How to store bananas so as not to blacken

Posted by: 31.12.2017

Housewives are often faced with the problem of preserving the presentation of fruits and vegetables at home. Most of all difficulties are created by exotics who have become frequent guests on the Russian shelves. After lying for a short time, they begin to deteriorate rapidly. How to properly store bananas at home, do not let them lose their appetizing appearance and useful properties?

How to store bananas so they do not blacken

In tropical countries, they are collected green. This is done in order to enjoy the overseas wonders could population of different latitudes of the globe. They are usable for 35 days. Most of this time, the goods are spent on the road, and there are no problems on how to store bananas so that they do not turn black during transportation. They come to us in cool and wet holds, where the temperature is not higher than the mark in 15 degrees Celsius.

At the warehouses guests from the tropics get immature. Here is the process of ripening in a forced manner. In the camera, where they are stored, run ethylene. This gas also emits most of the fruits in nature, being in cool, humid conditions retards its natural production. After the acquisition, the buyer is faced with the task: how to store bananas so that they do not blacken.

There are subtleties of choice that help in solving the problem of how to properly store bananas at home.

  • Hostess in service: they are better kept with intact skin, without cracks, stains and bruising.
  • To avoid the appearance of dents, do not drop them, in a grocery bag, place the bundle on top.
  • Choose clusters with greenish tails. Bright yellow berries (from a botanical point of view, a banana - a berry) quickly deteriorate. They are desirable to use immediately after purchase.

Want to enjoy the extraordinary taste and aroma of juicy pulp? Will help simple tips on how to properly store bananas at home.

  • Buy them green, keep in a warm place. After three or four days they will ripen, and you can enjoy plenty.
  • After the fruits are ripe, store them in a cool place.
  • If possible, take it to the cellar and hang it. At a temperature of 19 degrees, they retain their appearance and taste for a long time.
  • If you want the green fruits to ripen during the day, put them in a dark paper bag with an apple.

How to store bananas so they do not blacken

Where to store bananas so as not to blacken

Few people know how to properly store bananas at home.

  • They do not like bright sunny color. Do not put them on the windowsill. The rind will quickly darken and acquire an unpleasant sour taste, and the flesh will become viscous.
  • Do not put them in the refrigerator - it can cause a quick darkening. Surprisingly, but at the same time the flesh will remain light, soft and tender.

Let's figure out where to store bananas, so as not to blacken:

  1. By wrapping the tail of each of them with plastic wrap, you can extend the freshness for at least a few days. You can do the same with a bunch. Wrap the ends of the bundle with wrap, tie a string to them. Hang the bunch in a cool, well-ventilated place.
  2. Do not store them next to other fruits. The ethylene released by them leads to darkening of the skin.
  3. Plastic bag - the enemy of any fresh greens. Cellophane is equivalent to a gas chamber. The concentration of ethylene in a small closed space is detrimental to plant cells.

Adhering to tips on how to properly store bananas so as not to blacken, you can not worry that you have to throw them out. Many are repelled by unaesthetic brown spots on the skin. If mistreated, it can turn completely black.

How to store bananas at home

Or did not follow the advice on how to store bananas so that they do not turn black and their skin darken, put the berries in the refrigerator. Their appearance will not change, but it will be possible to preserve the flesh. Ethylene, which caused a darkening of the outer shell, continues to stand out, and at low temperatures its effect is minimal.

If the skin has turned black completely, and the flesh has turned into a mush, do not rush to throw away the fruit. This does not indicate its unsuitability. He is not spoiled, but simply overripe. Many people love to eat such a sugary sweet product.

Whisk it in a mash. Use the pulp for making pies, banana bread, smoothies, sorbet, muffins, cookies. Freeze mashed potatoes in the ice container. Cubes can be added to cocktails or juice, creating unusual fruit mixes.

If you follow the principles of healthy eating, then you should eat freshly prepared food, and you should not buy vegetables and fruits for the future. When storing products, their beneficial properties are lost. Get as many fruits as you can consume at one time. Then the question of how to properly store bananas at home, will lose relevance.

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