How to wash the foundation with clothes, than to remove the stain?

Posted by: 25.01.2018

The foundation is an excellent cosmetic. It allows you to hide the imperfections of the skin and give it a pleasant even shade, but, unfortunately, it can leave hardly visible marks on the blouse, jacket, turtleneck or jacket. And then the woman faces a difficult task: how to wash the foundation with clothes.

Most of its species contain fatty base and dye. The easiest way to remove the cream is water based. If the contamination is fresh, then you can simply wash the thing with a stain remover.

But the fat itself leaves a poorly removable mark, and in combination with a dye, it can seriously damage clothes. Moreover, the darker and richer the color of the cream, the harder it is to wash it.

How to remove the stain from the foundation with the help of special tools

Each housewife knows different types of cleaning substances that can be bought in the departments of household chemicals. The degree of effectiveness of these means, of course, is different, and not all of them are able to cope with the stain of the tonalnich, especially if it is old, stubborn. However, fresh contamination can be washed off with them.

Soap "Antipyatnin"

This is one of the types of soap, specially designed to remove stains. Judging by the comments of women in various forums, "Antipyatnin" is able to cope with various contaminants, including from makeup.

How to remove the stain of foundation with the help of "Antipyatnina."

  1. Wet soiled place and soap, or lather a small rag.
  2. Lather a spot of soiled cloth.
  3. Vigorously rubbing with your hands, as if you are stitching.
  4. Wash off the soap along with the washed toner under the tap. In this case it is not necessary to erase the whole thing.

Stain removers like Vanish

Chemicals such as Vanish, Amway or K2R are usually added to the water during washing. But if the contamination is problematic, namely, traces of the foundation are applied to them, then the soiled thing must first be soaked in water with such powder for a few hours. Better yet, dissolve the product, for example, Vanish in a small amount of water, pour over the soiled area of ​​fabric and leave for an hour and a half. And then wash it by hand or in a washing machine.

Chemical, soluble substances are not suitable for all fabrics, for example, natural silk or wool, it is better not to clean them. In addition, when removing stale stains from colored fabrics, there is a high risk that the place of pollution will lose its brightness.

Hard stain removers

They are produced in the form of pencils, so they are convenient to use, especially if there is no desire or ability to erase the whole thing as a whole. But the problem of how to clean the stains from the foundation, hard stain removers are unlikely to solve. They can be effective only if the water-based toner is fresh and pollution is fresh.

How to wash the foundation with clothes

How can we remove the stain from the foundation: folk ways

The action of substances offered by the chemical industry is often unpredictable and does not guarantee the removal of contamination from the tonnage. Moreover, after washing, the fat and dye can be absorbed into the fibers of the fabric, and getting rid of them will become much more difficult. Therefore, the question of how to wash the foundation with clothes is very relevant.

Powders or liquids such as Vanish should be used to remove stains from synthetic fabrics, they are erased much better than natural materials. But for cleaning cotton, flax, wool or silk, such tools are ineffective. But do not get upset and panic - there are a lot of ways with the help of which you can save a tonal-stained thing. They are the result of numerous experiments of women, faced with the problem of how to remove the stain from the foundation.

Makeup remover

Since these tools are designed to remove cosmetics, their use in order to get rid of the annoying greasy trail is quite logical. On the one hand, makeup removers dissolve both grease and dye, and dirt. And on the other - they do not contain caustic substances that can damage or discolor the fabric.

To remove the stain, it is necessary to apply a liquid, for example, micellar water, on a cotton pad and gently wipe the contaminated area. It helps a lot if the trail is fresh. But the tonalka is different, the better and more stable the cream, the harder it is to remove it, especially if it had time to soak into the fabric.

Dishwashing liquid

They are also designed to break down fat, so they are well removed from the clothing of various greasy stains, including from cosmetics. For these purposes, it is better to use quality tools, such as Fairy, but sometimes they give a good effect and cheaper ones.

How to wash the cream with clothes using Fairy? Very simple.

  1. Apply liquid to the contaminated area.
  2. Leave for a couple of hours, and if the spot is fresh, then half an hour is enough.
  3. Wash clothes with regular powder and dry.
  4. If the fat trail still remains, then you can repeat the procedure.

Refined gasoline

To remove contamination from the foundation, gasoline is also used, but not automobile, but special, purified. It is sold in hardware stores and, by the way, practically has no smell.

Gasoline should be dropped on the stained place, press the cotton pads against it from the front and the seamy side and, holding fingers with your fingers, hold it a little. And then the thing should be washed, better with your hands, paying attention to the place of pollution.

Dry cleaning

There are situations when it is undesirable or difficult to erase a thing stained with a toner. For example, how to wash the foundation from a jacket, down jacket or cashmere coat? There are several ways you can call dry cleaning.

1 method. Ammonia and soda

  1. Apply liquid ammonia solution (10%) onto two cotton napkins or a tampon.
  2. Attach the tampons to the contaminated place on the fabric on both sides - the front and the back, press it tightly and rub it a little.
  3. Leave the tampons on the stain for a few minutes.
  4. Remove the napkins and sprinkle the soiled place with baking soda.
  5. After that, carefully shake off the soda with a stiff brush. Dirt should disappear.

2 method. Starch

Sometimes it is possible to remove the stain from the toner with a woolly, fleecy thing with the help of regular starch. To do this, simply sprinkle it plentifully on the contaminated place, and then gently shake and brush.

3 method. Medical alcohol

Medical alcohol can be effective for removing fresh trace from fur products, for example, from a fur coat, or from dense fabric into which the cream is not able to be absorbed quickly. To remove contamination, wipe the stain with cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

If, nevertheless, there are fears that as a result of self-removal of stains, the thing may suffer, then it is better to give it to the dry-cleaner using professional methods.

How to wash the foundation with white clothes

Removing stains from a white blouse or shirt has always been considered a serious problem. Indeed, the spots, including those from cosmetics, are more noticeable on them and seem to even appear more often. However, in some cases, it is easier to wash white things than colored or black ones.

The fact is that when washing white clothes, you can safely use bleach. For example, the universal "barefoot" is suitable for both cotton and synthetics, since it does not contain chlorine. But chlorine-containing agents can only be used to remove stains from things from natural fabrics - flax and cotton.

Traces of foundation left over on white things after washing with bleach can be rubbed with a swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide, and then rinsed.

Black and denim clothes

When choosing what to wash the foundation with black clothes, be careful. Black fabric is extremely sensitive to the effects of stain removers, which can lead to partial dissolution and leaching of dye from fabric fibers. As a result, instead of a greasy trace from tonals, you can get a faded bright spot. Therefore, to remove dirt from black things, it is better to use dishwashing liquid or gasoline.

Along with black fabric, one of the most problematic is jeans. First, high-quality denim is a dense fabric with a special type of interlacing of fibers. Fat is not immediately absorbed into it, but it remains for a long time. Therefore, it is better to remove the trace from the toner as soon as it appeared.

Secondly, traditionally, the color of the denim is not too durable, so when using strong stain removers, it sheds. In fact, this fabric should shed and wipe, but in accordance with the designer's idea, and not random blunders.

Answering the question of how to wash the foundation from jeans is easy, but not all means are suitable for this. The following are the safest:

  • cosmetical tools;
  • dishwashing liquid;
  • ammonia and soda;
  • petrol.

Removing stains from toning depends not only on the characteristics of the material of clothing, but also on the cream itself. Cosmetics of different companies differ in composition, therefore it is difficult to recommend a universal remedy. You may have to try several different ways before you manage to wash the cream from the clothes. But such a method is sure to be found, and the good thing will be saved and will serve you for a long time.

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