At what temperature wash viscose. The basic rules of washing silk

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Clothes from viscose are loved by both children and adults. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is perfectly worn, does not electrify, is pleasant to the skin and breathes. Modern manufacturers of fabrics are developing new types of this wonderful material of various density and texture. At the same time, viscose is quite delicate fabric, but care for it in some housewives causes difficulties. Not knowing the basic rules, they often spoil your favorite clothes, because, wetting its fibers, they become very fragile and can easily be deformed.

Light, velvety, pleasant to the touch and worn - this is all viscose. How to erase it correctly talk in this article. We will give you a few recommendations on hand and machine washing, tell you how to dry the material, as well as how to stroke the viscose.

What will happen to the cloth if it is not properly washed

  • Other threads, such as acrylic or wool, are often added to the composition of garments made from viscose. They affect the thermal conductivity or density of a thing. Further, we dwell on the popular errors that entail the stretching or shrinkage of the material.
  • You do not know how to wash a dress from viscose and decided to do everything as usual, but instead you got a baby blouse? You made the most popular mistake: set the wrong temperature. Also in the composition of the favorite dress, most likely was a wool thread, which to a greater extent and shrunk.
  • Do not have time to dry your favorite blouse and decided to dress it wet? Do not risk, after drying it may become several sizes larger. After washing, never hang clothes from this material on the rope, it will easily stretch out under its own weight, and you will not be able to do anything about it. Also, it is not allowed to treat undersized viscose fabric with a steamer.
  • When washing a viscose product, which also includes polyester yarns, you should think about purchasing a special laundry bag, since, having played your favorite piece of clothing a couple of times without it in the drum, pellets can appear on it, and the appearance will significantly suffer.

how to wash a dress from viscose

Preparation for washing clothes from viscose

  • If you are going to wash your favorite things from viscose to begin with, they should be divided into dark and light ones. Together cleaning them is unacceptable.
  • Do not forget to check the pockets, if any, and examine the product label, especially if you are washing it for the first time, it will definitely answer at what temperature wash the viscose. Also look closely at other symbols, for example, whether you can iron your favorite thing or wash it in a typewriter, because this information will give you the opportunity to keep it in its original form for a long time.
  • As already mentioned, viscose is a delicate fabric, so if it has hooks, buttons or zippers, they should be fastened, as metal parts can damage the fibers.
  • For washing clothes from viscose, it is desirable to use a special clothes bag, it will not allow to rub the cloth on the drum, therefore, the pellets and hooks will not appear on it. Which to choose? Best buy mesh bag.

Use the basic rules for preparing things from viscose for washing, and if they are very dirty, then you can not do without soaking.


How to wash things from viscose let's talk a little later, and now let's figure out how to properly soak it.

  • Type in the basin of water, its temperature should be no more than 30-35 degrees.
  • Thoroughly dissolve the laundry detergent or liquid hand wash.
  • Place the contaminated item and leave on the 30-40 minutes.
  • Press and you can proceed to the stage of washing.

Hand wash of products from viscose

For inexperienced housewives very often the question arises: is it possible to wash viscose? And how else, of course you can, in this process there is nothing difficult, the main thing is to use our recommendations.

If you are going to clean your garments from this material by hand, then use soaking for a start. How to carry it out described above. And then, as time passes, gently and gently massage the tissue. Just massage it. With clothes made of viscose can not behave rudely: knead, twist and rub. So when wet, the fibers of the material become very fragile and easily deformed. Also, viscose should be washed at a temperature of 30-35 degrees, because more and it affects the structure of the fabric.

Hand wash of products from viscose

Machine washable viscose

We have said many times that viscose is a delicate fabric and that even with the manual method of cleansing it must be treated very carefully. Is it possible to wash viscose in a washing machine? And what about men or those who do not like or do not know how to wash hands? Do not wear products made from this material? In no case, then we will tell how to wash viscose in a washing machine.

  • We prepare things for loading into the drum of the washing machine. How to do this, you can read in the "Preparation".
  • Put the clothes in the drum and set the "Delicate" or "Manual" mode. If the temperature needs to be set independently, then we set 30 degrees.
  • It is impossible to squeeze products from viscose, so if the mode does not involve shutting off, turn it off with a special button.
  • For machine washable, it is better to use a delicate liquid or encapsulated detergent, as it will also reduce the friction of the fabric on the drum and protect the fibers.
  • To stained viscose things, you can add an oxygen stain remover or bleach.

Important! White things from viscose do not fade, but they can form stains when exposed to sunlight. To prevent this from happening, avoid drying your clothes in the open sun, and if the stains have already appeared, use hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach, which contains sodium hypochloride.

Machine washable viscose

How to dry clothes made of viscose fabric

  • After washing, hang the item on a hanger so that the glass is water. Do not use metal hangers, they may leave marks on the fabric. Choose those that are covered with a cloth, plastic or wood.
  • You can also spread out your favorite blouse on a horizontal surface, it will definitely protect you from its deformation.
  • Another way is to lay the thing out of viscose on a large towel or terry cloth, and then roll and roll a little, so you can easily get rid of excess moisture and protect it from stretching.
  • Do not use heated dryers and moreover do not put the washed things on the battery or do not dry in the washing machine, as under the influence of high temperatures, they shrink or lose their original appearance very quickly.

How to pat viscose

Before you iron a dress made from viscose or another item of clothing, you should know that it is wood pulp. Sometimes this fabric is also called rayon, and in order not to damage it or to transform it, some rules should be followed:

  1. to iron a dress from viscose should only be from the seamy side;
  2. we iron on the lowest temperature condition;
  3. if you need to smooth out the details from the outside of the thing, use gauze;
  4. Stripping clothes from viscose is prohibited.

How to pat viscose

Gorgeous artificial fabric, beloved by a huge number of people and is the adornment of any female wardrobe - this is all viscose. Washing it is not a difficult process, if you know about the features of the material. Use our advice, and your favorite artificial silk clothing will delight you for years to come.

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