How to wash a ballpoint pen with a shirt and other clothes

Posted by: 05.12.2017

Ink stains - a problem that is familiar to many. Especially often parents of schoolchildren face it. Though quite often students or office workers can put a blot on clothes. It doesn't matter who and how put this stain, the most important thing is to know how to wash the ballpoint pen from a shirt or any other thing.

First stage

Before embarking on a search for effective methods to combat pollution, it is necessary to clearly define an action plan.How to wash the handle with a shirt

Firstly, the solution of the problem, than to wipe the ballpoint pen from a shirt will depend on the limitation period of the stain. Fresh ink is much easier to draw out than old ones. Therefore, if you have to remove the trace left by 5 – 10 minutes ago, then it is not necessary to search for any secret methods. It is enough to cover the shirt with laundry soap or laundry detergent.

If the ink had time to eat, the usual washing will not be enough. Even after high temperatures, the stain will still stand out. This option is more common than the first, because usually all these troubles are found only at the end of the working or school day. Wipe the ink without the use of special tools will not work.

Secondly, the choice of how to wipe the handle with a shirt should be based on the type of fabric. All methods can be used for cotton and flax, but you should be careful with delicate fabrics. Most conventional stain removers can just ruin a thing.

Removal using special tools

Practically every hostess has a fairly wide arsenal of tools that help fight the most difficult spots. They are sold in the store of household chemicals and have a huge variety and differ in manufacturer, active ingredient and reaction time.

How to wash the handle from the shirt will be prompted by the instruction, which must be read before using.

In this capacity, you can use:

  • stain removers. They contain a large content of active ingredients. In addition, the composition contains many enzymes that contribute to the activation forces of the funds;
  • bleach. Accordingly, suitable exclusively for white things, as they can wash off the paint. Most often the active substance is chlorine or oxygen. Also depends on the type of fabric. Chlorine-containing drugs should not be used for delicate fabrics;
  • dishwashing liquid. It certainly is in every kitchen, so you can safely put it on the stain.

In order to enhance the effect of purchased products, manufacturers recommend not only applying them to a soiled place, but also adding them to the powder compartment during machine wash. This will enhance the effect.

Folk remedies

Even if in the house there will not be any of the listed means, it is not a reason to despair. Popular wisdom has always found a way out even from the most difficult situations. The problem of how to wash the handle off the shirt is no exception, and you can get rid of it with those devices that are always at hand.

Natural fabrics that are not afraid of aggressive agents can be tried to be washed with the following ingredients:

  • ammonia. Is a leader in the fight for the purity of clothing and ink is no exception. To use the method, you just need to apply the substance to the stain and rub it with a brush. Ink dissolves right before your eyes. This way you can handle colored fabrics and not worry about the preservation of color;
  • acetone or nail polish remover. Soak a cotton swab in it and rub intensively over the contaminated place;
  • alcohol. You can also use vodka. This method is suitable for clothes made of thick coarse fabric, such as jeans. The principle of operation is similar to the previous one;
  • petrol. Use caution, as fatty stains may remain. It is better not to pour liquid on clothes, but to moisten a small piece of napkin and wipe the stain.

How to wash the handle on the shirt of delicate materials. Despite the apparent complexity, the methods of dealing with ink are many. The main thing is not to rush to rub the entire surface contaminated with ink. It is sure to be better to try on a small, poorly visible area of ​​clothing.

Home remedies:

  • lemon juice. He perfectly discolor the ink. The method is suitable for most fabrics, except white. To use the tool, you need to put a sufficient amount of fresh lemon juice on the ink and wait for about 5 minutes, then rub and erase as usual;
  • kefir or sour milk. Suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive fabrics, such as silk. Soak the dirty place in warm milk for 20 – 30 minutes, then rub the desired place;
  • talc. Chalk and starch are similar to it. The principle of operation is simple: sprinkle the ink stain with powder and wait about 30 minutes;
  • soda. Cook gruel by adding to 1 Art. l substances a few drops of water and apply to the ink blot. Soak for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

If the first time did not help, the cleaning procedure can be repeated again until the stain brightens or disappears completely.

Now you know how to wash the handle from the shirt not only with special means, but also with the help of the most common preparations that are easy to find in every home.

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