How to get rid of difficult to remove oil stains from clothes, carpet and furniture

Posted by: 06.01.2018

An oil stain is a type of pollution that can make any housewife crazy. Places where it can be planted, a lot - and when working with a car, and when cooking food, and even during normal housework. A very unpleasant disadvantage of oily types of pollution is the fact that they are very difficult to remove from any surface, be it carpet, clothing or furniture. Moreover, inexperienced housewives make great efforts and spend a lot of precious time to remove unpleasant fatty contaminants. But do not be so bother. There are several useful ways to help you cope with the task - how to get rid of the oil stain quickly and efficiently.

How to effectively get rid of oil stains

5 ways to get rid of oil stains from clothes

The first method will prevent the spread of greasy stains from the oil further along the clothes, if it is fresh. You need to blot it with a paper towel. If the oil is very thick, to begin with, its excess is removed by improvised means, for example, with a kitchen knife. The stain is strictly forbidden to rub, in order to prevent its spreading further along the surface of the clothes. Just gently dipped with a towel. It will not be superfluous to slip a sheet of cardboard or plastic under the clothes in the place of contamination. This trick should also stop further increases in oily contamination.

The second method will help remove excess fat from the surface of clothing. For this noble purpose, a neutral powder with absorbent properties is used. It includes talc, baking soda. You can even use baby powder. The powder is rubbed into the dirt with a toothbrush. When forming lumps, it can be understood that the powder began to absorb oil. After the procedure, its surplus is cleaned with water using the same toothbrush.

How to get rid of oil stains when washing guaranteed? This will help the usual liquid detergent or soap. It is necessary to apply one drop of soap to greasy dirt and gently rub it with a brush for three minutes. This method is an old trick and allows you to perfectly wipe off any kind of greasy dirt, as in the process of washing the previously cleaned area is subjected to a more thorough treatment.

How to get rid of oil stains from clothes

Excellent means for removing oil contaminants are chalk powder, a solution of sodium chloride with alcohol and gasoline. Fat from light-colored fabrics is well removed during washing, if you first sprinkle it with chalk powder and leave for two to four hours. Burnt collar outerwear is cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of sodium chloride and ammonia (proportion of five grams of salt to twenty-five grams of alcohol). Fresh grease stains dissolve with gasoline. However, after such an operation things will require dry cleaning.

The fifth method is devoted to how to get rid of the stain of vegetable oil. For this purpose it is recommended to use regular starch. They are filled with a place of pollution, then covered with a clean cloth and ironed with a hot iron. Contamination may not disappear immediately and will have to change the starch several times. There is another effective folk method, which is to cleanse the fat with a paste of laundry soap, turpentine and ammonia. The solution is applied to the soiled area of ​​clothing for fifteen minutes, washed off with water. Next comes the wash thing.

5 ways to get rid of oil stains on the carpet

The first method, as in the case of clothing, is the use of powder with absorbent properties. Soda, starch or talc - all of them, when applied to fat, will begin to roll into lumps, absorbing dirt. Their removal from the carpet is better to trust a vacuum cleaner.

Another method is the application of alcohol to fat. It is better to apply for this technical alcohol. Let it soak in the polluted place for ten minutes and clean the carpet with a rag.

The third way is to use a special cleaning solution. Its composition is quite simple - one tablespoon of white wine vinegar, five hundred milliliters of warm water, one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing liquid. The solution is rubbed into the carpet with a sponge for ten minutes, until the stain disappears.

How to remove from oil stains on the carpet

It would be good to try carpet cleaner. Especially it will be effective with the additional use of the methods outlined above. Be sure to follow the instructions of the cleaning agent. Usually, its application to the carpet is done with a spray gun and then the tool dries. After that, the carpet is vacuumed.

In the fifth way, how to get rid of oil stains on the carpet, rinse it with cold water after all the cleansing procedures done with it. After rinsing, the carpet is dried with a dry cloth or towel.

5 ways to get rid of oil stains from hard surfaces

The first method is to use a solution of soda and warm water. Its consistency should be similar to mush. It is applied to the stain with a sponge or brush. It is important to observe two nuances:

  • After applying the contamination solution should be left overnight. When it is completely dry, the soda will be absorbed into the dirt and will be easily scraped off;
  • To achieve a greater effect, hydrogen peroxide can be mixed into the solution.

Grease stains from hard surfaces are well cleaned when wetted with warm water and vinegar. The mixing proportions are as follows: 500 milliliters of warm water and one tablespoon of white wine vinegar. The solution is left on the surface of the furniture for about half an hour.

The third method will tell about the tools of purification of oily dirt after applying similar solutions to them. It is recommended to use for this hard brushes. In the shops you can buy steel brushes, sandpaper, pads of abrasive material for such an operation. If the surface of the furniture can be scratched - use a toothbrush.

Cleaning furniture from oil stains

Can be used with cleansing and commercially available fatty substances. Some of them are suitable for removing most types of stains, while others are intended only for certain surfaces.

The fifth method reveals the secrets of cleaning kitchen surfaces and concrete from fat. Oily contaminants in the kitchen are removed with mineral oil. To do this, it urinates a paper towel and they clean all contaminated surfaces. With concrete, areas soiled with oil are cleaned with trisodium phosphate. It is mixed with water to make a smooth paste and applied to the stains. When drying, it is cleaned with a rag or brush.

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