How to safely and effectively wash things from the Angora

Posted by: 16.12.2017

Angorka - wool of the same type of rabbit, is soft and high in fluff content (up to 70%). Products made of Angora wool are very warm and soft, but require special care. For those who have purchased such a thing, you should know how to wash an angora to extend the life of your favorite product and keep its original look for a long time. It is not necessary for this to give the jacket in the dry cleaning.

What is used for washing

You can buy any beautiful thing from the wool of the Angora rabbit: a dress, a beret, a hat, a sweater, an elegant shawl or a warm sweater. In order for the product to remain new for a long time, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of how to wash clothes from an angora. Clothing should be cleaned after the 4 – 5 sock, depending on the degree of contamination. In order to wash an angora so that it does not sit down, it is not necessary to seek help from specialists - you can refresh your favorite element of the wardrobe at home without unpleasant consequences.

Wash angorovye things You can use the following tools:

  • White children's soap without dyes and fragrances;
  • Glycerol;
  • Ordinary laundry soap;
  • High-quality shampoo for hair (you must choose the one that forms the minimum amount of foam);
  • Brand detergent designed for wool.

How to wash an Angorka sweater

Glycerin for how to wash the sweater from the Angora, is mixed with a baby or small household in a container with warm water. The maximum allowable temperature is 37 degrees. Washing powder, bleaching agents, even the highest quality, is not recommended. Many housewives are concerned about the issue of how to wash the Angora in a washing machine. Machine cleaning is undesirable, but in a delicate mode (not automatic!) And at the minimum temperature you can clean up your favorite thing. When washing, you can add a soft conditioner for wool products. It is necessary to turn the clothes inside out.

General recommendations for washing angora wool

The following recommendations may help in how to wash an angorov sweater without the possibility of damage to the product:

  1. To bring the water temperature to 30 degrees, maximum - to 37, as in the wash. And the next rinses. Severe temperature drops can lead to loss of elasticity of the material, loss of the original shape.
  2. Wash the angora items by hand using a good shampoo or natural soap. In extreme cases, you can erase the "automatic" by selecting the mode of gentle washing. With manual cleaning, you can not work much with your hands, scrolling the product, only with careful and careful movements you need to wash sensitive wool.
  3. Rinsing is performed using a pre-prepared solution, the main components of which are water and glycerin (10 l per 1 spoon). The tool helps not to lose the natural softness of the product, as well as to prevent angora from falling over.
  4. Clean clothes must be gently pressed without twisting. The remaining water is removed by wrapping things in a terry towel. After waiting some time, the product is laid out on a flat horizontal surface, leveled so that there are no folds.
  5. After the angora sweater has been washed and dried, it should be brushed with a soft bristle along the growth of the pile. In order to avoid the formation of the pellet and "stalling" on the material, at the end should be carried out with a brush in the opposite direction.

How to wash an angora

The final stage, helping your favorite sweater to once again become fluffy and weightless - at night to put the product, wrapped in plastic, in the freezer. The whole process of how to properly erase the angora will not take much time and effort, and the end result will delight the owner of a beautiful thing with its effectiveness.

Method of washing hats from the Angora

In the matter of how to wash a cap from angora, it is important to pay attention to the label, which indicates the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning the headdress: the possibility of machine wash, maximum temperature, drying, etc. If you want to wash it takes from the angora, which is visible Mud stains, you first need to dry the product and thoroughly clean it with a brush.

The safest and proven method of cleaning things from Angora wool is hand washing. The recommended water temperature is 27 – 30 degrees. In it the sparing means gets divorced: neutral liquid soap, children's shampoo for hair, a shower gel without dyes. It is necessary to clean the product carefully, slightly crushing it with your hands. Contaminated places are additionally treated with detergent. Be sure to rinse the hat, changing the water several times.

How to wash a hat from angora

You can not wash the beret or cap along with other things, especially if the product is colored. In the opposite case, a beautiful hat will be additionally decorated with various abstract divorces. Another step in how to wash the angora cap is proper drying after cleaning. It is not recommended to hang a hat on a clothesline. It is better to use a drying net covered with a soft, non-staining cloth. Another way to help shape a beret is to pull it onto a plate that is selected exactly according to the diameter of the headdress.

A safe way to bleach white angora products

If you need to effectively cope with the problem of how to wash a sweater from the angora, which has a dazzling white color, then you need to follow certain rules for cleaning the product. After several washes, as a rule, snow-white clothes acquire a grayish tint or turn yellow. The following tips on the proper care of light angora will help to cope with the problem:

  1. The product should be soaked for at least 3 hours in warm water with the addition of a gentle detergent 50, 5 Art. l salt, as well as ammonia and peroxide (the last 2 components are taken in 20 ml).
  2. During the specified time, the jacket turns over several times in a tank with a solution.
  3. After that, you can wash the angorov sweater with any means: soap, shampoo, gel, special brand composition.
  4. After washing, the item is rinsed several times (it is necessary to change the water).
  5. In order to avoid deforming the product, drying clothes after cleaning is necessary only in a horizontal position.

In order for a woolen thing to please its attractive appearance for a long time, you need to follow the recommendations not only of how to wash the angori sweater, but also properly store it. Special trunks or plastic bags are not the best satellites for natural wool. Soft hangers that help keep the shape of a sweater will work well for proper storage. You can gently stack angora things on the shelves. Experienced housewives are advised to put the product in the bathroom for a day before putting on a jacket, dress or sweater. It helps to get rid of the folds that were formed when stored in a folded state.

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