How to wash jeans from stains independently and without difficulty

Posted by: 12.01.2018

Jeans have long been a universal part of both male and female wardrobe. But often this thing is polluted - stains from dirt, blood, ballpoint pen, sauce can ruin the mood for the whole day. As soon as you notice traces on the trousers, immediately take the necessary measures - then the jeans will delight you for a long time with their aesthetic appearance.

How to remove stains on jeans at home?

If there are no funds for dry cleaning, and you want to bring the pants into its original appearance as soon as possible, try a few tips to help you clean your jeans yourself.

Blood stain

How to wash a stain with jeans? Very simple. If blood pollution appears on your favorite pants, you must immediately take the necessary measures. First of all, if the stain is still quite fresh, try to cover it with soap with cold water - this is considered the most effective way. In addition, you can wash denim pants with professional powder, pre-applied on the trail of oxygen bleach. Recently, they have become increasingly popular - because this tool is as safe as possible and does not contain chlorine in its composition.

Blood stain

How to wash jeans from stains, if they are old and dried? It will be a little more difficult, but you can still cope with this problem. To remove blood contamination, you need to soak the damaged pants in cold water. Try to get a special soap “Antipyatnin”, and put it on jeans, then gently rinse.

Salt will help to get rid of old blood marks. Dissolve some salt in water, put a handful on the stain, rinse and add the salt solution. It is recommended to leave the pants for a day and then wash them with a professional powder or cleaning agent.

Grass trail

After a romantic walk in the woods or a picnic left a stain on jeans? No problem! Grass-stained jeans can be reanimated, but for this you will need to make some effort. At once we will say that the grass practically does not wash off the trousers in the washing machine, therefore the best clean jeans manual method. There are several useful ways. One of the most common is washing with the addition of ammonia. A teaspoon of this tool must be diluted in a glass of water, then the resulting liquid is applied to contamination using a cotton pad. Then soap the trail with soap and leave for forty minutes.

How to wash the stain on jeans, if you have professional cleaning products? Try wetting the damaged jeans surface with vinegar, then sprinkle the powder on top and wash by hand. You can also try to wipe herbal pollution with ordinary soda. Often it is this tool helps the hostesses in difficult times. Mix a teaspoon of soda and a quarter cup of water, then apply the resulting mass on the product and wash after half an hour.

Grass trail

Oil pollution

What can to wipe the stain on jeans, if it is oily? If it is completely fresh, try using detergents to remove it. An excellent option would be a dishwashing detergent that does an excellent job with oil stains. Apply it to the damaged surface of the pants and soak for about an hour.

If there are no detergents on hand, and you need to reanimate jeans as soon as possible, ordinary potatoes will come to the rescue. Rub a small potato on a fine grater and put the gruel on the product, then fix it with liquid or household soap. You can also try to remove the trail using ammonia - just dilute the spoon in half a glass of water and apply on the stain that has formed.


What should I do if there is rust on my jeans? First of all - calm down, because all this is fixable. The most effective tool in this situation will be lemon. Take a small slice of citrus, wrap it in a thin gauze, attach it to the dirt and iron it with a hot iron. Then wash your jeans with detergent or detergent.

Rust on jeans

White spot

What to do if there is a white spot on jeans? First of all, try to find out its origin. Very often such contaminations come from ordinary paint. If you notice a trace on your trousers that is similar in consistency to an oil one, try removing it with a detergent. You can also try to remove the paint with vegetable oil. Just do not forget to wash up jeans at the end of the procedure - otherwise an oil stain may remain on them. Very durable, saturated colors can be removed using solvents such as kerosene and acetone.


How to wash the yellow spots on jeans, if they are formed from fat? This phenomenon is often found in jeans lovers, and you need to deal with it as soon as possible. Studies have shown that ordinary soda will be an excellent fat stain remover. She is a great helper for housewives. Take a couple of teaspoons of soda, rub it in the dirt, cover with a sheet of paper and iron a hot iron. This method will provide you with the fastest possible removal of fat from your favorite pants.

How to wash the yellow spot on jeans if you do not have soda? Try regular table salt - sprinkle a handful on the resulting pollution, leave for 15 minutes, then wash by hand.

What to consider when removing stains from jeans?

Than to wash stains on jeans, we found out. There are a few other nuances that must be observed when washing things from denim. First of all, do not forget that you can not strongly twist the pants, crush them. This can lead to loss of pristine appearance, as well as wiping cloth. Use the instructions - it will help you do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. Before washing, do not forget to read the inscriptions on laundry detergents and detergents - if used properly, your jeans will become salable in the shortest possible time.

Pay attention!

Do not rub the dry fat trail with water - this will only aggravate the pollution and it will be even more difficult to wash it off.

How to wash stains on jeans

How to wash the jeans off the stain from wine and juice?

“Wine” contamination is considered the most difficult to remove, so when washing jeans you will need to make some effort. They are difficult to remove with the help of machine wash - you have to get rid of them manually. Spots from fruit and vegetable juices also fall into this category - removing them is quite problematic.

To avoid dirt on your favorite pants, just try washing them with the addition of professional laundry detergent. If the trace is completely fresh, promptly soak the jeans in cool water for 15 minutes, then wash them manually.

How to wash away from the jeans stain from wine

Please note that in this situation it is best not to use lemon juice. Despite the popularity of this method, it is absolutely not suitable for washing wine and fruit stains. Using lemon juice threatens to highlight or discolor the area where there is a trace.

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