How to wash the collars on the shirt without harm to the product

Posted by: 03.11.2017

Fans of white clothes know how to carefully treat them in order not to spoil its visual appeal and extend its service life. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Even the lightest dirt is noticeable on light-colored shirts, so many housewives face the problem of how to wash the collar and shirt cuffs so that the fabric structure is not damaged. We offer you effective recommendations for solving this problem.

How to wash the shirt collar

No matter how tidy a person is, there will always be traces of contact with his body on his clothes. Collars suffer from this. There are a number of ways to help remove contamination.

  1. How to wash the gate with salt? Take the 1 Art. a spoonful of salt, pour 4 Art. Spoons of ammonia and add 100 grams of cold water. Mix everything thoroughly and apply to the contaminated surface from the inside for half an hour. Then rinse the product with clean water and wash it by hand.
  2. How to wash a greasy collar with raw potatoes? Cut the medium potato in half and rub it with the problem area until it is fully wetted, then brush it with a well-soaped brush. After washing in a convenient way.
  3. Detergent or shampoo also effectively removes impurities. Liberally apply one of the contaminants, leave them in this form for 15 minutes, then wash in soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  4. How to wash collar in men's shirts with vinegar? Soak a cotton pad in vinegar and treat them with a stain. It is important not to overdo it, because acid can damage the color of the fabric.
  5. Traces of sweat removes brush and simple soap. Apply a little soap on the collar and brush, and wipe the stains in a circular motion. Thus, the soap will deeply saturate the fabric, and the brush will carefully remove dirt.

Now you know how to wash collars with the help of available tools.

How to wash the collar on a white shirt

As a rule, a white shirt is an obligatory part of the wardrobe for many office workers, so it will be useful to learn how to remove traces of sweat and other contaminants from it.

  1. How to wash a white shirt collar with aspirin? Dissolve two tablets per 100 grams of warm water and mix thoroughly. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and treat the stains with it, starting from the edges and to the middle. Next, wash as usual.
  2. How to wash a white collar with hydrogen peroxide? Take the 4 Art. peroxide spoons, 2 Art. spoons of highly concentrated dishwashing liquid and 2 Art. spoons of baking soda. Everything is thoroughly mixed and applied copiously to the spots on the 5-10 minutes (depending on the degree of contamination). After the shirt is washed as usual.
  3. How to wash a greasy collar shirt? The laundry soap and plastic bag will cope with this problem. Wet the shirt with hot water, squeeze well and treat the problem areas with soap. After that, put the shirt in a bag, wrap it as tight as possible and leave it on for 90 minutes. Then wash the shirt by hand in warm, well-soaped water. This method will be effective if you do not know how to wash the cuffs on a white shirt.
  4. How to wash the collar on a white shirt using talcum powder or baby powder? To do this, sprinkle the stain with a thick layer of talcum powder or powder and leave on the 8 watch. After a good shake the thing and wash in soapy water. This method is also effective against colouration of the collar.
  5. How to wash the cuffs on the shirt, if they are stained with ink? An effective remedy will be the usual pharmaceutical alcohol with a concentration of at least 70%. Wet a cotton pad, clean the dirt and leave it for 10 minutes. After washing as usual.

How to wash the collar of a white shirt

Now you know how and what to wipe the collar of a white shirt, so any stains you are not afraid.

helpful hints

In order for the above tips to deliver the expected result, you need to consider the following:

  • To choose the right way, study the label of the shirt.
  • Brush collar and cuffs to remove skin particles.
  • Try to remove stains immediately on the day they appear.
  • Having chosen a certain method, test it on a fabric similar to your shirt.
  • It is advisable to do the washing by hand, in warm water and a special powder for white things.

How to wash collars

To possess information is to be armed, but still it is better to avoid strong pollution of white things. Do not wear one shirt for two days in a row, wash it immediately, dry in a closed sunny room and then you will not have to resort to bleaching.

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