How and what to wash a pencil?

Posted by: 01.04.2018

Many needlewomen in the old-fashioned way use a pencil for marking seams, patterns and ornaments. However, it is not easy to wipe a simple pencil from the canvas and white fabric. Cope with the strokes will help special tools that are easy to prepare at home.

The recipe is an effective remedy with soap. Required components:

  • Antipyatin soap;
  • laundry soap;
  • oxygen bleach;
  • synthetic detergent;
  • dishwashing liquid.


Mix the ingredients in one pot, mix thoroughly. Apply the prepared product on the contaminated surface, leave for a day, and then soak in warm water for 7-8 hours. If there are traces, add some synthetic detergent to the water. Rinse the fabric well under running water to remove residues. Additionally wash in the washing machine with a suitable program.

How to wash a simple pencil with embroidery and canvas?

If you need to remove traces from the pencil very quickly, use the ready means for removing stains - "Ac" or "Vanish". Before washing, be sure to read the instructions to avoid negative consequences. Cleaning powder can be added during washing or applied directly to a contaminated place. There are tools designed for color and white fabric. Consider this when choosing them.

How to wash a pencil

How to wash a pencil with a white cloth?

You will need a simple soap, which will help to cope with stains no worse than expensive tools. Soak the soiled fabric in warm water, carefully rub the place of contamination with a piece of laundry soap, leave for half an hour. Again, rub the cloth with soap and rinse thoroughly. Additionally wash it in a washing machine with a suitable mode.

How to wash a pencil

How and what to wash a pencil from the canvas

Another simple but effective remedy is Antipyatin soap. It is used in the same way as laundry soap. Soak the contaminated area, rub the soap thoroughly, let 20 lie down for a minute, rub it again with soap and rinse thoroughly in clean water. It remains only to wash the product in the washing machine.

Some more effective ways:

  1. Gel "Vanish". Prepare a plastic cup, pour a little gel into it (about half). The amount of gel will depend on the size of the contamination. Put in a bowl (without water) and leave on the 4 hour. Top up with water, rub the contaminated areas with laundry soap, and leave again for a few hours. Additionally, rub the fabric with a brush (lightly), rinse and wash in the washing machine. If contamination persists, repeat the procedure again.
  2. If you use a pencil for marking, then before embroidering starch on the skin. After finishing work, simply wash the product with detergent. Traces of the neck will easily go along with the starch.
  3. If the marks are not very strong, try erasing the pencil with a simple school eraser.
  4. Pour warm water into the basin, add the “Ariel” cap to the 2-3, stir the contents slightly, immerse the embroidery or sewing, stir again and leave overnight. In the morning, wash the product, rinse in clean water.
  5. Treat the product with a detergent, rinse in cold water, drop 2-3 ammonia drops, again treat the fabric with detergent and rinse in clean water.
  6. Roll a small ball out of breadcrumbs, put them on your palm and “roll” on the polluted surface. Bread crumbs literally "roll out" traces of the neck. For starters, you can practice on paper. At the end blow off the bread crumbs and, if necessary, wash the products.
  7. If all else fails, try cardinal measures. For example, use the “WD-40” tool. Spray a small area, and then gently rub it with a cloth. If the fabric is delicate, try this method of application. Spray paper napkins with “WD-40” and apply to the stain on both sides. Leave the wipes on the 2 minutes, rub a few drops of dish detergent into the stain. Gradually, the napkins will begin to color, incorporating traces of a pencil. Every 2 minutes change wipes. Wash fabric in a washing machine.
  8. If you need to wash a pencil from furniture upholstery or carpet, try using a blunt knife. After most of the contamination has been removed, moisten it with “WD-40” and leave for 5 minutes. Scrub the mark with a stiff brush, wipe with a paper towel, drip the “WD-40” product again, add a few drops of detergent, rub the mark with a brush, moisten with a wet washcloth.

Traces of a simple and colored pencil are removed very difficult. For marking patterns embroidery is better to use special markers or thread. Traces on the upholstery and carpet cleaned for a long time. But, the result is sure to be. If one method did not help, another will help. The main thing - do not give up!

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