How to wash the sleeves on the jacket easily and quickly

Posted by: 20.01.2018

Comfortable clothes firmly entered the wardrobe of adults and children, regardless of the sex of the owner. But as a result, socks involuntarily have to face the pollution that affect the overall impression of a person dressed in such a thing. Not for nothing they say that they meet on clothes. The question of how to wash a greasy down jacket is relevant today.

Properly preparing a down jacket for washing

If, as a result of the audit, ingrained contaminants that are most often found on the collar and sleeves are found, then it is not worth delaying, but it is recommended to use the advice of experienced housewives, after all, the tricks used in the arsenal will help get rid of stains.

Before proceeding with the procedure, it is necessary to carefully examine the information on the labels, which indicate the methods of washing, permitted detergents. Based on the information provided by the manufacturer, the owner of the down jacket should clearly understand:

  • temperature wash;
  • is it possible to dry-clean the product;
  • whether washing in a typewriter is admissible;
  • what are the methods of drying, ironing.

By accurately following the recommendations on the labels, the product will serve the owner for a long time.

How to clean a down jacket without resorting to washing?

Today, most housewives are interested in the question, is it possible to put in order a down jacket, avoiding washing in the traditional sense? Delicate filler requires special care, because once having washed such clothes, the owners are faced with the problem of how to break loose down in the compartments of the product. It is necessary to listen to recommendations that are time tested.

  1. Today you can save the product, which can not be washed because of the characteristics of the fabric or filler, so do not dismiss the stained product to the country. To do this, it is sent to the dry cleaners, where professionals know exactly how to wash the down jacket from greasy stains. But it is worth asking the customer reviews about the chosen institution.
  2. Having decided to put on their own down jacket, greasy collar You can also try to wash the cuffs manually, without immersing the whole product in water. In a separate container with warm water, a special liquid is diluted, intended for downy products (it will not be difficult to buy it in a specialty store). Apply the foamed mixture with a brush to the collar and sleeves, leaving it for some time. Then, rub the contaminated areas diligently and remove the detergent residues with a damp, clean cloth, moisten the entire area with a clean cloth. This solution can be used for the whole product, wiping the entire surface of the down jacket with a sponge moistened and wrung out.
  3. If pollution is detected not only on the collar and sleeves, the hostesses, having tried many means, know how to clean the down jacket from grease stains. The lifesaver will be dishwashing detergent. "Fae" is added to a wet sponge, foamed, after which the foam is applied to a greasy stain. After waiting 5 minutes, the foam is removed with a clean cloth. The local effect on the contaminated area of ​​an effective agent eliminates the need to wash the entire product.
  4. If you are “lucky enough” to be splattered by a passing car, then you should wait a moment and dry your down jacket without rubbing mud splashes over the product. Dried marks can be rubbed off by hand. High-quality fabrics are often treated with a special compound that prevents the penetration of dirt into the fibers, which makes it easier for owners to care for the product and the question of how to wash the down jacket from the dirt disappears.
  5. Sustained contamination is recommended to treat with a solution of 500 ml of warm water with the addition of 1 Art. salt and vinegar. Use a clean cloth or a cotton pad moistened in the composition to wipe the dirty areas with an effort, then wipe the clean cotton disks slightly moistened with warm water and wipe these areas until all traces are completely removed.
  6. When asked how to clean a down jacket from stains, in Spartan conditions, when stain removers and dry cleaning are not available, experienced housewives will recommend laundry soap. They are soaped with greasy or any other stains, and the foam is removed with a damp sponge.
  7. Heated potato starch, like a sponge, absorbs grease stains from down jacket. It is only necessary to change the loose mixture until the complete disappearance of contamination from fat.
  8. Hydrogen peroxide, applied locally, is suitable for white products. Any of the proposed methods will help, as wash the collar down jacket, and to give the whole product purity and freshness. But to try the effect of the prepared drug is on a piece of fabric that is attached to a new product. If there is none, then you need to try the composition on the seamy side of the jacket, on the bends.

How to wash greasy down jacket

How to wash greasy places on a down-padded coat

If you can’t manually clean the product, because a painstaking procedure requires time, patience, and effort, then you can use the washing machine (if the manufacturer does not mind). When the down jacket had time to thoroughly grease in some areas, you will have to first "conjure" over these places. The hostess is familiar with the situation when on the removable product from the drum, with annoyance, it is necessary to detect the remaining contaminants that the specified wash mode could not be cleaned. Fans of hop drink often ask a question how to wash greasy sleeves with beer? To do this, use only fresh drink, which is applied to a fresh greasy stain.

Connoisseurs share secrets of how to wash greasy sleeves down jacket and other problem areas, for this stands before washing:

  • with a cotton pad moistened with a solution of ammonia with water (1: 1), you can clean the places of heavy pollution;
  • soaping the inside of the sleeves and cuffs with laundry soap, brushing them;
  • you can use alcohol or refined gasoline on grease stains, changing cotton pads until all traces of contamination disappear;
  • it is possible to wipe greasy spots or old, eaten spots with an effective means - “Fairy”, a foam in the water, with the addition of ammonia, is applied to particularly dirty areas - pockets, collar, sleeves, cuffs.

How to wash greasy places on a down-padded coat

If you pre-clean one of the selected methods of stains and greasy areas, then with the allowable mode of washing in a washing machine to wash down jacket is not difficult. But it is necessary to strictly observe the temperature regime of the down jacket with natural filler, because there is a risk that if you exceed 40 degrees, you can get reddish spots on a completely clean fabric. At high temperatures, the core rods of fluffs can produce remnants of accumulated fatty matter. Preference is given to liquid detergents that do not leave stains.

Proven methods will help extend the life of your favorite down jacket, allowing him to get the original look even after heavy pollution and prolonged wear.

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