How can you quickly and efficiently wash the handle with white clothes and other different fabrics

Posted by: 26.11.2017

The problem of how to wash the handle with white clothes can be encountered daily. Children's clothing made of cotton or linen, leather and silk products - all this requires proper ink cleaning. No need to buy expensive detergents to wipe the handle off the white blouse or any other thing. The main thing is to choose a tool suitable for a particular material, so that in case of a question than to wash the handle with white clothes, there would be no problems with damage to the product and loss of its original appearance.

Means to help cope with ink stains

To the most common and effective means than you can wash the handle with a white shirt, dresses, T-shirts, include the following:

  • Mustard powder;
  • Starch;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Acetone with the addition of hydrogen peroxide;
  • Milk (both ordinary and sour);
  • White chalk;
  • Baking soda;
  • Table salt with the addition of alcohol;
  • Ammonia;
  • Petrol;
  • Turpentine + ammonia;
  • Ethyl alcohol with the addition of acetone.

How to wash the handle with white clothes

Important! It is worth remembering that before removing the ink stain, you should make sure that the material is resistant to the selected tool.

Spots on different types of fabric

In the matter of how to wash the handle on white clothes made of linen or cotton, the following tools will help:

  • Spoiled milk;
  • Soda;
  • Ethyl alcohol or ammonia;
  • Spoiled milk;
  • Acid (citric or acetic).

How to wash the handle of white clothes, if it is silk or wool? Help in the fight against ink stains - shaving cream without dyes, lemon juice, turpentine and talc. These substances will not cause any harm to sensitive material. The usual laundry soap will help to cope with the problem of how to wash the handle of a white synthetic shirt. It washes out solvent contamination well, but in the process it is necessary to be as careful as possible so as not to damage the fabric. Delicate fabrics are cleaned with acetone or ethyl alcohol, you must carefully handle the white spirit (the color of the product may suffer).

How to wash the handle with white clothes

Regardless of the type of ink: gel or ball ink, it is recommended to remove the stain on the skin (gloves, vests, jackets) using the following substances:

  • Hair spray;
  • Face or hand cream (without coloring components);
  • Scratch and tape;
  • Ethanol;
  • Table salt with the addition of turpentine;
  • Ammonia mixed with glycerin.

The easiest way is to stick a strip of scotch tape on the stain, press it tightly, and after peeling it off, wipe the ink with an eraser. Creams are applied to the pollution for a few minutes, after which the thing is washed with soap. Lacquer needs to be sprayed onto the problem area of ​​the material and immediately wiped, the process is repeated several times.

White ink is easy to wipe off

Many housewives, especially those who have children of preschool and school age, it is useful to know how you can safely wash the handle with a white shirt, dress or blouse. You can save a spoiled item by mixing peroxide and ammonia in the ratio of 2 to 1. This mixture is applied to the contaminated area and then carefully stretched. Great help soaking clothes in sour milk for several hours. Mandatory after the procedure of washing.

To wash the blue handle with a white shirt, you can make a mixture of soda + water. It is left for a few minutes, then abundantly washing the product with water. Asking how to wash the handle with a white blouse, the method of wetting the stain with vinegar (the acid is applied to a cotton pad) and the subsequent washing will help. It is worth paying attention to the temperature of the water, if the product needs to be pre-soaked. Ink stains can only be removed in cool water.

Get rid of ink ballpoint pen stains on fabric

The modern market of cleaning products is diverse, so the housewives can easily find the necessary tool: "Vanish", "Amway", "Ariel", "Ac", "Faberlik" and more. etc. However, the problem of how to wipe a ballpoint pen with a white shirt will help to cope with more affordable tools. These include vodka, which removes even the old ink stain. It is necessary to moisten a cotton wool in it and attach it to the stain (it is recommended to put a base under the product - a cloth or a paper towel). After processing the product should be washed. A similar procedure can be carried out with an agent containing acetone.

To wipe a ballpoint pen with a white shirt or any other clothing, you can treat the contaminated area with soap or a high-quality dishwashing detergent. Be sure to rinse after cleaning. The most effective result can be achieved by immediately starting to process the ink stain. The longer the stain remains on the product, the more it penetrates the fabric fibers.

The best ways to scrub the gel pen marks

To wipe a ballpoint pen with white clothes in practice is much easier than gel, but you should not despair, there are several proven ways to get rid of corrosive pollution:

  1. Soak the product in cool water, process the stain with citric acid, let it soak for about half an hour. After that, wash with powder.
  2. In cold water, wash the clothes by hand with ordinary soap or special soap "DURU".
  3. Sprinkle the problem area with lemon juice and leave the minutes on 20 – 30. The subsequent washing is obligatory in any convenient way.
  4. Use a mixture of ammonia and water, after treating the stain with hydrogen peroxide. The thing is stretched with soap, rinsed and dried.
  5. Soak the product in water with the addition of "Whiteness".
  6. Wash a blouse, dress with a special soap "Antipyatin."

Regardless of how you can wipe a pen on a white shirt, and what method is chosen, it is important to carefully look at clothing labels before cleaning, to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning fabric from dirt, as it is wrong to clean your favorite thing from ink, you can permanently ruin its attractive appearance.

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