Where to store potatoes in an apartment - simple, time-tested methods

Posted by: 05.01.2018

Potatoes are needed in the kitchen daily. The quality of our food depends on its freshness and taste. In the conditions of a city apartment a juicy tuber quickly deteriorates, sprouts, fades. This forces you to buy it little by little, which is not always convenient. How to store potatoes in an apartment so that its quality remains unchanged for as long as possible?

Many people manage to preserve root crops to a new crop without a basement or special storage facilities. How? There are some factors of successful storage:

  • temperature;
  • humidity;
  • illumination.

According to these criteria, we will determine how best to store potatoes in an apartment.

Optimum storage conditions for potatoes


Root crops are best preserved at temperatures from 2 to 5 ° C, they do not freeze and do not germinate. At low temperature, the starch turns into sugar, the potato becomes sweet, unsuitable for use. If the temperature is above the optimum, the root crop begins to wake up and germinate, which eventually makes it sluggish, tasteless.


The drier the better. Before storing, make sure that the tubers are dry and intact. No need to wash, enough to shake off the ground.

Important! The best container for long-term storage of vegetables from natural materials. For potatoes, it is fabric bags, wooden boxes that provide air access.

Light exposure

In the light, potatoes begin to produce a toxic substance solanine, which can be seen by the appearance of a green color. Such greened tubers will have to be cut or thrown away entirely. For any storage method, protect the tubers from light.

So, we are looking for a dark, cool, dry place where the potatoes will be stored well, but will not interfere. There are not many such corners in the apartment.

How best to store potatoes in the apartment

Place for potatoes in the apartment


Not the best option. The volume is limited, it is a pity to occupy most of it with potatoes. Lack of ventilation leads to accumulation of moisture, and long-term storage to overcooling and the appearance of sweet taste. A good refrigerator for storing small quantities that will be used quickly.

Attention! Do not use plastic bags for storage. In this package, vegetables quickly dampen and deteriorate.


If there is one, then we have found the perfect place. Here it is better to use board boxes. This will provide airing, the potatoes will not be wetted and overheated. It is easier to sort through, remove spoiled tubers. The boxes placed one on another or on a rack take up less space.

Advice! Experienced gardeners say that if the potatoes are put in leaves of mountain ash or poured with dry mint, it will noticeably delay their germination.

Balcony or Loggia

Traditional potato storage. If the balcony is glazed, this is the best solution. It is necessary to follow the approach of cold weather. If the temperature is close to zero, you can wrap the potatoes with an old blanket, with the onset of persistent frost, this will not be enough. We'll have to evacuate the roots in the apartment.

If you intend to store potatoes on the balcony all winter, it is better to make a special box that keeps the temperature. Any construction, there are several main criteria:

  • capacity should be double-layered;
  • put insulation between the layers;
  • insulation can serve as foam or sawdust.

Place a thermometer in the drawer to monitor the temperature.


In a cool corridor, you can successfully store potatoes in cardboard boxes, pre-poured at the bottom of sawdust or paving newspapers to absorb moisture. In any case, the tubers will have to sort out from time to time, remove the sprouts that have appeared.

Interesting! Potatoes are often stored with beets; both products benefit from this neighborhood. The moisture released by the potato is absorbed by the beets, which allows it to remain juicy. Potatoes do not like neighbors with other vegetables.

Even in a small apartment, the zealous owner will find where to store potatoes. The apartment will order is preserved and products at hand.

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