How to quickly and effectively wipe off rust from clothes?

Posted by: 09.09.2018

It would seem that if you carefully handle your clothes, the question of how to wipe off rust will never arise, but there are more nuances in this matter. So, hard-to-remove rust stains can appear not only during careless contact with oxidized surfaces, but also during the washing process - metal parts (buttons, buttons and zippers) are oxidized, after which brown stains appear around them. For this reason, many people are interested in how to wipe off rust from clothes, and how to do it with minimal loss of time and effort. This guide will help you understand how to clean rust at home without any risks.

How to wash rust

Before you proceed

Even if you know how to clean a rust stain from clothes, you will not be bothered by a few tips, following which will not only cope with pollution, but also save things:

  • Before wiping off rust stains from clothes, try a remedy that you have prepared or chosen on a small section of fabric. The fabric in the armpits is well suited - even if the experiment does not work, its result will not be visible.
  • If none of the products can handle your problem, contact a dry cleaner.
  • Interested in how to wipe rust on clothes effectively and without loss? After each treatment, rinse things in a weak solution of vinegar - it will keep the color of clothes.

Now that you know the most important rules, you need to understand how to wash rust from clothes.

General recommendations for dealing with rust

You do not know how to wash rust on clothes? No problem! Below you can find common recipes that can help in most cases without harming the fabric of the clothes. Remember:

  • Take one lemon slice, wrap it in gauze, then attach it to the rust stain and at the same time heat it with an iron. For old stains, you will have to repeat this procedure several times. How to wash off the rust with a white cloth, if there is no lemon? You can take citric acid, dissolve it in water and process the resulting stain solution.
  • Dissolve a tablespoon of oxalic acid in a glass of water, heat the solution to 60 degrees, and then lower the part of the fabric with the stain into the resulting product. Hold for a few minutes, remove and sprinkle soda with the soda, and then wash the thing.
  • How to wash rusty stains from clothes if there are no special means in the farm? Take vinegar - it will definitely be in your kitchen. Pour two tablespoons of vinegar into a liter of water, heat the mixture and use it to soak clothes. A few minutes after soaking, remove the clothes, gently squeeze and send in the wash.
  • How to wash off a rusty stain on clothing that does not work with acids? Prepare the following remedy - mix in equal proportions grated chalk, glycerin and water (chalk can be replaced with tooth powder without damage to its effectiveness). Prepare a slurry of these substances, rub stains on it, let it soak, and then carefully remove any residues from the surface of the clothes and send the clothes to the wash. To increase efficiency, before rinsing off the rust on white, add a small amount of dishwashing detergent to the solution - it will cope with stains.

Use these tips to wipe off rust from clothing if you are interested in a quick and highly visible result. If the first time you did not achieve your goal, try the selected tool again to be sure. Now we will understand how to wipe rust stains on white.

How to wash rust from white clothes?

The most common question is how to wipe off rust on white and how to do it as quickly as possible. Indeed, spots on white tissues are seen very well, and you can fight this by:

  • Bleach. Before washing the rust from clothes at home, find a good bleach containing oxygen. It is not recommended to use products containing chlorine - from such bleach white color becomes faded and acquires extraneous shades. Use the tool according to the instructions to wipe away rust stains.
  • Wine acid. How to wash rust from clothes of white color, if bleach is not at hand? You can use no less effective tool - tartaric acid. Before wiping off rust from white, mix tartaric acid and salt in water so as to get a gruel. This slurry should be applied to the stain with a thick layer, then leave for a couple of hours. When time passes, the gruel should be removed, clothes sent to the wash.
  • Hydrochloric acid. Another effective way to wipe off rust from white clothes. It is necessary to prepare 2% acid solution in water, then soak in the resulting solution thing with rust. After the stain is completely dissolved, the clothes must be removed from the solution and washed in a washing machine with a powder to fix the result.
  • Hydrosulfite. How to rust rust, if there are no acids on hand? Can be used to achieve the goal of hydrosulfite. Add a teaspoon of this tool in a glass of water and heat the solution to a temperature of the order of 60 degrees. After this, soak rust stains on clothes and let it brew for a few minutes. Now the thing must be washed.

Ways of how to wipe away rust stains from white clothes are not limited to this. Here are the most effective and proven recipes that will help you to cope with difficult stains. But is it possible to wash rust from clothes of other colors?

How to wash rust with denim and outerwear?

With the question of how and how to wipe off the rust from white clothes, we figured out. But for many, the question of how to wipe off rust from colored clothes, as well as the top, does not rest. There are ways:

  • Mix a good dishwashing detergent and some glycerin, then apply the resulting solution to the stains. Before sweeping rust stains on clothes in this way, select a high-quality detergent - the result will depend on it.
  • How to wash rust from colored clothes, if there is no detergent, but there is some glycerin and chalk? Mix these two substances and mix thoroughly until smooth. After that, apply the resulting gruel to rust stains and let the agent soak well into the fabric. When this happens, remove the gruel, clothes in the wash.
  • Are you puzzled about how to wipe rust stains from clothes? Use regular vinegar that works well with white and colored fabric. Dissolve some vinegar in warm water and soak dirty clothes in the prepared solution for 12 hours. When this time has passed, take out the things, squeeze them and send them to the washing machine for washing.

These and other tips on how to wipe away rust stains from clothes can help you at home. Do not rush to contact dry cleaning or throw away the thing. You now know what can wipe off rust from white clothes and other things - use the knowledge gained!

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