How to wash a down jacket in the washing machine and with your hands?

Posted by: 21.03.2018

Down jacket - perhaps the most preferred version of winter clothing for the Russian climate. This garment retains heat well, looks attractive, and also has an affordable price. However, all the advantages of down jackets overlap the complexity of care. So, a big problem is delivered by the washing of a down-padded coat - in the process the down is caking, in connection with which the product comes into complete disrepair. Fortunately, the right approach to washing will help preserve the original appearance of the product and not incur costs. How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine and by hand, what tools to use for this, and also how to prevent down rolling? This manual will answer all your questions.

Washing or cleaning a down jacket?

Some housewives believe that it is better to pass their dirty clothes to dry cleaning than to wash a down jacket in a washing machine with a high probability of damage to the product. Even many manufacturers of down-padded coats on their products put tags that indicate a ban on washing and permission for chemical cleaning. But is it worth to carry a down jacket in the dry cleaning? This method has several unpleasant disadvantages:

  • The high cost that with regular service calls can go into a large amount.
  • An enterprise that conducts dry cleaning is usually not responsible for the safety of things.
  • Not every village has a dry cleaner. She can also be far away from home.
  • On the processed clothes there are some chemicals that can cause allergies.

How to wash a down jacket

Thus, for many people it is better to wash a down jacket in a washing machine. If you also think that home washing is better and you are wondering how to wash a down jacket correctly, do not spend money on an expensive dry-cleaner, but rather read the following recommendations.

We estimate the scale of the problem

Sometimes appropriate down jacket wash without typewriter if the pollution is not very strong and have a point structure. If you do not want to face the many problems that appear during the washing of the down jacket, perform a manual cleaning. To do this, it is enough to wet the sponge with soapy water, process the stains in this way, then dry the clothes. As a rule, this treatment is enough to completely remove small and frivolous stains. But how to wash down jacket in case stains have already penetrated deep into the fibers of the fabric? How then do?

Proper preparation of clothes

Before you wash your winter down jacket, you need to properly prepare clothing for the upcoming procedure. The preparation of the down jacket is mandatory and should be carried out equally before both the manual and automatic washing, and includes several important steps below:

  • If down jacket with a fur collar or other inserts, unfasten them before washing things.
  • Securely fasten all the zippers and buttons so that they do not come off in the process of washing.
  • Disconnect all metal inserts, if any (may oxidize during washing).
  • Turn the down jacket on the wrong side and gently straighten.

Also, before washing a long down jacket, make sure that the seams on your clothes are sturdy and do not let the fluff out. Otherwise, after washing you will find your thing pretty shabby. If there are taped places on the down jacket, it is advisable to avoid washing in the washing machine, while preferring hand washing to it - the glue may lose its strength, the clothes will simply fall apart when washing.

Rules for hand washing down jacket

There is a dirty down jacket, which is contraindicated in the washing machine washing? How to wash without spin and hands? There are a few tips that will allow you to properly wash a down jacket in a manual way:

  • Do not use washing powder. Even a good washing powder can lead to the formation of unpleasant and difficult to remove stains on the surface of the fabric. How to wash a down jacket in this case? If you are interested in a quality result, you will have to spend money on a special tool for washing down jackets. You can find such a tool in a store that sells sportswear or household chemicals. It is not so difficult.
  • Wash in a vertical condition. If you have the opportunity, when washing keep the down jacket in limbo. In this case, you will need less time to rinse. When you finish the wash, rinse the down jacket without removing it from the gimbal, then leave it in the same form, but for drying. Also, do not allow the fluff inside the clothing to clump together.
  • Take proper care. Do not expose the down jacket to aggressive effects, wash it as carefully as possible, so that the down inside is not crumpled. Otherwise, there will be problems.

How to wash a down jacket without a washing machine

Как wash the down jacket with your hands in the basin? To do this, pour warm water into the container (temperature from 30 to 40 degrees), dilute a small amount of special laundry detergent in water, and then soak the down jacket in water for 10 minutes. Next, rub the cloth with a soft sponge or brush, rinse the thing and let it dry in a suspended state (preferably in an open space with air).

Rules for washing a down jacket in a washing machine

The question of how to wash a down jacket without a washing machine has already received its explanation. But how to properly wash clothes in a typewriter? The most important task is to prevent down from falling. To prevent the manifestation of this negative effect, follow the instructions below:

  • For one cycle in one washing machine, only one down jacket can be washed. Before you wash the down jacket Etson and others, pull out all other dirty things from the drum of the machine.
  • Put several large tennis balls into the drum of the washing machine (not small white ones, but rather large green ones with stripes). Such a simple action will completely eliminate the possibility of down rolling, which can lead to very big problems.
  • The washing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, so that the product is not damaged in the process.
  • The wash mode should be set to “Hand wash” or on any delicate mode.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine

How to wash in a typewriter down jacket so that the subsequent drying does not cause any problems? To do this, after the main wash, spend a couple of rinsing in a typewriter. This will allow you to thoroughly wash all detergents, which, after washing, are firmly fixed on the fabric. Down jacket can be washed without spinning in a washing machine as usual, but you will have to pay more attention to drying. Also ensure that the spin is set at the 600-800 speed.

How to dry a down jacket?

After you have washed the baby down jacket (or any other), you need to properly approach its drying. Sometimes drying a down jacket requires much more dexterity and time-consuming than washing. So, drying a down jacket after washing in a washing machine can be safely performed according to the instructions given:

  1. Take a down jacket by the hem and gently hang it on the hanger, preferably in the open air or indoors with good natural ventilation. Give the down jacket the desired shape.
  2. In the process of drying a down jacket, regularly check the condition of the fluff, if necessary, push and distribute it evenly over the entire volume of the jacket.
  3. If you need to dry the product quickly, blow a down jacket with a hairdryer from the wrong side.

How to dry a down jacket?

Make sure that in the process of drying the down jacket, there are no heaters and batteries turned on, as excessively forced drying can lead to a negative result - the appearance of white stains. But if the divorces did appear due to your indiscretion, you can remove them with a damp cloth - carefully clean the dirty place by removing the divorces.

Now you know how and how you can wash a down jacket, both with your hands and in a washing machine. Clothing should be used carefully, as the washing of the down jacket is recommended not more than twice a year. Use only proven and reliable recommendations, so as not to spoil your clothes!

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