Tomato stains - get it right!

Posted by: 22.04.2018

Tomato stains - perhaps one of the worst troubles that can overtake your things. The juice is very firmly eaten into the fibers of the tissues, and therefore it is quite difficult to wash out the stain from the tomato, and with the wrong approach it is also impossible. Many housewives in an attempt to wash the tomato inevitably spoil the clothes, because they do not know how to wash the tomatoes, so as not to harm their favorite things. What to do if those red spots appeared on your clothes, how to remove stains from a tomato and what proven means to use for this? In this guide you will learn all that is necessary for an effective struggle.

Preparation for washing

To achieve a better stain removal effect, it is necessary to properly prepare soiled clothes for washing. Preparation does not take much time:

  • If the stains are fresh, carefully brush them off with a brush moistened with soap to remove any residual pulp. It is necessary to clean from the edges to the center so as not to smudge the stain.
  • If stains are old, you should soak things in a soap solution. Half an hour will be enough.

How to wash tomatoes

After you have conducted preliminary training, you can figure out how to remove the stain, so that not a single trace remains on the clothes.

Standard Ways

There is an option with folk recipes, but first it is worth trying to get rid of pollution using ordinary and popular methods. Here they are:

  • Stain remover. Instructions for use are usually indicated on the label, read it carefully so that it does not inadvertently spoil the thing. Take a stain remover that is made by a trusted manufacturer - otherwise the result of washing may not please you at all, but even disappoint you.
  • Washing powder. It is usually not enough to wash things with washing powder one by one; therefore, it is recommended to pre-treat the stain with a gruel made from powder slightly dissolved in water. Apply gruel to the stain, let it soak for half an hour, then rinse and start washing the thing.

If the indicated methods did not give a special result, familiarize yourself with effective methods.

6 effective ways

You can find dozens of different useful proven methods and recommendations on how to wash tomatoes from clothes, but then you will be able to get acquainted with the most effective:

  • Salt and alcohol. Mix a teaspoon of alcohol and salt in water to form a thick slurry. It must be gently but intensively rubbed into spots and left on 40 for absorption. After that, the gruel is removed with a brush, and the clothes are washed in water.
  • Salt and alcohol (alternative version). This advice on how to wash a tomato from your stuff is similar in ingredients to the previous one, but it differs in the order of actions. Apply salt on the stain, moisten a little and leave to soak in 30-40 minutes, then remove it and wipe the place with cotton wool soaked in ammonia.
  • Green Tomato Squeeze out as much juice as possible from the green tomato and rub the stain with it. Rub until the stain disappears, then apply talcum powder in place. The last stage - washing the treated items in the washing machine.
  • Alcohol and glycerin. To do this, mix one part alcohol and four parts glycerin and apply the resulting solution to the stain. It should be absorbed for four hours, after which the stain will visibly weaken, and after washing it will disappear completely.
  • Vinegar. First of all, make sure that the clothing consists of cotton fabrics, as others may be damaged during processing. If the fabric fits, dissolve part of the vinegar in an equal part of the water and soak the place of pollution for a couple of hours. You will see that after washing the stain will disappear.
  • Oxalic acid. How to wash a tomato if suddenly there was neither alcohol, nor glycerol, not even vinegar on hand? Do not despair - oxalic acid can save the day. Dissolve the acid in water (at the rate of 2 grams per glass of water) and treat the clothes with this solution immediately after rinsing the clothes.

Of course, these are not all the ways that suggest removing them. However, it is recommended to try them first, as they are suitable for almost all fabrics and do not harm them. But what if there is no opportunity to use these tips? Just try others!

Alternative methods

What if nothing helps? Here are two more ways:

  • Mineral water. If your clothes are made of wool, and you don’t know what to wipe off with such a delicate fabric, use ordinary mineral water. Just soak the clothes with mineral water, then carefully wipe the stains with cotton wool.
  • Milk. Heat the milk and treat the stains. You can put clothes on the dirty side into a glass with a drink and hold it for a while, then wash the clothes in a typewriter.

Watch your clothes carefully and avoid cases when tomatoes or tomato juice get on things. And if the trouble happened, just use the above tips!

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