Washing Teflon tablecloth without deformation and risk of shrinkage

Posted by: 07.05.2018

Bright, fashionable, practical teflon tablecloths do not cease to please freshness and novelty. Resistant to moisture and external pollution, they give convenience and decorate the kitchen, are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. Regular use of these benefits of civilization leads to unpleasant consequences, and then their external beauty fades against the background of a clean, radiant kitchen. On the surface of the paintings appear unattractive stains and pollution. how wash the tablecloth with water repellent? How to remove pollution? Which cleaning method will show the best results: manual or machine? We will deal with questions in more detail.

How to wash a tablecloth

Washing without problems: proper care of the tablecloth

Teflon fabric has a special structure: a dense top layer does not let moisture into the fibers, so it does not threaten to wet. For high-quality cleaning of the surface of the canvas using a damp cloth. Removing pollution in this way, you can not worry about the integrity of the outer layer: it will retain its old shape and pattern intact.

How to wash teflon tablecloth correctly? This can be done manually. The product is soaked in warm water, bringing its temperature to 40 degrees. As a detergent, use ordinary powder or laundry soap.


Careful and careful handling of the fabric during processing will prevent it from stretching and twisting.

How to wash a teflon-based tablecloth? Any dried dirt is removed mechanically, for example, with a wooden spatula.


  1. Table coverings with drainage base do not allow spin in the drum of the machine. To preserve the integrity of the outer layer, the canvas is hung out in the stretched state above the bath.
  2. How to wash the tablecloth with water-repellent impregnation? If during the cleaning process creases appear on the fabric, you can gently use a non-hot iron. It is enough to set the minimum temperature and gently iron its inner side, avoiding excessive pressure on the canvas.

Recommendations for proper washing Teflon tablecloths

How to wash a teflon-coated tablecloth and wash it most effectively?

  • With a strong contamination of the fabric, the appearance of grease stains and streaks on its surface, it is intensively treated. The table covering is left on the table, the contaminated areas are treated with a wet sponge and laundry soap. The surplus of foam is removed from the surface with a damp cloth, the operation is repeated.
  • How to wash a water-repellent tablecloth with a special coating? Old stains are removed by pre-wetting the contaminated area with water and smearing thickly with foam. Using any non-sharp object, the surface is cleaned to shine.
  • Covering its surface with a transparent film will help to preserve the purity, freshness, brightness of the color of the table cloth. Double protection will keep the pattern and prevent the penetration of dirt into the fabric.
  • How to wash a teflon tablecloth in a typewriter? Prerequisites - gentle washing, temperature 30– 40 degrees, turning off the spin mode.

Teflon is a very delicate and capricious material that needs special care. Any twisting of the fabric leads to a distortion of its external properties. How to wash a teflon tablecloth in a typewriter to preserve the integrity of the outer layer?

  • Use liquid detergents, non-aggressive powders, observe their proper dosage.
  • Apply a manual treatment method for dark fabrics with excess dyes.
  • Protecting excessive twisting will help reduce the amount of laundry in the drum and accurately follow the information on the label.

Simple and careful ways to wash

Is it possible to wash a teflon-coated tablecloth? Yes, if you choose the right temperature and carefully monitor its condition during the washing process. Even a new fabric after such treatment may shrink. Especially susceptible to this process products based on cotton and flax. Practically do not change the form of table coverings of acrylic and polyester.

Is it possible to wash a teflon tablecloth and how to do it correctly? The contaminated surface is cleaned as necessary. Too frequent processing of the fabric leads to its rapid wear and loss of the necessary qualities. Any cleaning requires extreme care. How to wash a teflon tablecloth? Manual cleaning method allows the use of conventional soap, for automatic machines acceptable non-aggressive powders and liquid detergents.

The question “how to wash a tablecloth with a water-repellent coating and whether it can be done” was discussed in detail in this article. Observing simple recommendations and tips on care, you can significantly increase the service life of the product, maintain the brightness of colors and clarity of pictures. Careful handling of textiles is a guarantee of its durability and impeccable service!

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