How to remove the stain from beer: useful tips on washing things

Posted by: 10.11.2017

Beer is a very tasty alcoholic drink, but often its inaccurate drinking leads to the formation of unaesthetic stains on clothes. How to wash a thing and remove traces of a beer from it? Is it possible to return to clothes the former attractive appearance? Below you can find out how to get a beer stain and how to do it correctly.

We use laundry detergent or special stain remover

How to remove the stain from beer? To get started, try using proven remedies - stain removers in the form of soap or powder, which you can buy at a specialized hardware store. You must follow the instructions on the package.

With this method, you can easily remove enough fresh beer pollution. If the spots are old, it is better to use other, more radical tips.

How to remove the stain from beer

How to remove beer stains with gasoline

Gasoline solution is an excellent option for removing such specific contaminants. Wipe the stain with this tool (pay special attention to its edges), then place two sheets of clean paper (from the front and back of the page) at the place of contamination. Then you just have to iron your clothes with a hot iron at the spot location.

This method is perfect for denim and, oddly enough, for natural silk.

How to remove the stain from beer

How to wash a beer if the stain is too old?

You can even remove old contaminants, it is only important to know the right way. Mix in equal proportions ammonia, glycerin and vodka. Moisten a cotton swab or sponge in this mixture, and then gently wipe the trace of an alcoholic beverage.

This procedure should be repeated until the stain has completely disappeared. Please note: glycerin is quite a fatty substance, so it is best to remove it from clothes with dishwashing liquid.

Remove beer with lemon and soda

The following advice can be safely applied to bright things (for example, on a snow-white tablecloth). To remove stains, you can use a paste of lemon and soda. You need to mix a small amount of warm water with soda and a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice (if lemon juice is not at hand, you can use citric acid). The paste should be stirred to a sufficiently thick consistency, then apply it on the stain.

Leave the mixture on 40 minutes. Then it remains only to wash the thing in the usual soap solution and enjoy its purity.

Hydrogen peroxide

This option can also be used to remove beer from clothes. Cotton swab dipped in peroxide, wipe the trail of beer, and then wash the stain with plenty of water. Further, the problem area is sprinkled with salt, which after a few hours, after its complete drying, is carefully removed with a dry brush. It is worth noting that this method can also be used when cleaning carpets.

Wash beer is simple: useful tips

In order to remove beer stains, there are many tools (both store and folk, time-tested and the experience of many people). However, in order for the removal to take place as efficiently as possible, it will be useful to know about certain recommendations that it is desirable to follow:

  1. Before applying this or that tool on a painted thing, you must first apply a small drop of the solution on the wrong side and see the reaction. Otherwise, the thing will be hopelessly corrupted, and you will have to throw it out.
  2. Before you begin to carry out the above manipulations, remove dust and other impurities from the surface of the product, you can even wash the thing in a normal soap solution.
  3. Use caution with aggressive solutions on thin and delicate tissues, otherwise their structure may be damaged.
  4. In order to prevent contamination from spreading, it is recommended to clean the fabric with a conventional cotton pad or tampon. Movement should be done from the edge of the spot to its middle.
  5. If you use the usual tools purchased in the store, be sure to read the instructions that come with them.
  6. If the thing is dark, simply wipe it in the usual detergent - the trace of an alcoholic beverage will not be noticeable on it.

Now you know how to wash beer from clothes. Remember that removing contamination is recommended as soon as possible, ideally - as soon as the beer gets on the fabric. If you do not have professional detergents, at least cover the stain with water with a small amount of soap solution. By following these simple tips, you will easily return things to their original, attractive and neat appearance.

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