How to wash things in the washing machine - vital secrets

Posted by: 29.04.2018

Modern washing machines for automatic washing have greatly simplified the washing process, and for this reason many people no longer think about how to properly wash in a washing machine. And this is in vain, because far from all the nuances are provided by automatic programs, and even more so after washing in the washing machine, things must be properly dried so that they do not deteriorate. Washing most people in a washing machine comes down to putting things in the drum, adding laundry detergent and turning on the device, but this is only the tip of the iceberg! It is time to figure out what things can be washed with what, what rules must be observed in order not to spoil things and to achieve the maximum result. Memorize and write tips!

How to wash in a washing machine

General rules on how to wash things in a typewriter

Before washing the machine in the washing machine, you should remember well the following rules, which begin the correct and careful handling of not only your equipment, but also your own things:

  • Sort things by color, degree of contamination, and workmanship before washing clothes in a washing machine. It is necessary to separately wash cotton, flax, synthetics, wool and cotton, and also to separate those things that are not soiled from very heavily soiled - they should be washed only at different times.
  • Before washing clothes in a washing machine, check all the pockets for various items that could damage the drum of a typewriter. It is also necessary to fasten all buttons, zippers, locks, if possible, disconnect the fur and other decorations so that they do not come off the clothes during the washing process.
  • How to wash in a washing machine knitted and terry clothes? Turn it inside out before washing - so they will not deteriorate due to the impact of the washing machine drum, will not shed and will not lose their appearance.
  • It is highly undesirable to exceed the load of linen in the drum, as this gives a very high load on the washing machine, and also significantly reduces the efficiency of washing, which is also bad.
  • Always before washing the machine, set the correct mode, based on the requirements on the labels of clothing. This is the only way to achieve high washing efficiency and reduce the risk of damage to things.
  • Do not add laundry detergent directly to the drum before washing the machine in a washing machine - residues will settle on the folds of the fabric. Powder and detergents should be filled up only in special containers that are provided in all models - this is a recommendation of many manufacturers.
  • Use the correct dose of detergent, do not overdo it, otherwise the washing machine will wear out faster, and the things themselves will be poorly washed and hard, causing them to deteriorate.

These are the basic rules of washing in a washing machine, which are vital to observe with each wash. Washing in the machine will be much more efficient and productive, and most importantly - safe if you learn to follow the recommendations given. What else should be remembered before washing the machine in a washing machine?

Proper washing of things - rules for maximum savings

Many are interested in the answer to the question of how to properly wash things in a washing machine so as to save without losing the quality of washing. Here are a few tips to help you save money on everything:

  • If possible, purchase a washing machine with a good energy saving class. It is better to choose models from A to A +++. The more advantages, the more economical the machine. Similar parameters exist in other modern household appliances, so it is recommended to look closely at the label when buying.
  • Washing the machine will be more economical if you optimally load the drum. If there are too few things, the equipment consumes idle energy, which, with regular repetition, goes into a penny. Before washing clothes in a washing machine, wait until there is enough dirty stuff in them.
  • If you want to significantly increase energy savings, before washing in the machine, set the minimum allowable temperature. It takes a lot of electricity to heat water, so washing at a lower temperature will save a good amount. The main thing to remember: do it without compromising quality.
  • Pour no more than 100 grams of powder before washing things in the machine. The problem with many people is that they use too much detergent, the surplus is not used at all and increases consumption. Therefore, if you want to save without loss, dispose of detergent properly.

Now you understand how to wash clothes in a washing machine, and spend less money. What else do you need to know before washing a machine? Let's try to figure out this place.

Proper sorting of linen - the basis of successful washing

Obviously, before washing clothes in a washing machine, it must be properly sorted. This is necessary not only for aesthetics, but also has a practical meaning. Competent sorting will not only allow for better washing quality, but also reduce the risk of clothing damage. That is why it is important to know what to wash with a typewriter. There are no difficulties here, it’s enough to remember a few useful recommendations:

  • Proper washing in the washing machine involves sorting the laundry in the first place by color. It is not enough to separate white from color. It is necessary to group colored things by brightness. For example, it is better to wash clothes of a poisonous color separately from things of less contrasting things so that all clothes will not fade in the end.
  • Group clothes by materials before washing in a typewriter machine. For example, if you wash ordinary fabrics with delicate ones on a soft mode, ordinary things are poorly washed out due to a sparing mode, and if you set an intensive cycle, delicate fabrics will deteriorate and become unusable. Watch this.
  • Always take into account the information on the clothing tag. Very often, they write extremely important information, the adherence to which will allow to properly wash things and keep them out of trouble.

If you are interested in how to properly wash clothes in a washing machine, you will have to force yourself to love sorting things before you wash things in a washing machine. This is the only way you can achieve high-quality washing, significantly extend the life of your clothes and prevent damage to your washing machine.

Remember these tips on how to properly wash clothes in a washing machine, so as not to have any problems with washing! Do not forget to share tips with your friends and family, because it is also important for them to know what things can be washed in a washing machine, and how to properly wash in a typewriter so as to save your money.

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