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Posted by: 26.10.2017

In the old days, women shove out their underwear, especially heavy things, with a beater. It was so much easier and simpler than washing by hand. Today hostesses have automatic machines, and balls for washing things in washers work like hands. When washing laundry with this ingenious invention absolutely no powder is needed. What is a ball for washing clothes in the car and what are the balls for washing?

Possible problems when washing clothes in the machine

Not so long ago, laundry was the hardest part of household chores. But today everything has been simplified, as there appeared automatic machines, various detergents and accessories. Now the hostess needs only to sort the laundry and press the “start” button. However, washing in automatic machines has several disadvantages:

  • In the machine, clothing wears out pretty quickly, and is also poorly washed;
  • Unsuitable detergent may cause damage to the machine;
  • Very often, things after prostration in an automaton change color and shape, fade.

Important! If the first and second drawbacks can still be argued, the latter requires more careful consideration.

Today, the store presents a huge variety of products for the care of things. These are powders and gels, as well as balls or balls, which have recently enjoyed widespread popularity. And if washing powder is not an innovation, then the balls for washing, drying, removing the pellets are a new development that greatly facilitates the work of a housewife. This useful device beats up linen and changes the structure of water, which ensures high quality of washing.

What are balls for washing?

Mistresses on their own experience, and not always successful, have accumulated their secrets of living. And many people know how to completely wash their clothes, in which high-quality powders help them. However, the powder contains phosphate compounds that are harmful to health. Powders, in which there are no phosphates, cannot boast of high quality of purification.

Balls for washing

Today, a new invention came to help the housewives - a laundry ball or a ball, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the use of powder or discard it altogether. Balls for washing without powder greatly facilitate the care of things.

How do the balls work?

Things while the machine is working in the washer drum are pressed together, which of course does not contribute to their cleaning. The linen is spinning in the tank in one pile, and therefore many housewives soak things before starting the car. Balls thrown into the drum do not allow things to lump together. This know-how in washing clothes provides the quality of cleaning things without detergent.

Balls for washer can be of the following types:

  • Tourmaline;
  • Magnetic;
  • To remove the pellets;
  • For drying.

Laundry balls in the washing machine

Tourmaline balls

Inside the tourmaline balls made of rubber, there are small ceramic balls, which include the mineral tourmaline. When heated and rubbed while the machine is running, tourmaline is electrolyzed, resulting in an alkaline and acidic environment. Increased acidity of water acts like a conditioner, and increased alkaline reaction of water helps to wash things better, and without using detergent.

The main advantage of the laundry ball is that it will never cause an allergic reaction, and the laundry will be much cleaner than even after using expensive detergents. Most often tourmaline balls are bought by mothers for washing children's clothes. The balls of this type are ideal for washing the bed.

Turimaline balls for washing, how to use them correctly? When washing with tourmaline balls, they should be placed in the drum along with clothes in two pieces. Or you can soak along with things, but the water temperature should be above + 60 degrees. Tourmaline balls are ideal for washing all types of fabrics. Before the first use of the balls with tourmaline must be held under the sun, so they recharge with energy.

Magnetic balls

This is a new invention. Inside such balls for machine guns there are magnets. For high-quality washing it is necessary to put 6 balls at once into the drum, although many housewives put 12 pieces at once with a full drum tab. For capricious things, throwing an 4 ball is enough. While the machine is running, the balls work like a mechanical way - they hit the laundry, knock out the dirt, and make the water softer, which also contributes to better washing of things.

The only minus of the magnetic balls is that they knock the machine too loudly. But they can be washed either with a very small amount of powder, or even without it.

Balls for the removal of pellets

Balls for removal of pellets - this is a real revolution in the household. On many fabrics, when you wear socks, pellets appear, with which there is nothing to be done. Balls from the pellets are small balls with small loops, and they are made of polypropylene. If you put these balls in a tank with woolen things, they will become more fluffy.

Additionally, balls with eyelets collect small debris on themselves, such as hair or pet hair.

Balls for feathers

These balls are more like massage balls, and they are made of PVC. The use of balls for stretching down jackets does not allow down to be stuck inside the product. The spikes on the balls have a rounded shape, and never damage the jacket. In its effects on the thing, the balls for the feathers resemble movements of the hands, beating the fluff. In addition, the use of such balls promotes better rinsing of the powder from the down jacket. They can be used when drying things in a typewriter.

For washing it is enough to lay the 2 ball in the drum together with the down jacket. You can use all modes, except delicate.

Choose the right balls for yourself, giving preference to products of well-known manufacturers, and your housework will become much easier, and your laundry will be much cleaner.

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