How to wash a down jacket without divorce - the best tips!

Posted by: 18.01.2018

A down jacket is one of the most common types of winter clothing in Russia, and this is fully justified - these clothes are filled with warm materials, among which there are fluff, feather, holofiber and numerous others. Due to this, down jackets perfectly retain heat inside and do not let it out. Despite the many obvious advantages, down jackets have one rather unpleasant disadvantage - these clothes are difficult to care for. So, without applying special rules, the first wash of a down jacket can also be the last one - white stains often appear on clothes, and down has a tendency to roll down inside. However, washing down jacket in the home without a divorce is more than possible. How to wash down jacket without divorce? This guide will help you!

Why do white stains appear?

In order to understand how to wash a down jacket so that there are no divorces, it is necessary to understand in detail the causes of such troubles. So, white stains on clothes appear for the following reasons:

  • The use of low quality internal filler is the manufacturer's fault.
  • Improper or insufficient rinsing of the down jacket after the end of its wash.
  • Uneven or improperly organized drying of clothes.

How to wash down jacket without divorce

The question of how to wash a jacket without a divorce, often arises, indicating the prevalence of this problem. If you do not want to be among the victims, take note of these tips!

General rules for washing down jackets

How to wash a down jacket so that there are no divorces? This question can be given a few general tips that are suitable for any case. Some of them may vary depending on your case:

  • Washing clothes with a filler can be carried out at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees.
  • For washing down jacket in the washing machine should be set to hand wash. If there is no such thing in your model, turn on the delicate mode, which is very similar to manual mode.
  • Как wash jacketto avoid divorces? Put on as many rinses as possible. One thing is surely not enough - there should be at least two, and preferably three. It is insufficient rinsing that becomes a frequent cause of unpleasant stains on the surface of clothes.
  • How to wash a jacket to avoid divorces? Try to completely abandon dry powders, alternatively choosing liquid funds free of dyes and bleaches. If you opt for the powder, use special formulations for washing fluff, or baby laundry detergents without any doubtful additional additives.
  • Install a small number of revolutions - enough 600-800 per minute. Higher speeds can lead to a downward roll, which is an even bigger problem than divorce.
  • Before you wash the down jacket in a washing machine without strands, be sure to remove all other things from the drum of the machine, and especially down jackets. Yes, the washing of one thing will have to be spent in terms of detergent and electricity, but the risk in this case is less.

how to wash a down jacket to avoid divorce

If you are still thinking about how to wash a down jacket so that there are no divorces, pay attention to the special capsules. Small capsules contain detergent in liquid form - it does not leave unpleasant stains on clothes. By themselves, capsules do not take up much space, are easily used and stored. The only drawback is the high cost, which may seem unacceptable to some. Otherwise, it is almost an ideal remedy against divorce on things.

Handwash rules without streaks

How to wash a light down jacket without a divorce? Perhaps the best way would be exactly hand washing, as in the process of washing with hands, the probability of forming stains and lumps of fluff, which can reduce the pleasure of wearing a down jacket to a minimum, is reduced. Here there is a logical question about how to wash a down jacket at home without a divorce, depending on the material of clothing:

  • Holofiber Easy-to-use material, the product from which it is enough to soak in a basin with warm water for 10-15 minutes, and then wash as usual. Carefully select the water temperature - it should be no higher than 30 degrees. Also, do not soak the holofiber down jacket for a long time. For washing the liquid is used.
  • Pooh Material requiring careful treatment. how hand wash down jacket without divorce, so that its filler does not become unusable? The main rule - try not to soak your clothes completely, exposing only the contaminated areas of the down jacket. Apply the detergent to the fabric carefully, and do not forget to wash it with a soft sponge.

Before you wash your jacket, so that there are no divorces, do not forget to look at the tag, which is usually located on the inside of the jacket. Perhaps the manufacturer prohibits the manual and automatic washing of the product. In this case, it will be necessary to confine ourselves to a damp sponge, with the help of which it is necessary to carefully clean off the dirt from the surface of the down jacket. The main thing - do not wet it with water.

Proper drying - a means of divorce

It is very important to know how to dry a down jacket after washing without staining - it is often more difficult to organize a proper drying than to wash clothes carefully. Use the following recommendations, the adherence to which will allow you to minimize the probability of the appearance of divorces on the jacket:

  • To dry the product must be in a vertical state - for this, hang the clothes on the hanger.
  • Do not try to artificially speed up the drying - placing the down jacket in close proximity to heating devices and sources of fire can lead to white streaks.
  • Try to dry your clothes with a filler in the open air or in rooms with good ventilation. Natural drying leads to the formation of stains quite rarely.

Proper drying - a means of divorce

Now you know how and how to wash a down jacket so that there are no divorces. But what to do if you read the tips too late, and the appearance of your clothes is very spoiled? How to wash the jacket from the divorce? There are several proven recipes that you should definitely find out below!

How to wash a down jacket from divorce?

Interested in how to wash a black down jacket from white stains after improper washing or drying? There are three popular methods that will help you to return your clothes to their original appearance:

  • Dilute teaspoons of dishwashing detergent in warm 2 water, soak a soft, clean sponge in the resulting solution and gently wipe the stains formed on the powder coat. After several minutes of absorption, the solution should be carefully removed and the cleaned place should be washed with water.
  • Moisten a cotton pad in a small amount of gasoline and wipe the stains found on the jacket, then wash off the remnants of gasoline with warm water. This method is not suitable for synthetic-based fabrics, as they almost immediately dissolve under the action of gasoline.
  • How to wash a white down jacket without divorce? Moisten the sponge in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, then gently wipe all unpleasant formations. This method is well suited for white and light things, but can also be used for down jackets of darker shades.

Before you wash a light down jacket (or dark), always remember that these clothes require a careful and careful attitude. Do not forget to look at the tag attached to the inner seam in order to know exactly which mode and temperature of washing is recommended by the manufacturer of your item.

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