How to whiten your underarm stains: useful tips

Posted by: 05.12.2017

Yellow spots on white clothes - This is a fairly common unpleasant phenomenon that occurs in hot weather due to the effects of sweat on the fabric fibers. How to whiten the underarm yellow spots? Below are useful tips that will allow you to give your favorite thing an attractive look again.

We use bleach

How to bleach yellow spots with armpits on white? The easiest and most affordable option is to buy quality bleach, which again gives things a neat look.

Just put the clothes in the washing machine, add the right amount of bleaching agent (you first need to study the instructions), a little fabric softener and wash with a suitable washing mode.

How to whiten your underarm stains on white

We use folk methods

How to whiten the yellow spots with armpits on white, if the pollution is too old? In this case, bleach may not help: more radical ways will be needed.

A good tool - a mixture of gasoline and ammonia. To begin with, the contamination is thoroughly handled with a brush, which should be moistened with a small amount of gasoline. After that, on the spot you need to hold a brush in ammonia. Next, the laundry is washed in the usual way and carefully dried.

Another effective folk method is hydrogen peroxide. A cloth made of cloth is impregnated with this agent, after which the stain should be wiped off. Pay special attention to the contours of pollution. Next, wash the thing in lukewarm water and rinse the soap solution along with the peroxide thoroughly.

How to whiten the yellow spots with armpits? Aspirin will help! Several tablets are thoroughly crushed, a small amount of water is added to the mixture (until a homogeneous slurry is obtained, a sufficiently thick consistency). The mixture is applied to the pollution and left for several hours, then washed off with soapy water.

How to remove very old yellow spots

Old stains can be removed from a white shirt using concentrated brine. In this case, a tablespoon of salt is diluted with water (just take two tablespoons). The mixture is also applied to yellow dirt and left for a few hours, after which the thing is carefully washed.

How to whiten the yellow spots with armpits on white

helpful hints

Above were given the main methods of getting rid of unpleasant yellowness on light fabrics. Before you start washing, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the rules that will allow you to wash a thing and keep its former attractive appearance:

  • Immediately when yellow spots appear, soak the clothes in the bleach: remember that it is much easier to remove fresh contaminants than those that have a few weeks or even years.
  • When using bleach, you should strictly follow the instructions: do not try to keep the agent on the fabric longer than necessary.
  • Using folk remedies (gasoline or liquid ammonia), be extremely careful: it is better not to use such radical methods on delicate and delicate tissues, otherwise you can easily damage their structure and hopelessly ruin the thing.
  • After applying chemicals to whiten clothes need to be rinsed properly: otherwise it may cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Thus, it is possible to get rid of yellowness on clothing in the armpits, it is only important to choose the appropriate method.

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