothes made of flax at a temperature not exceeding 55 degrees - otherwise there is a risk of severe shrinkage of things. It is best to use the "manual" way - so you can not worry about the quality and elasticity of the fabric.

  • Silk

Natural silk is very dense and pleasant to the touch. It is multifunctional: it is worn both in winter and in summer. The fabric allows you to keep warm or pleasantly cool the skin. If you are wondering at what temperature to wash things from silk, you should know: 25 degrees are ideal. It is strictly forbidden to soak at elevated degrees. Otherwise, things will shed and deform. It is best to use for them a special laundry detergent, and sending it to the machine, adjust the delicate wash mode.

How to wash things from artificial fabrics

  • Rayon

Soft in its structure, but very fragile rayon needs an individual approach. The fabric is actively conducting current, so it is recommended to soak things from it in a delicate mode with the addition of air conditioning. Colored silk clothing should be soaked at temperatures from 30 to 40 degrees.

  • Lycra

"On which mode wash colored things" - you ask? Lycra, or elastane, is very unpretentious. Good elasticity helps things to sit right on the figure. In order not to spoil the structure of the fabric, you need to wash it at 40-50 degrees. Much depends on the material with which Lycra gets on, so before washing we advise you to carefully study the label.

  • Polyester

Polyester is very soft and non-removable material, keeps its shape well. If you do not want unnatural creases on it, wash it at a temperature not exceeding 50 degrees. The fabric dries very quickly, but the garment can adhere to the body, so when washing it is recommended to add a special conditioner to the powder.

How to wash things in black

Surely in the wardrobe of every person there is a lot of black clothes. It is not surprising, because this color is non-colored and universal, with its help you can create a huge number of stylish and creative images. So, what temperature to wash black things and how to dry them?

  • Step 1

Before you start washing it is strongly recommended to take care of cleaning products. Get a special powder for black things, take sea salt and some vinegar. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the label - what if your clothes can be washed only on your hands?

  • Step 2

Check the performance of your washing machine - overclock it and wait about 10 minutes. This will help you get rid of annoying pellets and villi formed in the process of washing.

  • Step 3

Proceed to washing black clothes. At what temperature do they erase black things? Recommended - 40-45 degrees, but a lot depends on the type of fabric. If you purchased a silk black dress, then for a “sensitive” fabric, you need to reduce the temperature.

Wash colored things at home

Do you want bright, saturated things to remain so for a long time? No problems! On the question of what temperature to erase black, we have already answered, it remains to deal with the color "handful."

Before washing, be sure to read the label - often important information about the mode is hidden there. Do not forget to sort everything into piles - black with color does not fit the word at all. If you know that a piece of clothing sheds heavily, it is better to wash it by hand or in cool water at a temperature not higher than 35 degrees.

For colored items, it is recommended to use conditioners or liquid gels that help preserve the natural color. It is possible to return “life” to clothes with the help of special solutions - soda, acetic. Their recipes can be found on the Internet.

After washing, do not forget to iron things - ironed the clothes on the wrong side with gentle movements. Make it a non-hot iron.

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