The best ways to remove mascara stains on clothes, furniture and carpet

Posted by: 24.03.2018

Stains from the mascara - this is one of the most persistent pollution. They are derived long and difficult. However, if going to a date or to work, you accidentally left a mark on cosmetics, you should not despair. Proven popular methods will help to return the clothes to their previous appearance.

How to wash mascara with clothes

How to remove the stain from the mascara

  • Milk. Pour a small amount of milk into a small bowl and heat it up. Soak soiled clothes in it, leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse in warm water. If one procedure was not enough, repeat it again. Continue until the stain has completely disappeared;
  • Laundry soap. This method can not be called the most effective, but in some cases it can help you. Soak the product in warm water, gently soap the polluted place, wash it by hand. If contamination remains, repeat the procedure;
  • How to wash the mascara? Ammonia + hydrogen peroxide. In a glass of warm water, enter one small spoonful of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Immerse in the resulting solution a piece of contaminated tissue, leave for a couple of minutes. Rinse the clothes in warm water;
  • Mustard powder. This method helps to get rid of mascara stains on silk clothing. Dilute the mustard powder with water to form a pasty mixture. Treat the stain gently, gently scrape off the dried paste, rinse the product in cool water;
  • Purified kerosene. If you put a stain on a woolen cloth, treat the contaminated area with purified kerosene, leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash the product in the usual way, let it dry in the open air;
  • Glycerol. This method is suitable for leather goods. How to wash mascara? Pour some glycerin into a small container, moisten a clean napkin in it, and carefully handle the contaminated place. Note that the fabric may be slightly discolored, so tint it if necessary;
  • Kitchen salt. Salt is also used to clean leather clothes. Unfortunately, it does not always remove dirt, but it leaves paint. Moisten a small amount of salt, put it on the polluted place, let it soak for about a day. Take a brush, shake off the salt. Wipe the treated area with a damp cloth. You can further moisten it in turpentine;
  • Makeup Remover. This is a very simple and affordable method, because the makeup remover is always at hand. Moisten a cotton pad with liquid, wipe the contaminated area, wash the product in warm water with the addition of detergent;
  • Ammonia + turpentine. Make a 1 solution of a small spoon of hydrogen peroxide and the same amount of medical alcohol. Moisten a cotton pad or gauze pad, attach it to the soiled area and leave for a minute. Rinse the treated area in warm water;
  • Lemon. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon, let it sit for a while, wash it thoroughly. To enhance the effect, apply a mixture of lemon juice and table salt to the stain. You can also use a mixture of washing powder and lemon juice.

How to remove a mascara stain

1. Like any other stain, it is better to remove traces of cosmetics immediately after it appears. In this case, you will have to make less effort to remove it. 2. Do not use the same products for color and white clothes. 3. First, test the method of removing stains on a small area of ​​clothing. Make sure that it does not damage the fabric structure. 4. Handle debris from the inside, moving from the edge to the center. This will prevent the patch from spilling over the fabric.

How to remove the stain from the carpet

  1. Heat a small amount of acetic acid.
  2. In a heated mixture, moisten a cotton swab, treat contaminated place.
  3. Treat the treated area immediately with wine alcohol to avoid damaging the paint.
  4. Wash the cleaned area with a mixture of ammonia and pure water.

How to remove the stain from the furniture

With polished furniture remove mascara is not difficult. But if the stain is old, then the following method will help. Dampen a rag in beer, wipe the surface. Let it dry, and then rub it with a wax candle. To give the furniture a shine, additionally polish it with a wool rag.

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