How to wash the paint from clothes - the most effective ways

Posted by: 22.01.2018

Many people in life had such a situation when, with the careless use of paint or varnish, there were difficult stains on clothes, and it was almost impossible to get rid of them. Many people did not even ask how to wash the paint from clothes at home, and reluctantly threw things away. But there is another way - to cope with stains and save your dear things. To do this, you must use the most effective and proven methods in the people, how and how you can wash the paint off the clothes. This detailed guide will help you learn how to remove paint from things, what tools to use to combat paint. Remember them and write them down!

How to wash the paint from clothes at home

What you need to know before washing?

The paint can be washed off in any case - the result will depend on the selected product and the fabric itself. To wash off stains without a trace, you should start washing immediately after they appear. Also in such a difficult situation, you can give the following tips on how to wash the paint at home:

  • As soon as you put a stain on your clothes, you must remove them immediately and try to remove the remnants of fresh paint from the surface of the fabric. It is necessary to rub the stain exclusively from the edge to the center, otherwise pollution will become even larger and neglected. The more time passes from the moment the spot appears, the more difficult it will be to save your clothes.
  • It is much easier to wash out small splashes of paint and varnish than large stains.
  • Easiest washes watercolor and gouacheThe hardest thing is oil based paint.
  • Before you wash the oil paint off your clothes, look at what fabric the item is made of. As a rule, it is much easier to remove a stain from dense fabrics than from soft and porous materials.

Is it possible to wash the paint from clothes at home and with your own hands? Yes, only for this you should use not just water and soap, but also other effective recipes that often affect the fabric extremely aggressively. That is why before washing the paint at home, consider whether your clothes can bear the effects of this or that product. Now we need to learn how to wash the paint.

How to cope with fresh pollution?

Is it possible to wash the paint completely, if the stain is fresh? There is definitely such a possibility, so do not rush to throw away clothes, but rather try one or more of the following recipes:

  • A fresh stain of water-based paint can be instantly washed with laundry soap. How to wash the paint from clothes without loss? Dissolve a warm solution of soap in a basin, lower the clothes and rub it with your hands around the stain. Do not use a brush for these purposes, as an aggressive mechanical impact can help the paint to more deeply absorb into the fibers of the fabric of clothing.
  • Butter. How to wash the paint from clothes, if the stain of oil paint, which by definition is quite difficult to wash? You can use ordinary vegetable oil if the stain has not dried yet. Apply a little oil on a cotton swab and rub the stain well from the edges to the center. When most of the paint disappears from the clothes, it must be washed in warm water.
  • Petrol. A good way to wash white paint from clothes. Before you wash the paint from things, make sure that they are not made of synthetic fabric. Take some clean gasoline, put on a cotton swab and wipe a fresh stain with it. In no case for this purpose do not take gasoline from a gas station or from a gas tank - such stains will have yellow stains.
  • Acetone. How to wash the paint from white clothes, if bleach is not at hand? You can take acetone or any solvent (suitable and nail polish remover). These products are well suited for removing stains from clothes made from natural fabrics of white color and light colors.

These ways of how to clean things from paint, undoubtedly, will give a positive result, even if often not the first time. If at the first application the result of the procedure did not satisfy you, try again or use another recipe from the list. Also, when using aggressive agents, check the reaction of the fabric - apply a few drops of the agent in the armpit area. Is everything okay Use!

Fighting dried paint stains

Many people are not interested in how to wash the paint off things, if the stain has appeared recently, and another equally urgent problem is how to wash out the dried paint. There are several popularly tested and quite effective ways to brush off paint from clothes, including the following:

  • Soap. As you can see, this is a universal and effective remedy than brushing paint off things, no matter if it is a fresh spot or an old one. It should be remembered that it is very difficult to remove a stain that is too old, even if you rub it with soap for hours on end. The method is relevant if the maximum spot 48 hours. Otherwise, you must choose another method.
  • Water. How to wash stains from paint from clothes, if the pollution is set in watercolor? It is very simple - since this paint is water-based, then it can be removed with plenty of water. Thing it is necessary to soak well, then send to erase in a washing machine.
  • Alcohol and salt. A great way to wash water-based paint from clothes. It is enough to put a large amount of salt on the stains, then pour the stains with alcohol. When 60 minutes have passed, it is necessary to remove traces of paint along with salt from the surface of the fabric, to wash the thing.
  • Petrol. How to wash the paint, if everything is very bad? Use gasoline, acetone, thinner and other similar aggressive substances. Avoid this approach to synthetics. If the stain is withered and covered with a hard crust, this crust needs to be removed before cleaning the old paint. This can be done with a knife, you can take a stationery knife.

You may notice that there are not many ways how to wash stains from paint from clothes when they appeared long ago. This is no accident - it is impossible to remove long-dried contaminations effectively and without a trace; the trace will remain anyway. The difficulty is the procedure for removing oil paint stains.

How to remove oil paint?

Remove oil paint from clothes is very difficult, because it contains a special substance - linseed oil. It eventually hardens and turns into a three-dimensional polymer protective coating, which provides high resistance to paint. It is for this reason that you can remove oil paint only by the most aggressive means. How to wash the oil paint from clothes? Let's try to figure it out!

The means of how to wash the paint off the clothes will depend on the fabric you have to deal with, so do not pursue versatility, but use highly specialized means:

  • Cotton. Mix white clay and gasoline in equal proportions, then stir and apply this mass in a dense layer on the stain. Wait for three hours so that the product is well absorbed, then brush it off and wash the clothes in the washing machine.
  • Synthetics. Dissolve some liquid ammonia in water, then pour plenty of stain on this solution, wait 30-60 minutes and send the clothes to the washing machine drum.
  • Wool. How to wash clothes from the paint, if the wool is soiled? The problem is serious, but you can solve the problem if you use warmed up alcohol mixed with soap. The resulting mixture is applied to stains, left for a few minutes, the clothes are eventually washed in a typewriter.

How to wash the oil paint with a thin cloth? Unfortunately, success in this case can not hope. The thin fabric is almost impregnated with paint, and then nothing can be done with it. In all other cases, you can confidently use the above tips on how to wash paint from clothes. And the best advice you can give is to use paint carefully, do not let it fall on clothes. To work with paint, wear things that you do not mind, and then the question of how to wash paint from white clothes (and any other), you will not have.

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