Tips on how to properly wash the padding pad

Posted by: 12.04.2018

Bedding is categorized as household products that are least likely to need laundry. Despite this, they gradually accumulate sweat, dust, dirt, and therefore become an excellent environment for the active reproduction of dust mites and various microorganisms that can harm a person. So that the pillow does not become the enemy of a person, it is necessary to wash it regularly, and to do it competently. It's time to figure out how to wash a padding cushion at home, and what is needed for that.

Preparing the pillow before washing

Before washing the pad in a washing machine, it must be carefully examined. How to find out if it is possible to wash cushions from sintepon? A simple test should be carried out on the ability to transfer washing - a pillow should be laid flat on a horizontal surface, and then a heavy object should be placed in its center, for example, a can, a book or something else. After a couple of minutes, the item must be removed. If after that the dent on the surface of the pillow disappeared quickly enough, then the pillow is washable. On the contrary, if the dent is visible for a long time, then it is better to choose an alternative method of cleaning the product. So, how to wash cushions from sintepon, so that you do not have to buy new ones? We will understand!

How to wash sinteponovuyu pillow

The correct parameters of automatic washing

Now that you are convinced that your pillow can be washed, it's time to learn how to wash the padding cushions in a washing machine. So, for washing, you should use a special detergent instead of washing powder, since the porous structure absorbs powder particles well, which leads to the appearance of white hardly removable stains. It is worth listening to other equally important recommendations for washing:

  • Mode in the washing machine must be set delicate, so as not to damage the pillows.
  • It is advisable to wash two pillows at a time - this is necessary to balance the weight. One pillow will beat against the walls of the drum, and therefore the washing efficiency will be markedly reduced.
  • Set the maximum spin speed so that the detergent used is washed out of the pillows after washing. It is highly undesirable to use any washing powder.
  • The temperature of the water in the process of washing the padding should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • After the main wash cycle, an extra rinse should be set.

We figured out whether it is possible to wash a padding cushion. Why a few rinses? Even a high-quality detergent remains in the fabric of the product after washing, and in the process of rinsing it is completely washed out. For these purposes, you can use the spin at medium speeds - such a shake of the pillows just does not hurt.

How to dry padding pads?

Housewives who are interested in how to wash a padding cushion often do not know how to dry such products after the wash is completed. An incorrect approach to drying can lead to the fact that all the results of washing will disappear, and the products will lose their pomp and attractive appearance. Drying is necessary correctly:

  • Wait until water runs out of the pillows, then hang them upright.
  • It is recommended to dry the padding products outdoors so that they dry out as quickly as possible. If this is not possible, pillows can be placed in a well-ventilated room.
  • It is not recommended to place the padding cushions in close proximity to sources of fire and heating devices, since such an impact can cause damage to products.

How to wash a pad from a sintepon

You may notice that drying the bedding is as easy as washing the padding cushions in the washing machine. Use the recommendations given in the manual for proper washing in a washing machine so that you not only enjoy the result of washing, but also the padding pads themselves have served you as long as possible.

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