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Posted by: 23.02.2018

Every home has a huge amount of small things. They are difficult to rationally place, decompose, arrange. Usually these little things take a huge amount of space. But to solve the problem is not difficult - just buy a box for storage. They are now often called organizers. You can put anything in them: small baskets can be used to store jewelry, large wooden boxes, drawers and plastic boxes for storing large things: tools or vegetables.

Organizers can completely reverse the idea of ​​organizing space at home. In addition, for an apartment they can be used as bright and original accessories and additions to the interior. So, wooden boxes and wicker baskets are ideal for a rustic style. Thanks to such details the design of the room will be harmonious and complete.

What are storage boxes for?

Strangely enough, not everyone is thinking about the need to use organizers. Someone by virtue of habit continues to swap numerous flames and bottles from place to place, constantly complaining about the mess on the table for cosmetics. Or it will be endlessly going through piles of socks in search of a pair. However, you can easily get rid of these problems if you use storage boxes.

For example, plastic baskets and boxes for storing things and clothes will be useful for organizing space in the closet. For example, there are special boxes with dividers for underwear or socks. Containers for hats and seasonal shoes are deservedly popular, because thanks to them things are not gathering dust.

Box for storing small items with drawers is useful in the office. It will allow you to maximize the use of the table surface and help you cope with the mess. The same organizer does not interfere on the mirror: in small boxes all sorts of small things for manicure and makeup will be conveniently located.

Plastic boxes, containers, storage boxes in the nursery are irreplaceable helpers. They will not only gently fold toys, clothing and stationery. You can make the boxes yourself, with the children, or decorate the boxes of IKEA. This approach will make restoring order more fun.

What are storage boxes for?


In order to choose and know exactly which boxes, baskets or containers are needed in one way or another, you need to find out which boxes are found at all. They can be classified according to different principles, but they are most often used, mentioned below.

By material:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • from fabric;
  • metal;
  • wicker.

By the presence of a cover: with a cover and without a cover.

You can also separate them by the presence of compartments:

  • Delimited;
  • Without delimiters

Some boxes can be bought, others can be made independently. For example, it is not difficult to sew a container of felt. But you can only buy a plastic box.

How to choose a storage box

How to choose

There are several rules that will help determine what kind of baskets and storage boxes are needed. First of all, you need to evaluate the following parameters:

  • volume;
  • dimensions;
  • form / configuration;
  • appearance;
  • material;
  • with lid / without lid.

Boxes, boxes, boxes, baskets - indispensable helpers for storing things and all sorts of little things. Properly selected accessories will help avoid confusion and cluttering up the space. They will also decorate the interior.

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