How to quickly wash the tablecloth?

Posted by: 25.10.2017

Wash the tableclothThe table covered with a snow-white tablecloth for the hostess needs to be prepared for the fact that on her after the feast there will appear hard-to-remove stains. Very often, fat drips onto the table, tea and coffee, juices, wine are spilled. How to wash the tablecloth from a variety of pollution, so that it was not ashamed to lay it on the table next time?

Not all fabrics are equally good detergent or detergent. Of course, there are harmless ways to wash a linen tablecloth or, for example, vinyl. But there are means that can completely spoil the material.

Washing linen

Linen tablecloths look very beautiful and festive. But they require more thorough care. Not all hostesses know whether it is possible to wash a linen tablecloth in a washing machine, and which detergent is best to use.

Immediately be prepared for the fact that because of the first wash the tablecloth can sit down. And linen things very crumpled. Therefore, flax can only be washed in cool water by hand or in a washer-machine on a delicate mode without spinning. Strongly twist and squeeze flax cloth can not.

If you need to bleach the material, it is best to use oxygen bleach. Never boil a linen product. Only unbleached flax can be boiled.

Powder for washing such a thing in any case should not contain any enzymes, chlorine and various bleaches. You can take gels, but it is best to wash in detergents for naughty things.

We erase vinyl

Vinyl tablecloths are very practical and look very beautiful. But the question arises how to wash the vinyl tablecloth and whether it is possible to wash it in a washer.

It is best to wash the vinyl tablecloth as soon as spots are planted on it. The fact is that the old dirt on such a tablecloth when washing will "go away" with the picture. Therefore, it is important to immediately clean the vinyl from all dirt.

Vinyl materials are easy to clean, and if you immediately wipe spilled wine or dripped fat, you will not have to resort to radical washing. It is enough to wash the vinyl with soap and water and it will be clean.

But many housewives would like to know how to wash such a tablecloth in a typewriter. To wash such a thing in a dispenser, you should set a delicate wash program and sprinkle powder for delicate items. It is advisable not to squeeze, and hang the thing so that it dries out naturally. After drying, the vinyl can even be ironed on the reverse side, and then removed for storage. During washing in the machine such products are not deformed and do not fade.

In the case of hand washing, you should take water in a basin at a temperature not higher than + 40 degrees, dissolve the powder, and then immerse the product. Wash by hand gently, brush processing pollution. After washing, it is enough to rinse the product in cold water and hang it in to let the glass water. After that, the tablecloth can be ironed.

We derive difficult spots

Red wine. If you notice that red wine has spilled on the table, act immediately. First, the stain should be blotted with napkins, and then wipe with a wet sponge, which must be rinsed constantly. Then a few napkins are put under the stain, and the top is covered with napkins so that the rest of the wine is absorbed into the paper. It is desirable to press napkins with something heavy, for example, with a large plate.

When guests go home, you can wash the tablecloth. It is best to cover the stains from the red spot with antipyat soap or high-quality laundry detergent. If the wine stains were found after the feast, then try to get rid of them with salt. Mix the salt with water to make a slurry. Then apply it on the stains and leave for an hour or two. After that, the thing can be washed with powder.

Coffee and tea. To get rid of stains from hot drinks on various fabrics, you can use vinegar. A tablespoon of vinegar is diluted in a glass of water and impregnated with a solution of pollution. You can also try ammonia. Butchery is a good way to wipe a linen tablecloth from coffee and tea.

Fat. Fat is very difficult to remove from the tissues, and even a small fat spot can completely spoil the festive look of the thing. You can try sprinkle grease stains with salt, starch or soda. You should wait a bit until the fat is absorbed into the powder, and then cover the stain with paper and iron it with a hot iron. After the holiday, the product can be washed with detergent.

It is impossible to imagine a festive feast without a beautiful tablecloth. But when the dishes are taken to the kitchen, the hostesses notice various stains on the tablecloth. Do not waste time, but immediately begin to remove pollution, and then your festive tablecloth will serve you longer.

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