How to wash velveteen?

Posted by: 22.03.2018

Velvet is a very beautiful and wearable fabric, but only with proper care and, in particular, proper washing. Many of us have velvet things in our wardrobe, but, unfortunately, they do not know how to wash them properly. How to wash velvet things, so that they are as new a little longer?

Features of care

How to wash velveteen thingsMost often in the wardrobe of fashionistas and fashionistas there are corduroy pants. Pants from this rather fastidious fabric look great, but they require special attention. Therefore, the first stage of velvet care is cleaning it before washing. Usually on this material a lot of villi, dust particles, wool are collected. Cleaning is best done manually with a special brush. You can also shake off the fabric several times, and then brush off all of the villi with a wet palm.

It is important to note that cleaning before the main wash is carried out only if the fabric is dry. If the material is at least a little wet, then it will be very difficult to remove small villi. We'll have to dry the thing, and only then clean.


How to wash velveteen by hand, so that the fabric does not sit down, and the pile is not crumpled? Manual fouling for velvet things is most preferable, because the washer can damage the rather thin structure of the fabric and spoil the thing.

Before washing the velvet pants or another thing, it is necessary to make a soap solution in the basin with warm water. Velvet is best to wash households. soap or special means for capricious fabrics.

Do not rub when washing. It is best to use a soft foam sponge to clean off stains and various dirt. It is possible to use special brushes with a soft nap to stretch this fabric. Scrub must be very carefully, because the structure of velvet can be very easily ruined. Do not press on the fabric or pull it too hard.

After washing the clothes, rinse the clothes in lukewarm water and hang them for drying without squeezing. When rinsing, you can add a little vinegar to the water, which will help lift the nap and refresh the paint. It is enough to pour a spoonful of vinegar into the basin of 3-4 water and rinse the item in the solution. Corduroy things must necessarily dry well hung or laid out horizontally, and only in a natural way.

How to wash corduroy pants? Pants from such a capricious material can never be wrung out, and when stretching, special attention is paid to the knees and the back part - it is in these areas that contamination often appears on velvet trousers. In addition, the fabric on your lap wipes off very quickly and begins to shine.

Wash machine

As already mentioned, it is desirable to wash such clothes by hand. The fact is that the rotation in the drum and the mechanical action spoil the velvet. But, if stretching by hand is absolutely not suitable for you, you can try washing the corduroy in a washing machine.

Use when washing velvet pants in a washing machine or other clothes only special liquid powders for naughty fabrics. Do not use ordinary powder. Do not use bleach. Do not add air conditioning when rinsing. Also, as in the case of hand-wiping, you can add 3-4 vinegar spoons to the machine by pouring them directly into the air conditioner compartment.

In the machine you need to put the program "hand wash" without spinning. After washing in a typewriter on a rope, they are dried only in a natural way. But so that trousers or other clothes do not lose their shape, it is better to press them a little after stretching and then spread them out horizontally away from heating appliances.

What is velveteen afraid of?

Properly washed velvet pants or other clothing is a science. There are many nuances that are worth considering when washing this delicate fabric:

  • Velvet is afraid of spin and twisting.
  • After washing in hot water and drying the battery thing inevitably sit down strongly.
  • If possible, always dry horizontally.
  • Fabric during washing can not be rubbed.
  • Do not wash in too hard water.
  • You can not dry in the machine.
  • It is impossible to splash or steam the material when ironing.

Velvet appeared in the Middle Ages, and in those days they made shorts out of it. Later, working clothes in America were made of this material. In the 18 century velvet was worn only by royals in France and it was too expensive. It is not known in which country velvet was first woven. It is believed that the birthplace of this fabric is France.

In order not to shorten the service life of velvet things, they should be properly maintained and washed properly. Washing this capricious fabric is a very delicate matter, but if you follow all the recommendations, your corduroy clothing will last you for a very long time.

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