How to wash a backpack in a washing machine and manually

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A backpack is a useful thing not only for students, but also for tourists. However, over time, daily wear, storage of food boxes and even textbooks leads to the fact that the material becomes contaminated and begins to smell foul. How to wash backpacks in a washing machine and school bags? Despite the fact that modern materials are easy to process with the help of chemical cleaners, there are a few nuances that you need to be aware of. Not every hiking or leather backpack lends itself to a washing machine, in some cases manual washing is necessary.

How to wash a portfolio in the washing machine: preliminary preparation

You must first remove all the contents from the bag, only after that you can wash the backpack in the washing machine. Small debris from the material, the crumbs from the inside are removed with a vacuum cleaner. Pockets must be left open so that they stretch better. If things were stored inside and dust was left on them, they should be locked separately.

Phased training:

  1. After getting rid of dust with a vacuum cleaner, the briefcase should be wiped with a slightly damp sponge. This will clean the dirt from the outside.
  2. All straps and removable pockets are detached and cleaned separately. They cannot be placed in the washing machine, as there is a possibility that they will damage the drum or get stuck in it.
  3. Thunderbolts are carefully looked through; if there are small threads, they need to be cut off. If this is not done, after washing they can get into the clasp, from which the fabric will rupture.

Backpack how to wash

Studying information on a label

On any portfolio - leather, tourist or school, there is information about the proper care of the fabric and whether it is possible to wash a backpack in the car. It is important to study the presented recommendations in order not to violate the properties of the material, for example, moisture resistance.

Backpacks with water repellency can be damaged when exposed to aggressive chemicals. If the label does not indicate how to wash it, it is better to use soft powders or to lock the satchel by hand.

Modern portfolios are most often made of nylon or tarpaulin. These materials are very well tolerated machine wash and damage to the coating, loss of color, you can not worry.

Is it possible to wash backpacks in a washing machine and how to pretreat pollution

If there is strong stubborn dirt on the material, they must be treated with a chemical cleaner before placing it in a washing machine. Do not use bleach, as they can damage the structure of the fabric. To remove stubborn dirt, a stain remover is applied to the contaminated area and rubbed with a toothbrush. After 20 minutes, a Deuter portfolio, Dakini, or a backpack of another brand can be placed in a washing machine.

If there is no stain remover at home, you should not despair, you can prepare it yourself. For this, water and dishwashing liquid are mixed in the same proportion. The resulting solution is also applied with a toothbrush.

Is it possible to wash a backpack without pre-treatment of stains? It is possible, if there is no strong pollution on the material, and washing is done in order to refresh the material and color.

Is it possible to wash a backpack in a washing machine

Backpack: how to wash

The backpack must be placed in a special bag for washing, then in a washing machine. If there is no such package, you can use a regular pillowcase. 2 tablespoons of powder is poured into the machine, the delicate wash mode is activated. At the end of the program, the satchel is carefully removed from the pillowcase or bag, excess water is wiped with a dry cloth from the outside and inside.

  1. Is it possible to wash a school backpack without a pillowcase? It is possible, but it is not advisable to do this, since the fasteners when interacting with the drum sometimes get stuck there, which damages the inner walls of the automatic machine.
  2. To prevent imbalance and imbalance inside the washing machine, it is necessary to ensure that the satchel is not crushed. In the event that this happens, the program is paused and the portfolio is cracked down.

Advice! The satchel is not recommended to be washed with other items of clothing or linen, if this is done for the first time, as the material may shed.

There is nothing difficult in how to wash a portfolio in the washing machine. The main thing is not to hurry anywhere and do everything neatly, carefully.

How to dry the satchel

It is best to material dry out naturally. Pockets immediately after washing can not be closed, otherwise they dry out badly. If the weather is fine, you can hang the satchel neatly on the ropes on the balcony. In case of rain or in the winter period of time it is not recommended to place it in a drying machine, it is better to allow the material to dry in the room.

Before you use a satchel or put it in a closet, it is important to make sure that it is dry. If some places remain even a little wet, there will eventually form mold and an unpleasant smell, which will not be easy to get rid of.

How to wash a portfolio: cautions and recommendations

It is not a secret that the appearance of a washing machine made life easier for every housewife. The miracle invention allows you to quickly and efficiently remove almost any item from contamination, those that are very hard to wash by hand.

When it comes to how to wash a school backpack in a washing machine, it is important to be very careful. There are a few caveats and recommendations that need to be considered before placing it in the drum.

  1. Before washing you need to make sure that there is nothing inside the satchel. If suddenly a person forgets a ballpoint pen there, its paste will spread on the material, it will be very difficult to get rid of stains afterwards. It is also important to note that there are often frames inside the knapsack - they must be removed to avoid damage to the drum of the automatic machine. The same is done with locks (if possible).
  2. First you need to take a wet napkin and walk it through the material. If traces of paint remain on the surface, the bag is best washed by hand.
  3. You can not wash school bag without putting it in a special bag or pillowcase. This is very important, the rough material of the backpack can damage the drum.
  4. To avoid the appearance of white stains on the material surface, less detergent is added than usual. The fabric of the backpack is denser than the fabric, so it is harder to rinse. Be sure to use a rinse for colored fabrics.
  5. The satchel can be washed exclusively in the delicate wash mode. The lining is often made of polyethylene, which "does not like" hot water.
  6. It is necessary to wash the bag with unbuttoned pockets, and also to dry it. You can not put a damp backpack in the closet, otherwise there will be mold.
  7. To ensure that the locks do not rust, after washing, it is advisable to wipe them with a washing soap, only then button up.

While adhering to these recommendations, there will be no additional questions about how to wash the bag in the washing machine. Advice can not be neglected, if a person does not want to damage his carry-on luggage.

How to keep your portfolio clean for long

Even if the knapsack is machine washable, it is not always possible to do this regularly. In addition, too frequent washing can lead to premature wear of the material. In order to preserve the purity of the portfolio for a long time, you need to follow simple rules.

  1. Many have a very bad habit of putting garbage in their pockets. You can not do this. It is necessary to accustom yourself even to throw away a piece of paper from the candy immediately in the urn.
  2. It is not recommended to put the bag on the floor, as it will more quickly become covered with dust. In addition, clothing can get dirty from the dirty bottom.
  3. Before you put something inside the backpack, you need to check whether the thing is clean. For example, if these are shoes, you must first wrap them in a bag.
  4. If the material is stained, you should immediately try to get rid of the stain with simple wet wipes.

Now there will be no more questions about how to wash a school backpack or a backpack. Following the presented simple rules, the material will not be damaged, the color of the product will not fade.

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