We wash cotton fabric: the right temperature of water for washing

Posted by: 05.11.2017

When people learned to produce synthetic fabric, clothing from it gained immense popularity. But gradually it turned out that the linen and dresses made of synthetics do not allow air to pass through and do not allow the skin to breathe fully. Recently, natural fabrics have become fashionable again. They are pleasant, soft to the touch, they are never hot. Cotton clothes have many fine qualities, but at the same time they are wrinkled and require special care.

When purchasing items from cotton, you need to choose the right temperature for washing fabrics. Otherwise, underwear, dresses, sweaters and pants may lose their shape or significantly decrease in size.

Preparation for washing clothes made of cotton

Before you start washing 100% cotton, things need to be prepared:

  • The first step is to sort out the clothes. Separate colored underwear from white. If this is not done, the colored fabric may fade, stain white things, and you will have to return the original crystal whiteness to them for a long time.
  • After that, you want to select things that are slightly contaminated and do not require thorough washing.
  • Clothes with stains should be folded in a separate pile, it needs to be pre-soaked.
  • Dresses, blouses and pants need to be turned inside out, zip up, buttons and buttons, if they are on clothes. This will protect the appearance of the front side of the product from rapid wear.

How to wash cotton

Do not forget to sort things by type of fabric. Sturdy, homespun cotton items of white color sit less, they easily tolerate the temperature of water in 90 ° C, although 60 ° C is usually enough to remove persistent dirt.

Thin white and colored fabrics from 100% cotton are highly susceptible to shrinkage, so high temperatures are contraindicated. Optimal washing mode for them30-40 ° С.

How to wash cotton so that it does not sit down? It is necessary to carefully study the rules indicated on the label of things, and when washing, in no case do not exceed the recommended water heating temperature.

Is it possible to wash cotton in a washing machine

Not everyone knows how to wash their cotton clothes in automatic washing machines, and whether it can be done so as not to damage the product. Modern washing machine - an indispensable tool for every hostess. On the control panel of the unit it is easy to choose a variety of washing modes for cotton and other fabrics.

  1. If interested, with what temperature to wash light linen and cotton towels, you can safely choose a program for white cotton things and set the maximum water heating.
  2. Nothing bad will happen to things. On the contrary, all stains will disappear from the products, especially if you use an oxygen bleach powder for washing.

Many housewives care about how to wash cotton, dyed in different colors, so that he does not sit down, fade and wash well.

  • You need to choose the right powder. For color things, enzyme preparations are best suited. They quickly cope with contaminants at temperatures up to 60 ° C and help preserve the bright color of the fabric.

On the control panel of the washing machine, you should select the mode of operation that does not contradict the recommendations on the product label and install a double rinse. This will help to completely remove the powder.

Spinning and drying

Washing cotton rarely causes things to sit down and lose their attractive appearance. The main culprits of this - intensive spin and improper drying.

  1. For dense, firmly colored fabrics, it is allowed to set the spin in 800 revolutions.
  2. Thin items are best washed in a delicate wash mode, which eliminates the spin cycle.
  3. Clothes should be taken out of the drum, slightly pressed, straightened well and hang carefully to dry on special hangers.
  4. Button buttons on the product and place it in the shade so that the light fabric from the sun's rays does not turn yellow, and the color does not fade.

Attention: automatic drying for cotton things is better not to use. The heat can “plant” the product and make it smaller by several sizes.

How to wash cotton clothes by hand

In the summer it is convenient to wear thin, light cotton items. But the question arises how to erase 100% cotton properly, because it has the tendency to deform. Sweatshirts and pants are best hand-worn.

  1. In order not to spoil the thing, you can not experiment at what temperature wash cotton shirt, and heat the water no more than 40 ° C.
  2. Dissolve in it a special powder for washing cotton fabrics or grate 2 Art. l laundry soap and stir the chips in the water.
  3. Soak the product gently for 10 minutes and then wash it with light hand motions.
  4. To clear from powder in cool water, not forgetting to add to last rinse a conditioner cap for cotton or 2 Art. l vinegar. This will give things softness, improve ironing, and you will realize that you have found the perfect way to wash cotton trousers.

