How to effectively wash the yellow and white spots under the arms

Posted by: 04.11.2017

Where do the yellow armpit spots come from? Increased and even normal sweating can seriously affect the appearance of both white and dark things, which may be picturesquely testified to by divorces on clothes. Normal washing is often not able to cope with such marks, especially on a white background. People often try to correct the physiological features of the body with excessive sweating by using deodorants. But, naively believing that such a deodorizing agent will relieve the problem, the owners are mistaken. The sweat glands are not blocked, and at best the odor is removed or masked, therefore the effect of using deodorants is disappointing - the chemicals in their composition give sweaty yellow-colored contaminations perfectly visible on the clothes in the armpits. This pushes the owners to exclude white things from the wardrobe. But do not rush to abandon your favorite clothes of light shades! Wise with the experience of the hostess know how to wipe the yellow spots on the armpits on white, so you should listen to the recommendations that will return the purity and freshness of white and colored products.

Where do armpits yellow spots come from

What and how to wash yellow armpits on white things

The correct approach in removing contaminants that have arisen due to copious sweat in the armpits will help prolong the life of things, while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. It is necessary to choose everyone individually: either to trust stain removers, or to adhere to the recommendations of housewives, derived by trial and error. You can try to increase the temperature or resort to aggressive bleach, but not every fabric will withstand such treatment. Detailed consideration of possible options will help to choose the best option for getting rid of annoying marks on clothes.

how to wash yellow armpits on white things

How to wash the yellow spots under the armpits on a white stain remover

On the shelves of supermarkets oxygen bleaches and stain removers are abundantly presented, which can be used to quickly get rid of dirt.

  1. The purchased solution, following the instructions, is poured onto the stain, kept for 15 minutes, and then stretched, depending on the type of fabric, by hand or in a washing machine.
  2. Bleach is arguably removing yellow stains on white clothes. In some cases, whiteness helps; to do this, pour a small amount of money on pollution, then immerse the clothes in cold water and leave it for an hour, then wash the product in a machine. But the disadvantages of this method are that;
  • the fabric becomes thinner, shortening the life of the product;
  • the chemical reaction of sweat-containing proteins with chlorine can aggravate the situation, causing the stains to become even darker.
  1. Regular laundry soap for dark or colored things will help solve the problem of how to remove white spots from the armpits. To do this, you should soap the product in the problem area and leave it for a couple of hours, then wash and rinse according to the instructions on the label. Soap with a whitening effect will also do well, removing dirt in the armpits on light-colored clothing.

How to wash the yellow spots under the armpits on a white stain remover

But not always stain removers are available, or the owners are cautious to use store chemicals because of the nature of the fabric. Then you should use proven national methods of getting rid of yellow pollution.

Folk methods of dealing with stains sweat armpits

Do not trust the store can use the secrets that are not checked by one generation of hostesses. Persistent pollution from sweat will help remove the available tools that are in any household at hand.

How to wash white spots under the arms

In order not to aggravate the situation, it is necessary to immediately wash or soak the thing after wearing, not allowing the stain to go into the category of old ones, which will require additional efforts to eliminate pollution. In the piggy bank of recipes, how to wipe the white spots on the armpits of products made of dark or colored fabrics are as follows:

  1. Traces of sweat can be removed from the black fabric with the help of alcohol or vodka, wetting a cotton pad and wiping dirt from the edges to the center. Having sustained some minutes, it is necessary to send the thing to washing in the admissible mode.
  2. It will help to save clothes from thin knitwear 9% vinegar, which is applied to the stain and left for an hour. After the product is washed by hand or in a typewriter.
  3. Colored products made from synthetic or mixed fabrics will eliminate the stains from the solution of vinegar and water in the ratio of 1: 4. It is necessary to soak the stain at night, and in the morning to wash.

After applying each of the above means, you must wash the product at an acceptable temperature and rinse thoroughly.

How to wash white spots under the arms

How to wash yellow armpits on white clothes

The immaculate whiteness of things testifies to the cleanliness of a person, therefore getting rid of yellow spots is a struggle for the mistress's reputation. Folk secrets will help determine how to wash the yellow armpits on white without damaging the fabric structure. Helpers in this is in any home.

Salt, soda, peroxide and aspirin get rid of stains under the arms

A lot of ways to get rid of yellow spots on white wardrobe items gives you the opportunity to choose the appropriate option hostess.

  1. Preparing gruel from baking soda with water. Brush the paste on a pre-wetted thing. Making efforts, the mixture is rubbed until the spot disappears completely, after being erased.
  2. Salt with soda in equal proportions mixed with liquid soap. The resulting solution is applied to the yellowed places. After half an hour, you can wash out the most persistent pollution.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide helps get rid of old yellow stains from sweat in the armpits for this:
  • Preparing a paste from 30 ml of peroxide, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoons of gel or laundry soap, which is applied to 15 minutes for stains, after which the brush removes dirt;
  • they use a spray gun to irrigate the yellow spots.
  1. A universal remedy is aspirin, which effectively copes with sweat pollution on dark and white things. Pounded tablets mixed with water to make a thick slurry. Pre-moistened with warm water area is treated with the composition. A thing is left for a couple of hours, after which it is necessary to wash it in the manner indicated on the label.
  2. Mixture of sal ammoniac with 1 salt: 1 is applied on yellow spots, in half an hour the item is washed and rinsed.
  3. Solution of 1 tsp. citric acid or vinegar, diluted in a glass of water, is applied to the yellow spots for a couple of hours, after which it is necessary to wash and rinse thoroughly.
  4. With fresh traces of sweat will help vodka, which is applied to the stains, after the product is washed.
  5. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is applied to stains, sprinkled with salt, and after the mixture is completely dry, the item is washed onto the fabric.
  6. Digestion can also eliminate sweat marks on clothing. But this option is suitable for products made of cotton, where there are no synthetic impurities.

Salt, soda, peroxide and aspirin get rid of stains under the arms

These methods are low-cost, but effective. Those who seek to wash yellow armpits on white things will not be disappointed with the result.

Easier to avoid than to eliminate yellow stains from sweat

If you follow certain rules, you can reduce the likelihood of unpleasant yellowness in the armpits. It:

  • personal hygiene with daily water procedures in the morning and evening;
  • smoking cessation, alcohol, salty and fatty foods, drinking coffee will help reduce sweating;
  • an attempt to reduce the risk of stressful situations that affect the work of the sweat glands.

How to eliminate yellow stains from sweat

It is also worth remembering that getting rid of old contamination is more difficult, so you need to wash things right away, not saving for later. Choosing the means of folk or store, it will not be superfluous to study the information on the label, and then focus on the optimal variant, ideally suited to the type and color of the fabric.

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