How to wash a tangerine with clothes: useful recommendations

Posted by: 01.04.2018

Citrus like many, but they need to be carefully, otherwise un-aesthetic yellowish spots may appear on the clothes. What if the stain is still formed? How to wash the mandarin from the clothes, and it does not damage the fabric? Below are helpful tips that will allow you to put your favorite thing in order.

How to wash tangerine

How to remove stains from mandarin? Will help ordinary boiling water!

How to wash tangerine with white clothes? Normal boiling water! Just pour a small amount of water into the kettle and bring it to a boil, then pour boiling water over the pollution.

Then it remains only to wash the thing manually using a familiar means (for example, washing powder).

We get rid of contamination with fermented milk products

How to wash stains from tangerine? You will help the traditional folk method - the use of sour milk or ryazhenka. It is necessary to put clothes in this product and hold it there for about ten minutes. After this, wash the contaminated area with soap and dry thoroughly.

Mandarin stains than to bring

Dishwashing liquid - an unusual way

A more radical way is to use conventional dishwashing detergent, which is designed to remove persistent dirt. In order to get rid of the stain, apply a small amount of the contaminant and whip it into a thick foam.

After that, the clothes should be left in this condition for several hours, then rinse thoroughly with plain water using detergent. With this method, you can remove even fairly old spots.

How to wash stains from mandarin

How to wash a spot from mandarin on clothes with salt?

Carefully place the item and place it in the basin, then make a thick slurry of salt with a little water and rub it in the polluted place. In this form, leave the clothes for about half an hour.

After this thing you need to wash in cold water, then add foam to the warm water from the laundry soap and wash again. Rinse the product should be as carefully as possible so that there is no trace of salt on it.

How to remove the spot from the mandarin

How to wash tangerine from clothes (from colored fabrics)?

In order to get rid of stains on colored things, you can use regular glycerin. You just need to treat the stain with this tool and soak the clothes for several hours in warm water, then wash them thoroughly.

How to wash tangerine with white clothes

Professional tools

Don't know how to wash tangerine from clothes? Just use professional cleaners that are designed to remove persistent dirt. Such products can be purchased at specialized hardware stores.

To use this method, read the instructions and apply the product on the stain or stretch the thing in the solution as a whole.

How to wash a spot from mandarin on clothes

How to wash tangerine juice: useful tips

Above were given the main ways by which you can get rid of unpleasant pollution. Check out also the useful recommendations that will allow you to do this quickly and with the highest quality:

  1. If you do not know how to remove the mandarin stain on clothes, it is better to use specialized "store" means. However, these products are potent, so be sure to read the instructions before using them. Do not leave the product on clothes longer than indicated in the instructions, otherwise you may damage the fabric.
  2. The same rule applies to various solvents (for example, gasoline). It is necessary to use them very carefully, use on delicate fabrics is not recommended.
  3. When choosing a technique, consider the type of fabric (remember that boiling water can be used only on white fabrics, for colored things it is better to use other methods).
  4. How to wash stains from tangerine? This can be done in several ways, but remember that the sooner you start to get rid of the stain, the more effective it will be. Old pollution is difficult to remove.

Now you know how to wash tangerine from white and things of other colors. It also happens that the stains from citrus are too old, so they cannot be washed off using conventional methods. In this case, it is recommended not to risk it and just to dry-clean the thing: professionals will help you to get rid of pollution, and at the same time keep the thing in its original form.

Thus, the stain of mandarin is an unpleasant thing, but getting rid of it is easy enough, it is only important to know some folk tricks.

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