What can wipe off stains on a dress: proven methods and means

Posted by: 04.02.2018

A trip to a restaurant, an incendiary party, and romantic gatherings with a feast often leave marks on clothes. The disappointment of finding dirt on your favorite dress gives way to a headache, how to get rid of carelessly planted spots and return the presentable look of your favorite thing. You can trust the professionals and use the services of dry cleaning, but not everyone is available this service (someone is expensive, but someone simply does not have such a good civilization in the vicinity). To the aid will come the advice of experienced housewives who are armed with proven methods to remove both fresh and pollution with history. After all, even a small speck, can undermine the reputation of cleaners. To get rid of traces on clothes, time is important (the sooner the better) and the right means.

How to wash stains on a dress

Spot the stain discord: how to wash clothes properly

Depending on the origin of the pollution on your favorite piece of clothing is to choose and how to remove it. Cosmetics, food, street dirt, drinks - all this can leave a mark that requires carefully choosing the means, based on the characteristics of the location, size and type and color of the fabric.

  1. The trail of lipstick on a white dress can be washed with a soap solution with bleach, in which a dirty area is wiped. Bold trail will help remove hydrogen peroxide deposited on a cotton pad.
  2. The stain on the woolen or silk dress from the cosmetic (mascara, blush, lipstick) can be washed with the help of alcohol, which is applied to cotton wool and wipe contamination.
  3. Iodine trapped on a monochromatic, light-colored fabric leaves brown or reddish marks. It is necessary to immerse the stain in cold water, slightly squeeze the fabric, then generously rub with starch. The procedure is repeated several times until the stain brightens, then lather with laundry soap and wash. To get rid of traces of iodine on a colored dress you should use acetone or denatured alcohol.
  4. Как to wash the stain on the dress from the chocolate or coffee? It is better to use regular table salt, which is sprinkled with soiled place, slightly moistened with water, after half an hour the product can be washed, following the recommendations on the label. Traces of cocoa are easily washed in warm, slightly salted water. To save a dress made of wool or silk from coffee marks can be moistened in a preheated glycerin cotton pad, which wipe the dirt, leaving for 15 minutes, then stretch the thing.
  5. To get rid of the blood on the dress you need soapy cold water, if the stain is fresh. An old spot is harder to wash; for this purpose, liquid ammonia is diluted in a basin with cool water and the dress is soaked for a couple of hours. After being washed in soapy water.
  6. Traces of berries, red wine or fruit are sprinkled with salt, an hour later the stain is washed. If you could not immediately use the salt, you will have to put the soiled area in hot milk for a few minutes on 10-15, then wash it with laundry soap. For old stains, vinegar or citric acid should be used at the rate of 2 grams per 200 ml of water. The white dress is then cleaned with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.
  7. If the dress is unintentionally “zazelenili”, then 3% liquid ammonia diluted in soapy water will help to remove fresh traces from the grass. Wine alcohol can be applied to grassy stains; after 10 minutes, the product is washed and patted.

If you are not confident in your own abilities, you are afraid that the thing will be hopelessly damaged, you should resort to the help of specialists.

How to wash a greasy stain on a dress

If oily traces are found on the fabric, it is recommended to act immediately, since it is more rational to prevent fat from penetrating into the fibers of the material than to remove it from them. Tips on how to wipe grease stains from a dress will be useful for young and experienced housewives. Salt should be added to a fresh spot, which should be changed periodically. Due to its hygroscopicity, this substance can be effectively used to combat complex contaminants. A greasy stain on a dress made of wool or silk fabric is sprinkled with talcum powder, crushed chalk or starch, covered with cotton cloth, paper napkin, which is ironed from the top with a heated iron. If extreme temperatures are contraindicated with a cloth, then a press on the 10-12 hours is placed on top, which allows you to absorb the fat.

How to wash the stain on the dress yet?

Fairy to help

Detergent for dishes with fat-splitting components effectively cope with both fresh and old greasy stains. But you should first apply the gel to the stain with 15-30 minutes, rubbing it in with movements. After you need to manually wash the stain, hope in this case on the washing machine is not worth it.

Spray cleaner

Women who do not know how to wash away a greasy stain on a dress should turn to motorists who always have a special cleaner on hand. Spray is applied to the soiled area, after 10-20 minutes, the dirt goes away. This tool will cope with the most hopeless spots, it is sold in specialized stores.

Laundry soap

Take advantage of a proven tool for years every girl. A soapy stain is generously soaked with regular soap, and the product is wrapped in an airtight package for an hour on 2-3. After the dress is washed as recommended by the manufacturer.


Purified gasoline is treated with a grease stain on the wrong side of the dress, prestituting with plastic wrap. Then you need to lock this area. To erode the smell, you need to wash by hand, carefully rinsing the thing in several waters.

How to wash stains on dress with improvised means

Whatever way of getting rid of stains may be chosen, one must carefully choose the means. Even stain removers from supermarket shelves need to be tested in a hidden area. Any manipulation of the removal of stains should be carried out after careful study of the manufacturer’s information on the label. If you have any doubts, it is wiser to try the tool on an inconspicuous site. This will help to extend the life of the dress, keeping its flawless look.

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