How long can you store frozen vegetables in the freezer

Posted by: 04.05.2018

Freezing is the best way to store food. Practically any foodstuffs - vegetables, fruits and berries, mushrooms, greens, cottage cheese, bakery products, meat and fish, sausages and others - are perfectly stored in the freezer from several months to a year. At the same time, they do not lose their taste, presentation and vitamins. And now in detail about how and what kind of vegetables can be stored frozen.

What vegetables can I freeze?

What vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator in a frozen form? Some housewives will answer that any, but this is not quite true, because some vegetables after freezing / thawing change the taste is not for the better. For example, potatoes become sweet, and cucumbers turn into disgusting jelly, and radishes and radishes do not freeze.

What vegetables can be frozen, in the sense of raw or boiled? Both are well kept at sub-zero temperatures.

What vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator

If you boil, for example, potatoes, carrots and beets, freeze them, then these vegetables can be used in the preparation of a vinaigrette or olivier. How long can boiled vegetables be stored so that they do not disappear? 1-2 of the day, but in frozen form, they can be stored for several months. This method is convenient to use for blanks for the future.

The list of vegetables that are great for prolonged freezing in raw form:

  • fleshy tomato varieties. Best for this purpose suitable grade "cream". First you need to remove the skin from the tomatoes (from above make a cross-shaped incision, pour the fruit with boiling water, then the skin will come off perfectly), then cut into circles, spread on a saucer and freeze. After all the frozen ringlets lay one on top of another in a bag or container and send for long-term storage in the freezer;
  • salad pepper. The fruit is washed, cleaned, cut along the 2 part. One part fits into the other (to save space), everything fits into a closed container (or plastic bag) and sent to storage;
  • carrot. It is cleaned, washed, cut into slices or rubbed on a coarse grater, placed in a suitable container and frozen. Semi-finished product is used for cooking first courses;
  • beet. It is prepared and stored in the same way as a carrot;
  • White cabbage. In shredded form is stored in the freezer. It can be used for cooking cabbage, borscht, solyanka, stew. Great saves time;
  • cauliflower and broccoli. Before putting it in storage, it is disassembled into cats. Some mistresses blanch these species before freezing;
  • bow. Green and bulb is perfectly stored in a frozen state. But first you need to wash and chop it;
  • zucchini and eggplant (blue). Squash are cut into cubes, used only for soups or stews. A frozen eggplant and you can fry;
  • green pea. Well ripe (no longer sweet) peas are cleared of pods and frozen in a bag or plastic containers. You can use it in soup, stews, omelets;
  • corn. First, the ripe ears are boiled, then the grains are separated from them and stored for storage in the freezer;
  • pumpkin. Before freezing, cleaned pulp should be cut into cubes.

Each vegetable can be stored separately or made assorted from different types. In the process of cooking frozen vegetables are used immediately, they cannot be defrosted, otherwise they will become unfit for consumption.

Also in the garage you can store vegetables. Great for this beets, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin whole. All other vegetables quickly deteriorate.

Storage time. Housekeeping Tips

The question immediately arises how much frozen vegetables can be stored. The optimal shelf life is 3-4 of the month. But it can be extended to one year. Even after such a long shelf life, frozen vegetables will lose no more than 25% of vitamins, retain their fresh taste and aroma, attractive appearance. After a year of storage, frozen vegetables should be discarded.

A few tips:

  • surely before laying in the freezer the vegetables are washed, cleaned, crushed;
  • do not store in one container at once a lot of vegetables. It is better to expand them in portions to make it easier to use;
  • When placing vegetables for storage in the freezer, one should put a piece of paper in the container with the starting date of storage. This will help in the future to navigate with the shelf life;
  • boiled vegetables (beets, carrots and potatoes) before freezing should be cut into cubes as for vinaigrette;
  • frozen vegetables are used immediately. They can not be defrosted!

Now every housewife will know how to store raw frozen vegetables, how much to store boiled vegetables in the freezer.

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