Shelf life of raw and cooked eggs in the refrigerator

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The freshness of the products and the duration of their storage excites every person who cares about his health and household members. Chicken, quail, goose, duck, turkey and even ostrich eggs are eaten fresh or heat-treated. They are a separate dish or used in baking, for stuffing, cooking meatballs, sauces, mayonnaise. Obligatory product used in the diet, has an organic origin, so you need to know the shelf life of chicken eggs to avoid severe poisoning. A storehouse of substances useful to the human body in violation of the conditions and periods of storage can harm the body, so you should be aware of the minimum and maximum shelf life of this product.

To wash or not to wash - that is the question

When buying in a supermarket, the production date is put on the packaging, which is often considered the starting point for the timing of the further storage of eggs. By purchasing them on the market, you have to rely on the honesty of the seller who sells the goods. But before the housewives there is a dilemma about how to deal with the product purchased and brought home: can it be washed before being sent to the fridge or is it better to refrain from this rush. Please be aware that washing removes not only dirt, but also a protective layer from the shell, which shortens the shelf life of eggs for 5-6 days. Depending on how much it is planned to store this product in the refrigerator, the hostess decides what to do. Knowing the risk of infection with salmonellosis, it is necessary to remember that you should wash the shell before eating eggs with a special tool. But the housewives who want to extend the shelf life of the eggs before washing in the refrigerator should not be washed.

shelf life of chicken eggs

Check for fresh eggs

Often, after the storage time has expired, the product is still usable. Keeping the shelf life of the product is not always a guarantee of its freshness, because the specified date on the package is often the date of packaging. Should alert and non-compliance with the temperature. Unlike other products, at first glance it is not possible to determine the freshness, and even not knowing the shelf life of chicken eggs. But there are some simple ways to find out if the eggs can be consumed if they spent about 3 weeks in the fridge.

  1. Guided by hearing. The egg must be shaken near the ear. Not finding a suspicious plop, you can safely use it for cooking.
  2. Check for light. In bright sunlight, you must try to examine the contents through the shell. Dark patches indicate that the product is spoiled.
  3. We believe our own eyes, assessing the color of white and yolk. Doubtful chicken eggs should not be immediately broken into a mixture for making dough or minced meat, but it is wiser to do it in a separate container. Any change in the color of the protein or yolk (iridescent or dull shade, dark spots) is a signal to abandon the use of such a component in food.
  4. Connect the sense of smell. If eggs are stored for a long time or in violation of the temperature regime, it is difficult not to notice the smell of hydrogen sulphide when breaking the shell.
  5. Check in the water. An egg is placed in a transparent vessel with salted water, the position of which evaluates the suitability of the product. An egg lying on its side or with a slightly rising edge can be safely eaten, and it is worthwhile to send a surfaced or detached from the bottom into the bin.

From the shelf life of eggs often depends on how successful the dish is, so many housewives in the preparation of the menu should know exactly what kind of freshness they have in stock. Successful baking and poached are obtained if the diet product is no more than 6-7 days.

Check for fresh eggs

What is the shelf life of chicken and quail eggs in the refrigerator?

In every modern home, the presence of a refrigerator is a matter of course. But this does not mean that the products there are stored products, as many as they like. Knowing how much chicken eggs can be stored using the benefits of civilization, it is possible to plan the volume and regularity of purchases of a vital product for each family. For compact placement, a place with specially adapted cells on the door of the refrigerator is provided.

Not only chicken eggs are eaten, but also eggs of other birds, which differ in taste, size and permissible periods of consumption, which must be taken into account by the hostess.

How many eggs are stored in the fridge raw:

  • chicken eggs are recommended to be eaten after 28 days, but if eggs are stored at temperatures from 2 to 4 0C, they are suitable for consumption during 3's months;
  • quails are considered a dietary product and are often used to prepare gourmet dishes, but because of their small size, their shelf life does not exceed a month, and in their raw form, their use after 10 days is not desirable;
  • Goose and duck are much larger than chicken, cooks often use them in baking, but the distinctive feature of waterfowl eggs is that they are stored no more than 14 days at a temperature of 2-100С;
  • turkeys are less common, but in terms of taste characteristics and shelf life are closer to chicken, so they can safely be eaten for 10 weeks, but necessarily subject to heat treatment;
  • Ostrich, known for their gigantic size, weighing up to 2-x kg and dense shells, are stored for up to three months.

It should not be forgotten that chicken eggs or other birds become lighter during storage, because liquid evaporates through the pores of the shell, which affects the structure of protein and yolk, reduces the content of vitamin E. Air humidity, which affects shelf life, is crucial. The optimum moisture index is around 80%.

How many eggs are stored in the fridge raw

What is the shelf life of boiled eggs in the refrigerator

If you understand the storage periods for raw foods, it is worth mentioning how many chicken eggs are stored in the fridge that have already been cooked. This information is particularly relevant in the spring, because the central dish of the Easter table are painted eggs, presented in abundance for the holiday. Cooking a feast for any other celebration should take into account the shelf life of the welded product, because many housewives, wanting to unload the stove, try to boil them in advance.

The duration of egg storage in the refrigerator depends on the degree of heat treatment, so if they are cooked:

  • hard-boiled, you can store them up to 7 days;
  • in the bag - 2 of the day;
  • soft-boiled - maximum 2 of the day.

Also, if you have a thermal film as an Easter decor, you should eat them for 4 days. Peeled off the shell and placed in the cold eggs are safe only 3 day.

It must be remembered that coloring eggs with natural dyes does not affect the shelf life in the refrigerator. But, in addition to boiled and raw, it will not be superfluous to know how much a broken egg can be stored in the refrigerator. Due to careless transportation, it is often found at home that the shells are damaged. In this case, you can store chicken eggs only a couple of days, and eat only during the heat treatment of the product (fry or bake). If they have not found use for two days, the damaged product should be disposed of.

Rules for storing eggs in the refrigerator or without

Poultry owners in agricultural areas should be aware that freshly laid eggs should be kept in a cool place. And in the cellar with the appropriate humidity the same shelf life of raw chicken eggs as in the refrigerator - 21 day. Experienced housewives wrap each egg in paper and put it in the basket, sent to storage. Apply also a solution of salt, adding per liter of cold water 25 g. After placing the container with the eggs in a dark place, they retain their nutritional properties at room temperature for a month.

Rules for optimal storage of eggs in the refrigerator or without

The outlined information about how many eggs you can store will help even an inexperienced hostess to orient. But for this you need to adhere to the following tips:

  • with long-term storage of eggs in the refrigerator, it is not necessary to wash them, it is wiser to do this before cooking;
  • eggs are laid in the cells of the container so that the sharp end is at the bottom;
  • the optimal material for the container is not plastic, but cardboard, which protects against foreign odors, keeping the optimum moisture for the shell;
  • It is preferable to store eggs on the lowest shelf, and not on the door of the refrigerator, because there is a temperature 2-40С;
  • By purchasing eggs in retail, you can add 4 of the day to the packing period indicated on the package to calculate the allowable shelf life.

Following simple rules, everyone will be able to store eggs, providing them with the necessary temperature and optimum conditions, which ensures that only safe products are available in the refrigerator. A competent approach to storage and timely disposal of expired products is a guarantee of the health of all family members.

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