Proper washing of wool in the washing machine and by hand

Posted by: 12.12.2017

Woolen things were, are and will be at the peak of popularity, they look beautiful, protect from the cold, give comfort when worn. How to care for such products as washing clothes by hand or in a typewriter? Tips wise!

How to wash wool items

Washing of wool

In order to wash wool items, you should take into account the water temperature indicator, choose a quality tool and take care of the wool products by hand. Washing the woolen clothes in the washing machine is not recommended, although there are many rules for cleansing this material.

What should be remembered before choosing a detergent?

  1. Wool can not be washed with detergents with alkali, you need to carefully read their composition on the package.
  2. For washing wool items you can use hair shampoo, fabric softener, homemade conditioners.

How to wash wool items by hand and in a typewriter?

There are several stages of washing wool fabrics. How is it right and safe to do this?

Preparatory stage

First you need to divide things into light and dark, as well as separately add up particularly contaminated products. If there is large dirt, then it must be removed with a brush, it is desirable to sew up the loops on the clothes so that they do not stretch.

The correct step would be to remove accessories, buttons, locks, which can damage the product. To make sure whether a thing is shedding or not, it is necessary to take a thread from a woolen thing and dip it in soapy water, and then look at the result.

If the thread leaves an imprint on the white fabric, then you need to fix the color, add table vinegar when washing wool, in a ratio - 3 Art. l on a bucket of water.

How to wash wool, so as not to sat down?

This is a crucial step that requires maximum attention and the implementation of well-known rules. In order for the products to retain their original shape, it is necessary to remember about the temperature regime: at what temperature should the wool be washed?

So that your things do not “run together” and do not shed, you need to wash them in water not higher than 30 degrees, it is not recommended to change the temperature during rinsing, and that the products stretch well, the problem areas should be locked separately before the general washing.

Washing wool should not last more than 40-50 minutes, so that wool products will not lose their original shape. Such things need to be washed only when turned out, avoiding the presence of large fasteners or buttons.

Rinsing woolen things

It’s not just how to wash things from wool, it’s important to know how to rinse such things. How well you do it depends on the attractiveness of wool products, and the further term of their use.

  1. It is necessary to rinse wool in a large amount of water, gradually reducing the temperature regime.
  2. Apply emollients, so that the wool is not injected, and the villi do not stick together.
  3. To prevent the molting of things you need to add to the water a spoonful of vinegar or ammonia.

How to spin when washing wool by hand?

If you need to wash a wool sweater or another thing you need to remember:

  • wool products can not be twisted, you just need to squeeze out a little water;
  • excess moisture can be removed with a towel, but do not stretch the product.

Drying woolen clothes

Drying of such products is carried out only on flat surfaces, things can not be hung on a rope in order to avoid stretching. Pressing and twisting is also not recommended.

Wool products can absorb the smell, and therefore dry them in the kitchen is not recommended. After complete drying, you can iron the product, turning it in advance to the wrong side.

If a wool item has sat down a bit, then the ironing process can be wetted and pulled in different directions to the desired size. If you don’t know how to wash woolen things so that you don’t sit down, or don’t want to risk it, then entrust this work to professionals.

Is it possible to wash wool items in a typewriter?

Washing wool in a washing machine is possible if this type of care for wool items is allowed on the product label. Before washing the wool in the washing machine, you need to select the appropriate mode that meets the characteristics of the product.

Before you wash the woolen clothes in the washing machine, you need to cut off all the buttons and remove the metal fasteners so that they do not damage the material. Things need to be turned inside out, and to avoid shrinkage of the material - soak for a few minutes in cold water.

To choose the mode in the washing machine - “wool” without spinning, it is not recommended to use a product with synthetic additives, soap or coarse-grained powder. Here's how to wash 100 wool in a washing machine!

How to wash the woolen things by hand folk methods?

You can use the above methods, or check on your own experience "Grandma's folk recipes." Here's how to wash wool with dry mustard:

  • you need to take a glass of dry mustard powder, dilute with water at room temperature, add hot water to infuse the agent;
  • then strain through thick cloth and soak wool items in this solution;
  • and to make woolen things soft, you need to rinse products with a composition in the ratio 1 tsp. ammonia on xnumx l water.

How to wash a wool sweater in bean broth, in order to remove all dirt and return the product to its former form?

  1. First you need to boil 1 kg of white beans in 5 l of water until half cooked.
  2. Insist 30-40 minutes to room temperature, strain through full.
  3. After soaking things in the broth, slightly squeeze and rinse with plenty of water until the product is clean.

More than erase woolen things, so that they are smooth, pleasant to the touch and clean. For this purpose, it is possible to use a decoction of potatoes, a process similar to the washing of wool products with beans.

In order to avoid the smell of potatoes, you still need to additionally rinse things conditioner with freshness, or soda-salt solution, a pinch of salt and soda per liter of water.

How to wash white wool things?

If you often wash white wool items, they may turn yellow. How to return them to the original appearance and update things? There are several ways to wash a white wool sweater:

  1. dilute in 3 l of water 1 kg of chalk;
  2. immerse the product in the solution for 20 minutes;
  3. rinse with plenty of water;
  4. slightly squeeze and dry on a flat surface.

Another helper in the bleaching of woolen clothes - hydrogen peroxide, to wash out white wool products, you need to use a solution in the ratio 1 tsp. peroxide to 1 l of water, soak in this composition and thoroughly wash.

Rinse with plenty of water, you can add a conditioner with a smell of freshness, in order to kill the specific notes of the medication.

Tips experienced: how easy and simple to wash woolen things?

In this case, it is important to observe several factors: at what temperature to wash the wool and how to properly squeeze it. Water should be only at room temperature, and when rinsing it is better to use cold water.

Manually wringing woolen things is prohibited, they need to lay down on a towel, twist the tube and squeeze out the excess liquid, spread out on a flat surface and dry.

It is necessary to store woolen things in the closet in small piles, more voluminous and heavy ones should be put down, but it is not recommended to hang them on the hanger so that the products do not lose their shape.

It is not recommended to soak woolen things before washing, only in cases when there are serious contaminations. During washing by hand, you can not rub wool or wringing of woolen products; remove excess liquid during wringing out with light movements.

Use coarse powder only in a well-dissolved form so that the grains do not pack into the fibers. Rinse until complete washing out of detergent. To make the wool soft to the touch, you can use different methods of cleaning products using peroxide or glycerin, in a ratio of half a spoon to 5 l of water.

Conclusion and recommendations!

Now you know how to wash wool in a washing machine and by hand, what detergent to use for this purpose, or maybe you should give preference to folk methods?

Take care of your product and wear them with comfort and pleasure!

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