Does cotton sit after washing

If cotton items are heavily contaminated, it is allowed to soak them in water heated to 40-50 ° С, with the addition of powder for 5 hours and then wash them by hand.

Handkerchiefs wash well when immersed in warm salt water for 3 hours. To do this, you need to put on 3 l of water 3 Art. l salt, stir it and soak the scarves. Then wash them with household soap, lightly squeeze and hang for drying.

How to remove heavy pollution

If you need a way to wash the white cotton, which is very dirty, use a special solution.

  • In 10 l water for soaking, add 4 Art. l washing powder and 4 Art. l turpentine. Soak the thing in the liquid and leave for a day. After 24 hours, all that remains is to rinse the clothes with clean water and dry them.

Tablecloths and towels made from natural fabrics are difficult to restore the original whiteness. How to wash cotton so that old stains and yellowness disappear from it? To do this, you can use the old way, which is suitable for white things.

  • It is necessary in 10 l of warm water to dissolve 1 Art. l ammonia and 2 Art. l hydrogen peroxide. Put the laundry in the solution and let 20 soak for minutes. After this soaking, you should wash the fabric with powder and the most difficult spots will disappear from it.
  • White socks and cotton underwear are easy to bleach with boric acid. In the 10 l of hot water should pour 2 Art. l acid and soak in liquid things for 2 hours.

It is advisable to use these methods on dense light things, because such solutions can discolor bright fabric.

For colored and thin fabrics from cotton, it is better to buy special means to eliminate stains on cotton and act according to the instructions.

Does cotton sit during washing

If you use the correct water temperature, do not unscrew the laundry intensively and do not use automatic drying, cotton sets rarely when washing. But what to do if you didn’t know how to wash the shirts so that they wouldn’t sit down, and the thing extracted from the drum of the machine seems to be irrevocably damaged?

  1. There are several ways to stretch the cotton after washing and return it to its original state.
  2. You will need table vinegar. In 1 l of water you will need to stir 2 Art. l vinegar, soak the solution in a solution, leave it in it for 10 minutes, squeeze, wring out a little and spread out on a terry towel.
  3. Hands to stretch the clothes to the desired size, try to give it the desired shape and at the edges to fix it with something heavy. Then it dries as it should.

How to wash cotton so as not to sit down

If cotton sets during washing, ironing helps a lot to return the shape to it.

  • Put the undressed item on the ironing board and walk on it with a steam iron. In the process, try to stretch the clothes, pulling the fabric to the desired size.

Sometimes there is a situation when clothes become large and you need to change your wardrobe. If this dress or jacket is made from natural 100% cotton, the problem can be solved by planting the product. To do this, load things into the drum of the machine, pour some powder and select the 60 ° С temperature mode. Set the spin to 800-1000 revolutions and turn on the machine dryer. The product will definitely sit down, but no one can guarantee how much.

Organic Cotton Washing Tips

Caring for a natural fabric is not difficult, you just need to strictly adhere to the recommended temperature of washing, which is written on the label of clothing.

  1. To remove stains, do not use products containing chlorine, and wash clothes from cotton separately from synthetic ones. This neighborhood causes the appearance of pellets on the front side of cotton things.
  2. Stains on white bedding or tablecloths can be removed by boiling. In a large enameled basin, it is necessary to dissolve the powder with bleach, immerse things in it, bring to a boil, and boil 30 for a few minutes over low heat. Rinse several times and get perfect whiteness.
  3. If colored fabric accidentally gets into the white clothes and slightly dyed cotton, in 10 l of hot water it is necessary to dilute 5 Art. l soda and soak colored clothes on the solution for 12 hours. After rinsing, wash with regular powder, and things will turn white again.

During drying, the fabric should be carefully straightened and not wait until it dries completely, and start ironing when the clothes are wet. This will eliminate the folds and allow you to keep the shape of the product.

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