Spots on jeans? Learn to correctly and quickly delete!

Posted by: 25.10.2017

Jeans - perhaps the most popular casual and casual wear of modern people, and for this reason, stains on jeans have become quite commonplace. Many ask a very topical question of how to get rid of stains on jeans so that there is no trace of the old dirt. In the course are the most sophisticated methods and not always proven tips on how to get rid of stains on jeans, and not always the expectations and the result obtained coincide with each other. It's time to figure out once and for all how to remove stains from jeans most quickly and efficiently, so as not to spoil your thing completely.

How to get rid of stains on jeans

Universal methods

A guide on how to remove a stain from jeans, it would be logical to start by considering the most versatile and practical methods available to everyone. Among them are the following:

  • Washing powder. If you don’t know at all what to wash away the greasy stain on jeans, use ordinary laundry detergent. Just pour enough of it into the washing machine and send soiled jeans to the drum. In order to enhance the effect, before removing the fat stain from jeans, soak them for several hours in a solution of laundry soap to ease the pollution.
  • Detergent. Before washing the greasy stains on jeans, you can add a little high-quality detergent to the special washing machine compartment with the powder to enhance the overall effect. You can also treat with a detergent directly a stain before washing jeans in a typewriter.
  • Laundry soap. This is a fairly common popular recipe on how to remove a greasy stain on jeans. Well helps with fresh and old pollution. It is enough to wet the soap of high acidity and rub them all contaminated areas of clothing. After that, you should let the soap soak in for 30-60 minutes, and then send the jeans with a washing machine with the usual mode.
  • Stain remover. Do not forget before removing the stain on jeans with such a tool, carefully read the instructions on the bottle with stain remover. You should also find out if your jeans are designed for the use of such tools. If all is well, use stain remover in strict accordance with the manual.

It should be remembered that the above tips on how to remove the stain on jeans are relevant primarily for fresh and not very serious dirt. If your clothes were smeared for a relatively long time, it is better to use special methods on how to remove the old stain from jeans (which will be discussed in more detail later on). There is nothing complicated about it.

8 popular methods

How to remove a fat stain from jeans, if the previously mentioned methods could not cope with the pollution on your clothes? First of all, do not panic - to rectify the situation is more than real! To do this, use one of the following popular recipes against stains:

  • Salt. How to remove a fat stain from jeans, if the farm does not have any special tools? And there is salt? If so, then everything is not so bad - apply a copious amount of salt to the contaminated area of ​​clothing, then let it stand for 4-6 hours. The final stage is a thorough cleaning of the stain using a stiff brush and subsequent washing with ordinary powder.
  • Dentifrice. How to remove the stain from jeans using tooth powder? Easier than you think. To do this, put so much powder on the stain to cover all the dirt, leave it to soak for a few hours and then brush it.
  • A piece of chalk. How to wash the stain on jeans, if you do not have tooth powder on hand? You can use almost the same in its properties and structure means - chalk. It is enough to crush a small amount of chalk and apply it evenly on the contaminated place. After the chalk has absorbed the stain, it can be wiped off with a brush. Next, the jeans are sent to the washing machine to fix the cleaning result.
  • Ether and magnesia. how remove the oil stain from jeans, so as not to leave with any traces? Mix equal amounts of ether and magnesia, then rub the resulting solution into the stain. Let soak for 2-3 hours, then wash.
  • Alcohol and turpentine. This method of how to wash the fat off jeans, almost completely repeats on the principle of the previous one. In exactly the same way, it is necessary to mix equal parts of alcohol and turpentine, and then treat the stain with the resulting mixture of liquids followed by washing the clothes in a typewriter. To enhance the effect of this recipe, you can add a small amount of soap shavings to the mixture of alcohol and turpentine - in this case the spots will disappear completely and without a trace, which should be done in this case.
  • Ammonia. How to remove the oil stain from jeans from a light fabric? Ammonia! To do this, soak up the clothes on the clothes with ammonia, hold the jeans 30-60 minutes for complete absorption of alcohol, and after that send the clothes to the wash.
  • Gasoline and acetone. Before removing stains from denim with a sweep of acetone and gasoline, make sure that the clothes are not made of synthetic, which simply does not tolerate contact with gasoline and various solvents. If there are no obstacles to using the recipe, mix equal parts of acetone and purified gasoline, moisten a cotton swab in the resulting mixture and moisten stains with it. Repeat the procedure several times, let the solution soak, and then fix the result by washing.
  • Starch. How to remove the stain on jeans, if nothing helps? Try a solution of starch in water! Dilute the starch with water so as to obtain a thick slurry. Cover the stain with an even layer of the obtained starch gruel, let it absorb a little of the dirt, and then send the processed jeans to the drum machine.

It should be remembered that these methods of how to remove the stain on jeans from oil, grease and other unpleasant dirt, can not help with the first use. In this case, you just need to repeat the selected procedure according to the instructions, then the result will appear!

We remove old stains on jeans

Many people are concerned about how to remove the old greasy stain from jeans. It is impossible to remove old pollution without a special approach, so you have to resort to the following recipes on how to remove the yellow spot from jeans once and for all:

  • Petrol. Use refined gasoline to remove stains. In no case do not take gasoline for this purpose from the gas station - otherwise you will have a question about what and how to remove the yellow spots from the jeans that have arisen under the action of dirty gasoline.
  • Turpentine. An aggressive and effective remedy that can cope with even the oldest pollution. Soak the cotton wool in turpentine and treat all stains on the surface of the fabric with it. Let it soak in a bit and wash your jeans as usual.

Watch the state of your clothes and do not allow them to be contaminated. Agree that it is easier and more pleasant to keep your jeans clean than to remove the yellow stain from jeans at least once.

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