Rolled down after washing - what to do in this case?

Posted by: 04.04.2018

Natural fluff is an excellent natural heat insulator, so that down jackets are well suited for use in severe cold - for this reason they are so common in Russia. Unfortunately, down-padded coats have not only advantages, but also disadvantages. So, they are pretty hard to care for. It often happens that the wash down jacket - lost fuzz, and to deal with this is very difficult. Many people who do not represent a winter without a down-padded coat are interested in answering the question of what to do if the down-padded coat after washing has become thin (the fluff is lost inside). It is difficult to cope with the situation, but it is possible, and the proper washing and drying of clothes can significantly reduce the damage caused by washing. What to do if fluff rolled after washing? This guide will help you!

Proper washing is the key to success.

In order for the down to not roll in the down jacket after washing, it is necessary to correctly approach the process of washing the clothes with the down filling. Here you can make some useful recommendations that will save you from frequent mistakes:

  • Before washing the thin down jacket in the washing machine, securely fasten the buttons and zipper on the clothes, look through the pockets for foreign objects, turn the down jacket inside out and gently smooth it. After that, you can put a down jacket in the drum.
  • For washing, use water temperature not more than 30 degrees, so that the fluff does not roll during the washing process. The mode should be selected manual, in the absence of such a delicate is set.
  • Do not use ordinary laundry detergents. How to return a down jacket pomp after washing? Make sure that the washing itself is carried out using a special tool designed for down jackets and other similar products. You should also pay attention to the fact that the detergent used is well washed out, otherwise rinsing can not be avoided.
  • The down jacket should be washed separately from other products, so before putting it into the drum, remove all dirty things from there. In no case can not wash two down jackets at once.
  • Put some big green tennis balls into the drum of the washing machine together with the down jacket. In the process of washing they will beat on the down jacket, thereby preventing caking. If the first time the down jacket after washing has become thin, do not forget to use balls in the next one!
  • Pay special attention to rinsing. Many powders and detergents are extremely poorly rinsed out of clothes, which makes additional work necessary for cleaning.
  • Forget about high speeds - when washing a down-padded coat in a washing machine, it is not possible to set the speed of turns over 800 per minute. An aggressive impact will lead to the fact that the down after washing coalesces, and you have to put a lot of effort to correct this situation.

How to return a down jacket pomp after washing

If the contamination on the down jacket is point and slight, it is better to do without a full wash of the down jacket in the washing machine and prefer it to hand wash. In the case of hand washing, the likelihood of lint rolling is much less, since aggressive action is excluded, and the process itself is reduced. However, if you can’t do without automatic washing, you shouldn’t avoid it - just follow the advice.

Drying is one of the basics

After washing the down jacket became thin - what to do in such a situation? The most important step in correcting the situation is the proper drying of the down jacket. It is about how competently and seriously you will react to drying, your chances of returning your clothes to their original attractive appearance depend on. During the drying process, use the following tips to help prevent common mistakes:

  • If down jacket lost in lumps after washing, it can be dried only in a straightened form so that the product does not lose its shape during the drying process, and this happens quite often.
  • Drying of the down jacket should be carried out in the open air, or in a room with well-functioning ventilation. It is important to dry the down jacket in natural conditions, without in any way speeding up this process with the help of a steam generator, a hair dryer and other devices.
  • Down jacket felted after washing? Keep it away from heaters and direct sunlight during drying. Too fast and uneven drying will adversely affect the product, which can lead to its irreversible deformation.
  • Dry clothes in rooms with normal humidity. Do not do this in the kitchen or in the bathroom, as excessively humid air will adversely affect the condition of the filler.
  • Every 3-4 hours of drying, do not forget to shake and straighten the down jacket to prevent caking of the filler. This should be done regularly, otherwise the result will not be able to please you.
  • How many do you need to dry, if the down jacket rolled after washing? It is advisable to handle no more than 48 hours, since an excessively long drying process will trigger the caking of the filler.

Washed down jacket down swum what to do

What to do if the jacket crumpled after washing? If you have already dried it, you need to organize the final touch! To do this, take an ordinary carpet beater and pass it over your jacket, trying to break the formed lumps of fluff. If you didn’t have a handball, you can knock out clothes with your own hands. Don't forget to handle places like hood, pockets and sleeves. Remember how the feather pillow is whipped - with a down jacket you must do the same!

Straighten lumps if nothing helps

Down jacket spoiled after washing? What to do if even proper drying did not help to cope with this problem? You can use several ways to help restore clothes:

  • Send the down jacket to the washing machine for re-spin, after adding a few large tennis balls to the drum. This method is suitable if the down jacket is still wet, and you did not have time to dry it properly. Repeated spinning with balls will allow the filler to be distributed on the down jacket as evenly as possible, but this does not always happen the first time. Be prepared to repeat the spin several times before the desired result is obtained.
  • Dried down jacket put on a soft horizontal surface (suitable bed), then take a smooth stick and walk her knocking on the jacket. Such actions will effectively break up large lumps of filler, and you can handle small ones with your own hands.

Now you know what to do if, after washing a down jacket, the fluff got lost, and the product itself lost its appearance, became thin and nondescript. Always pay close attention to the preparation of the down jacket before washing, washing and drying itself so that the filler inside the clothes does not stray, giving you a lot of problems. And remember that the wash of the down jacket should be carried out no more than twice a year, otherwise even with all the rules, your clothes will quickly lose their shape, and straightening the filler will become even more difficult.

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