Is it possible to wash the boots in the washing machine

Posted by: 23.11.2017

It is unlikely that someone likes to walk in dirty boots, of course, that they have to wash. When pollution is easy, it is not a problem. You can wipe them with a damp cloth and done. But when they have long lost their fresh look, more radical methods are required. And here, many people are beginning to wonder - is it possible to wash boots in a typewriter? After all, what could be easier, loaded into the tank dirty, and got clean. But not everything is so simple.

What shoes can not be washed in a typewriter

Unfortunately, not all shoes can be washed in the machine. Some things, after such a procedure, you can safely throw it on the trash - to wear them will not work.

Of course, the very first rule is to look at the label. The manufacturer usually indicates how to properly care for shoes. But, sometimes there are no such marks on it or they are erased, so the question whether it is possible to wash the boots in a washing machine will be quite reasonable.

In addition, there is often a situation where outwardly similar shoes of the same brand can be washed in a typewriter, while others cannot. Why is that? There are criteria that affect the possibility of washing, for example, material and manufacturing technology.

It is impossible to erase in the machine:

  1. Products made using a specific technology, for example “Gore-tex”. Scrolling their typewriter is certainly possible, but the advantages of technology will be lost.
  2. Damaged shoes - if the sole has begun to peel off, it is better to have it repaired beforehand. Otherwise, the washing will end badly.
  3. Products with a membrane.
  4. If the surface is a lot of jewelry. They can come off the drum.
  5. Leather boots. It will definitely lose its appearance - it will dry out and shrink. Therefore, it is better not to risk it.
  6. Products of low quality. If the quality is in doubt, do not need to use the machine.

Is it possible to wash winter boots

With the advent of winter, many are beginning to worry about the question whether it is possible to wash winter boots in a typewriter machine. These include all the rules that should guide the care of summer or autumn shoes. It should be remembered that the winter dries longer.

How to wash correctly

In order not to harm the product, you need to know how to wash the boots in the washing machine correctly.

How to wash boots:

  1. You need to check their status. It is important that they are intact, and there are no parts that can come off.
  2. Make sure there are no lumps of dirt on the sole. If so, wash the soles under the tap or in the pelvis.
  3. Shoes need to be unlaced.
  4. You can put only one pair in the drum. It is best to use a bag for washing. If it's not there, it's not a problem, just throw old rags with them. If this is not done, heels will damage the inside of the drum, and it is better not to allow this;
  5. Some machines have a program for washing shoes. If not, then select a delicate or manual with a temperature not higher than 30оC.
  6. Spin must be turned off.
  7. You need to be careful with the powder, if the manufacturer recommends using special compositions for cleaning - you need to use them. The powder can destroy the water-repellent layer on the boots.

It is advisable to wash the insoles separately. Most often they are multi-layered and after a typewriter can be unstuck. In addition, you need to remember that shoes can be painted.

How to wash suede

How to wash winter boots in a washing machine, if they are made of suede? No - suede boots, whether it is winter or demi-season, it is not recommended to wash in a typewriter.

For them, it is best to use special cleaning products, especially since they are not so difficult to buy. In extreme cases, suede can be cleaned with soap and water using a rubber brush. From folk remedies - a mixture of water and alcohol.

The machine can be used for light shoes, such as shoes or sneakers.

Is it possible to wash the boots in the washing machine

Shoe inside

In any shoe there is a feature - it accumulates an unpleasant smell. And it is quite resistant - so you need to know how to wash the boots inside. It all depends on the type - if they are, for example, leather, then the inside of the need to wipe with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water. If they can be washed in a typewriter - this question is solved simply.

There is a good method that will allow disinfection of the inner lining and insoles and eliminate the unpleasant smell from shoes. For this, when cleaning you need to add a drop of essential oil to the water 2-3, and the problem will be solved. Possible options:

  • eucalyptus;
  • rosemary;
  • juniper;
  • sage;
  • lavender;
  • rose flower;
  • tea tree.

It is better not to overdo it with liquid - the smell will be too strong.

How to wash boots in a washing machine

People often wonder how to wash their leather winter boots inside if they are wearing fur. In the machine you can not - the skin will not survive. Therefore, to clean the fur is best to use a thin brush with a hard pile. And as a detergent - a carpet cleaner.

How to dry boots after washing machine

Do not underestimate the drying. Like washing, it should be done according to certain rules. First, you need to remember that shoes can not be dried at high temperatures. Those. option with a battery or heater disappears immediately.

Rules for drying shoes:

  • it is dried at room temperature;
  • in order for it to retain its shape, paper is thrust inside. It is better to take a clean office - color can be painted. Also suitable special foam inserts to hold the shape.
  • it can not be put wet in direct sunlight.

After the boots are completely dry, a water repellent is applied to them. At this washing process can be considered complete.

How to wash boots

Thus, to the question whether it is possible to wash the boots in a washing machine, there is an answer. You can do this - the main thing is to follow the rules in order not to harm the shoe. But also it is not necessary to take part - these are not pants. Once a season will be enough.

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