Balls for washing down jackets - how to use?

Posted by: 08.04.2018

Down jackets are very common on the territory of Russia, since in such a climate, down jackets with fillings from warm materials are able to provide warmth and protect a person from adverse weather patterns. Unfortunately, despite the numerous advantages of down jackets, they are very demanding to care. It is enough to make the slightest mistake during the washing or drying of things, so that the filler inside the down jacket is lost, and the clothing itself has completely lost its original shape and attractive appearance. It is known that balls for washing down jackets are often used to prevent down rolling inside clothes. How to apply them in the process of washing down jacket?

What balls for washing down jackets better

Advantages of Laundry Balls

Why are the feather ball balls so popular and often used by many housewives? The fact is that they have a lot of important advantages, among which it is impossible not to mention the following:

  • The use of balls during washing makes clothes softer and more pleasant to the touch.
  • The impact of the balls with the feather coat in the washing machine prevents the most unpleasant thing that can happen - the roll of the filler with the further loss of the shape of the thing.
  • The quality of washing increases due to the increased impact on the fabric, and the cleaning efficiency increases even without the use of additional detergents in the washing process.
  • The time spent on the washing process is reduced. You can save as much as 20-25 percent.

Also, the positive qualities of balls for washing can be attributed to their strength and durability, ease of use and storage, as well as affordable cost. This is an excellent tool, the use of which will significantly increase the chances of successful washing down jacket in a washing machine.

How do the balls work?

It is known that during operation of the washing machine its drum, the inner surface of which is covered with holes for the passage of water and better contact with things, rotates at a certain speed. Balls added to the drum, in the process of rotating the drum, hit its walls and the down jacket itself, thereby knocking out dirt from the fibers of the fabrics and also preventing lint from caking. In addition, the constant stress of the balls can effectively get rid of the remnants of detergent in the process of rinsing a down jacket. Similarly, the balls for washing work in the spinning process, for which the presence of all four balls is enough - more only if desired.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine

What can replace balls for washing down jackets? As the most popular and sought-after alternatives are tennis balls, but not small white ones, but big green ones. It is enough to put such tennis balls into the drum of the 3-4 washing machine to achieve an effect similar to the effect of special balls. Also, instead of special balls you can use silicone balls, which are sold as children's toys. The main thing is to choose soft models without dyes, so that during the washing process the paint is not absorbed into clothing. Small balls do not fit - we need big ones.

Choosing good balls

What balls for washing down jackets is better? The answer to this question is not so simple, so it is better to provide some recommendations, based on which you can choose the balls that suit you:

  • Do not save on the purchase of balls for washing down jackets. Poor-quality products not only do not provide a neat wash, but can only make it worse.
  • Try to choose balls made of polyvinyl chloride. This material as well as possible is suitable for effective and accurate washing of difficult fabrics. As an alternative to PVC balls, rubber balls can be used. Unfortunately, rubber balls have a large mass, so it is undesirable to use them when washing clothes with a large number of accessories, including plastic and metal.
  • Before buying balls, check out the list of manufacturers you can trust. As a rule, in various forums dedicated to life and household, there is reliable information about various manufacturers and brands of balls from real users. A simple check will help you immediately buy a decent product and not waste money.

Balls for washing down jackets

Take the choice of balls for washing down-padded coats with full seriousness and responsibility, since not only the efficiency of washing depends on your choice, but also the fate of your down-padded coat. To check the quality of the balls at home, soak them in hot water for 20-30 minutes, then wrap with a clean cotton material. If the fabric does not have any color stains and stains, the balls can safely be used for washing down jackets and other products with fillers.

How to wash a down jacket?

In order for the balls for washing down jackets to reach their full potential, it is necessary to properly prepare the down jacket for shipment to the washing machine. When preparing you should follow these rules:

  • If possible, use a liquid product that is specifically designed for washing down jackets. The use of conventional washing powders will inevitably lead to the appearance of white stains on the surface of clothes, which can be quite difficult to remove after washing.
  • Set the washing temperature in the washing machine to no more than 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Choose one of the delicate wash modes, if possible, put a hand wash.
  • Before sending the down jacket to the washing machine, fasten all the zippers and buttons on it, unfasten the hood and all the metal parts (after washing, they may oxidize and cause rust spots), then turn the clothes on the wrong side.
  • Set a small amount of spin speeds - no more than 800 revolutions per minute.
  • Do not forget to put some balls or balls in the washing machine drum before washing.
  • To prevent the balls from washing (it can cause staining of clothes), rinse the balls or balls with a small amount of bleach before use.

If you follow these simple rules, washing a down jacket will no longer be an unloving thing for you, which may spell clothing damage. To consolidate the result of washing and keep clothes in their original form, it is important to properly dry the thing. You can learn about drying in other manuals.

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