What things can be washed together, what and at what temperature

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The ability to wash clothes is a very important skill that is necessary in everyday life. After all, there always comes a moment when a specific smell arises from clothes or it just becomes dirty. Since the modern market offers a huge selection of items from a variety of materials and colors, a natural question arises as to how to erase them correctly.

We erase light things correctly

To care for light clothes, there are several methods of getting rid of pollution:

  • automated,
  • manual,
  • pre-soak,
  • whitening, digestion,
  • combined.

We erase light things correctly

Before washing, be sure to sort things by color and type of fabric.

How to wash light things? For washing such products have their own basic rules that must be followed:

  • Water must be soft. To get soft water, you must first add two tablespoons of baking soda;
  • Requires pre-soaking in hot water for about thirty minutes with powder or soapy water;
  • You can use various powders or helium components, specially created for white products;
  • In warm water, it is necessary to dissolve the powder intended for manual mode: 20 grams per 10 liters of water;
  • To bleach the fabric, you can use household chemicals or apply hydrogen peroxide, in the proportion of three tablespoons per ten liters of water;
  • After completing the wash, the laundry should be rinsed. Initially, rinse in warm water, then cool;
  • Drying is best done under the sun, as it contributes to a better bleaching.

Optimum temperature when washing light things

The optimal temperature of washing depends on the composition of the fiber from which clothing is made. For machine wash, you only need to select the appropriate mode:

  • At forty degrees, you can put a delicate wash (flax) and products from cotton fabric in the "cotton" mode;
  • Synthetics should be loaded in the "synthetic" mode, at a temperature value of no more than 40 ºС;
  • To get rid of stains from white products (underwear and bed linen) and towels, it is recommended to use the temperature 50-60 ºС, in the “cotton” mode;
  • Children's clothes washable in hot water, in the "baby clothes" mode or subject to digestion.

Temperature during washing

Manual disposal of stains

  1. It is necessary to fill the container with water. A basin of twenty liters is half filled with water;
  2. Add a combined detergent that softens the water. This tool is different from the automatic counterpart. It is possible to buy a product for manual washing at any point of sale of household chemicals;
  3. Soak the product in the washing solution. It should be a little chat clothes in the water, so that it is completely wet;
  4. Rinse things start first in warm water, then in cold;
  5. Drying linen. Do not immediately hang such products, as they tend to stretch. The best option for drying delicate items is laying them on flat surfaces.

Manual disposal of stains

Boil the white stuff

The process of boiling is considered an excellent way to return the original whiteness, to refresh things and remove difficult stains. It can be used both before and after washing. Before you begin this activity, you should stock up with the necessary equipment and preparations for the removal of stains. For boiling it is recommended to use a large enamelled bucket or pan. The selected container should be used only for boiling. Before you put the laundry to boiling, you should carefully read the tags on the clothes, because they indicate the fibrous composition of the product and temperature indicators.

The main way of boiling light clothes

  1. We prepare a soap-soda solution: six pounds of water per kilogram of linen;
  2. We collect in the enameled bucket of warm water;
  3. Add a small amount of laundry soap, which is pre-grated, per tablespoon of soap per liter of water;
  4. Add soda ash, in the same proportion as with soap;
  5. The resulting solution is thoroughly mixed;
  6. Lay the laundry and set it on fire;
  7. The mixing process is recommended to use tongs made of wood;
  8. It is necessary to boil for two hours;
  9. Turn off the gas and let the solution cool;
  10. We shift in a tank with warm water;
  11. If necessary, strong contamination can be blocked;
  12. We rinse in warm and then cold water;
  13. Drying clothes on the street or fresh air.

Digestion of light clothes

We wash multi-colored things in the washing machine

Many housewives have great difficulty in washing a different range of products and do not know how and when what temperature is washed colored things? We offer you a few simple recommendations.

Как wash colored things in a washing machine? Before loading things into the machine, all the dirty items are sorted and put into different portions of the load: absolutely white items and colored things are set aside. Multi-colored, white and dark products are also erased in separate portions. Following these rules, the wardrobe will keep its original look for a very long time.

Be sure to remember that black products are not erased with colored things, as the black shade of linen is gradually washed out of the fiber. Black paint can spoil the aesthetic properties of other things and make them unattractive.

Multi-colored things in the washing machine

The main stage of washing products is familiarity with the manufacturer's recommendation. On the tags of each product is a recommendation - how to care for the product. It is necessary to adhere to the washing mode. We study the label on the back of the product, it indicates the recommended indicators for washing. For example, if the temperature regime is thirty degrees, then you should not wash clothes above this indicator. On the label, as a rule, indicates whether it is possible to wash clothes in automatic mode.

Fixing color with brine. Before the washing process, a product that can shed must undergo a certain procedure: place the molting thing for sixty minutes in a container with a salt solution containing the proportion of two dessert spoons of a substance per liter of water. Only after going through the procedure is it possible to wash multi-colored and colored things, where you need to adhere to the temperature mode.


When washing colored and multi-colored things in the washing machine, pay attention to the following:

  1. The first wash of colored things is characterized by a slight change in shade. Therefore, most experts recommend washing clothes with laundry of the same color and avoiding washing with light-colored clothing;
  2. Before washing, make sure that the water used is soft. With insufficient softness, you should add a special tool that will soften the water and prevent limescale from forming in the washing machine.
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