How to store breast milk in the refrigerator

Posted by: 21.11.2017

Breast milk is the most useful and nutritious product for any baby. It is intended by nature that the child should receive it directly from the mother’s breast. But there are situations when the mother can not feed the child - she suddenly became ill or decided to go to work. For such cases, you can create a stock of breast milk. To do this, you need to decant and place in the refrigerator. How to store expressed milk so that it does not lose its valuable qualities?

Ways to store breast milk

Freezing breast milk is the most effective way to extend the shelf life of breast milk. In frozen form, it can be stored for up to three months, it can be defrosted at any time and feed the baby. In order for the edible stocks of the baby not to lose their unique properties, it is necessary to take into account several nuances when preparing them:

  1. Milk can be frozen no later than 6 hours after decanting, but even during this time it should be stored in the refrigerator. Before freezing, apply the date of its collection on the milk package so that you can track the expiration date of the frozen product.
  2. Milk is frozen only once, it can not be re-frozen. The optimal temperature for storing milk in freezing is from -10 to -25 degrees. At this temperature, the milk practically does not change the composition, only a certain part of the B vitamins and vitamin C is destroyed, but this does not have any negative consequences for the child.

The most useful in milk remains, and these are antibodies that perform a protective function in the body of crumbs, interferons and lysozymes, preventing the reproduction of microbes in milk and protecting the child from various infections, biologically active substances that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. But when the expiration date of the milk has expired, it has lain frozen for more than three months, the baby will not benefit from it.

How to defrost?

Thaw breast milk should be gradually. First, the container with it is immersed in warm water until the ice melts. After that, the milk is heated to about 36 degrees, in no case do not bring it to a boil, otherwise it will lose useful properties. You can warm the milk on the stove, in the microwave or in a special bottle warmer.

How to defrost breast milk

What freeze?

From the choice of containers for the preparation of milk depends on the comfort of this process. You can use sterile bags to freeze breast milk or bottles that have a screw cap - they are sold in the pharmacy, in the department of children's products. Glass jars left over from baby mash are also suitable for this purpose; you just need to sterilize them. Glassware is convenient in that milk can be immediately warmed up in it, it is better not to heat plastic containers - when heated, it can release hazardous substances.

What to freeze breast milk

Storage of breast milk in the refrigerator

How to store breast milk in the refrigerator? Are there any rules and tips that need to be taken into account? Of course have! If they are neglected, the product will not only lose its useful properties, but may also harm the health of the little man.

How to store breast milk in the refrigerator: tips

  1. Storage containers must be sterile, strong, tightly closed and have a measuring scale.
  2. There are several varieties of storage containers for expressed milk: bottles, plastic bags, containers, cups, etc. Choose the one that seems most comfortable to you. Most mothers prefer glass containers for breast milk. However, scientists have proven that the product is perfectly preserved both in a plastic container and in a glass bottle.

How to store breast milk in the refrigerator

How to store expressed milk for a walk

During the walk the baby can be subdued from the bottle. In order to keep it warm, it is placed in a thermo bag. There are also special thermoses for breast milk, but they are not as convenient to use as bottles. If you are going on the road, stock up on a few servings of milk. At temperatures from 19 to 22 degrees, the product can be stored for up to 10 hours. If the air temperature exceeds 26 degrees, then milk is suitable only for 6 hours.

Storage of breast milk is an excellent way for active mothers who do not always manage to subdue the baby with their breasts. With the help of modern technical means it can be done easily and quickly.

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