Mistress note: how to wash the boots

Posted by: 27.01.2018

Valenoks are rightfully considered to be comfortable and warm shoes. Made from sheep's wool, they do not allow the feet to sweat and reliably protect against severe frosts. One time about felt boots forgotten. Only the old in villages continued to carry them. But fashion again revived the popularity of this shoe.

Now on the streets you can find improved models on which there is a sole. It is necessary in order to provide protection from moisture and dirt. Although the classic options also come across. Different embroideries, applications, and drawings are put on the tops. For each family member, you can find a suitable model.

Everything is good in this shoe - comfortable, beautiful and warm. But at the end of the season it’s scary to look at them. Surely every housewife wondered, is it possible to wash the boots or are there any other ways to return them to their original appearance?

How to wash the boots?

It all starts with getting rid of large dirt, such as pieces of clay or particles of dry sand. You may need a rubber brush for this. In this procedure, do not use sandpaper or sharp tools. Otherwise you risk damaging the felt. As soon as you clean your shoes with a brush, it would be nice to vacuum the felt boots. Thus, you eliminate dust and dry particles.

Traditionally, when it comes to the question of how to wash valenki, the thought immediately comes to mind to soak them in a soap solution for a couple of hours. And this is a good idea. In order to get rid of dirt, you can use a foam sponge. As soon as you finish washing, fill your shoes with plastic bags as tightly as possible. Then it remains only to wait until the boots dry. Just do not put them on a hot radiator or near a source of open fire. This is good if only their shape changes, but they can even harden very strongly.

Some have questions about whether you can wash the boots in a washing machine or not. The answer will be yes.

How to wash the boots in the washing machine?

On the machine, you must choose a gentle mode, the heating should be minimal. Again, at the end of the wash, the boots should be tightly packed with paper and left at room temperature until completely dry;

How to wash white boots?

This question is particularly relevant, because among women of fashion it is the light tones of shoes that are very popular. Unfortunately, even if you exploit such felt boots as carefully as possible, they will still be dirty and will begin to acquire a gray tint.

There are several ways to return whiteness:

  1. One option is to use powdered bleach Vanish, which is designed for carpets. It is necessary to dilute with water and bring to a state of foam. The finished mixture is applied to felt boots, rubbing a dirty place with a cloth. It is possible to get rid of the remains of powder by means of the vacuum cleaner;
  2. Vanish and in liquid form. But he, too, will have to be diluted with water. Next, apply the solution to the shoes according to the proposed instructions. Using the resulting foam, wash the surface of the shoe, and remove the rest of the mixture with a sponge;
  3. Excellent results can be achieved using a Weasel liquid. It is diluted with water, and then supplemented with bleach. Take a sponge and apply the resulting product on the shoes. Then it remains only to dry it at room temperature. Do not forget that you can not dry the boots on the battery. Once again a reminder that high temperature does not have the best effect on the state of the product;
  4. White boots can also be washed in the washing machine. Only there is one note: in the instructions for use should be such a fad. For such a wash, a delicate mode is selected, weaving and bleach are added. As soon as the wash is over, the boots should be straightened and dried;
  5. Alternatively, you can try to wash the white felt boots under normal running water. Just before that, rub them with soap and a sponge. Then rinse under running water and put to dry in a draft;
  6. From folk remedies the most effective will be semolina. It is applied to the surface of the boots and carefully rubbed. As soon as the procedure is over, the croup should be knocked out. Almost all the dirt will go along with semolina. This cleaning can be performed using other bulk mixes, but only in white. For example, these are tooth powder or starch.

How to wash white valenki

Now, as you know, how to care for felt boots and keep them in an attractive way. Follow these simple recommendations, and your shoes will last for years.

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