How to quickly and accurately wash the shirt from the paint

Posted by: 29.01.2018

To get your clothes dirty, just touch the freshly painted bench without noticing the “painted” sign, or help your child paint a picture with watercolors. And if repair is started in the house, you need more than one way to wash the shirt from the paint.

How to remove stains from paint

If any paint gets on clothes, act immediately. The sooner you begin to reanimate a thing, the more likely it is that the stain will completely disappear, and you will not need to look for a new method of how to wash the paint off your shirt or pants.

  1. Enamel and oil paint penetrate deep into the fabric structure, so they cannot be removed by ordinary washing.
  2. A bright spot can be destroyed with turpentine. Soak a cloth in the liquid and wipe the dirt.
  3. If it has managed to harden, fill it with a small amount of turpentine and leave for 1 an hour.
  4. During this time, the oil crust will become soft, and it can be carefully scraped off with a knife, without damaging the clothes.
  5. At the end it is necessary to wash the cloth with soapy water.

During the repair in the house there is always a solvent "White spirit". It is easy for them to remove paint by soaking cotton and rubbing the stained place. If no solvent is found, use acetone. Well helps refined gasoline, which is sold in hardware stores. Do not use regular gasoline from a car tank to remove stains. From it may appear new pollution.

Important! Do not forget that these aggressive liquids can ruin colored and synthetic fabrics. Be sure to check the clothes for strength, smearing a small amount of the material on it. If the material does not brighten after 10 minutes, begin gentle cleansing.

How to wash stains from watercolor

Every mother is pleased when the child is passionate about creativity. But after such classes, the question often arises of how to remove a stain from watercolor paint from a kid's clothes.

Experts advise not to try to wash off gouache and watercolor from clothes with hot water. From such an impact, they delve into the fibers of the material, and they become difficult to withdraw.

  1. If you notice gouaches or watercolors on things, do not leave the laundry for later.
  2. Immediately rinse the contamination under a stream of icy water, it will noticeably turn pale.
  3. Put the clothes in the washing machine and put the powder with stain remover in the tray.
  4. Set the wash cycle to suit the type of fabric, and press the start button.

Fresh stains wash out quickly. If you do their removal no later than 3-5 hours after application to the fabric, then there will be no trace of them.

How to wash the shirt from the paint

When the kid got dirty in school, you need to find a careful and effective method, like wash watercolor paint and gouache with a white shirt.

  1. Use liquid Vanish bleach. Rinse the shirt with cold water, unscrew and treat with the agent.
  2. Set aside an item for an hour. If the blot is still visible, pour more bleach and rub the stained tissue with a soft toothbrush.
  3. Leave to soak for a couple of hours and wash with powder for white material.

To return the snow-white look and remove the stain of watercolor paint from a shirt made of natural fabric, purchase LOC Amway bleach. Dilute the powder with hot water to a paste and spread the stain. After 30 minutes, rub gently with your hands and wash in the washing machine.

Remove the watercolor and gouache with a color shirt can be vinegar. Heat a little in the iron bowl, soak a piece of gauze in it, put it on the stain and rub it. The paint will dissolve, and you will only have to wash the product with powder. Do not forget to use vinegar on high-quality colored fabrics, so as not to spoil the clothes.

How to remove the hair dye from the fabric: 5 ways

When self-dyeing hair, girls often smudge a t-shirt or shirt with a dyeing compound, even if they use an oilcloth and towel to protect their clothes.

  1. To remove the hair dye stain, soak the item in cool water until the contamination has dried. After 15 minutes, carefully lather the cloth with soap and rub it with your hands.
  2. If dark blots have dried, fill them with hydrogen peroxide, set aside for half an hour and wash in a washing machine.

When the hair dye hit the white shirt, you can put it in order with a special solution.

  1. Apply glycerin to stain, leave for a short while and rinse.
  2. Dilute to 50 ml of water 1 tsp. salt, add liquid contamination and put 10 vinegar drops on top.
  3. The stain should brighten and fade. Then wash the shirt with white powder.

White dense fabric can be cleaned of paint "Belize". Dilute the 2 cap of the product in 2 liters of warm water, soak a wet spot in “Belize” and soak the material for 3 hours. This is an easy and effective method to remove the most persistent pollution.

For clothes made of synthetic suitable mixture of:

  • 1 Art. l vinegar;
  • 300 ml of water;
  • 1 Art. l liquid means for dishes.

Stir the components until foaming, apply to the stain and wait 30 minutes. If it has not completely disappeared, repeat the procedure again.

Paints of unknown origin

When you do not know what kind of paint left stains on your clothes, rub the soiled places with household soap. Moisten a cotton swab in warm alcohol, treat it with dirt and wash it thoroughly with hot water.

You can use nail polish remover. Soak cotton wool in it and, starting at the edges, gently wipe the stain, moving smoothly towards the center. So you need to do with any pollution, otherwise it can spread. At the end, wash the product with powder.

It is not always possible to remove old stains from any paint, therefore, if there is such an opportunity, take the thing to dry-cleaning. There she quickly returned to the original form.

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