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Knowing how to determine the shelf life of cosmetics, everyone can protect their appearance from the effects of overdue products. The ability to read the correct alphanumeric information is useful.
Sunflower oil is one of the most important foods, without which the preparation of most culinary dishes is impossible. It is important not only to choose high-quality, good sunflower oil, but also to follow the rules ...
How to organize the storage of toys in the nursery, so that there is a lot of space, and it was convenient for the kid to get and stack his wealth? Resourceful and practical mothers share their secrets.
If kept in a refrigerator for up to + 50С, strawberries from a bed retain their freshness and flavor for up to 4 days. It is not known how long the berries from the supermarket will last without freezing, because from the moment of gathering to ...
Although caviar is one of the most favorite products of the majority, but few know how to store red caviar, whether it is possible to freeze and how much it is stored.
How to store beets so that it retains all its useful properties and does not spoil as long as possible: an overview of the most well-known ways to store vegetables in the winter.
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In the house of each person there are a lot of useful and necessary things that require proper storage. Even with a slight violation of the storage conditions of some items, their quality deteriorates dramatically, things can deteriorate. This applies not only to perishable products and things, but also clothes with appliances - they also need to be properly placed in the house in order to save space and not to make a mess. It does not matter if you do not know exactly how to store food, clothing, equipment, chemicals and other things - all the necessary information is here!

In this section of our business portal you will find a wide range of articles, which contain tips, valuable recommendations and step-by-step instructions. All information is directed to the storage of various things - cosmetics, products, plants, equipment, clothing, toys, as well as specific items. In the upper block you can see which of the publications are particularly popular among visitors. Regularly in this section there are new articles with tips, so take a look here again after a while, so as not to miss anything new. Learn how to properly store things and food with our portal!