How and what to remove rust stains from jeans

Posted by: 19.02.2018

If the pants were washed and worn correctly, then the question of how to wipe off the rust from jeans should not arise. Most often, rust stains appear on the fabric due to improper wearing of clothing. But there are other reasons for which rust traces appear:

  • If the metal elements on the trousers are made of poor-quality materials, this may cause the appearance of rust spots.
  • If there are metal objects in the trousers during washing, this can also cause rust.
  • Very often, keys are worn in the pockets of jeans, because of which rust can also get through.

How to remove stains?

The rust very quickly penetrates deep into the fabric and is fixed in its fibers. how remove rust stains from jeans, especially if they are old? Helped proven grandmothers recipes and modern household chemicals. First you should try to wash off stains with high-quality powder with a whitening effect. It is best to use gel powder, which is particularly well suited for washing light trousers.

How to remove rust stain on jeans with light-colored powder? First, the gel is applied to pollution and left for half an hour. Then the stain is washed with a brush. After this thing rinse and rub over the stain once again with household soap. Only after such manipulations are the trousers sent to a washer and washed at high temperature in a large amount of powder. But this way of how to wash away the rust on jeans is more suitable for light-colored trousers made of more or less dense fabric.

But how to wash away the rust from jeans, which are sewn of delicate fabric, requiring careful treatment? In this case, proven recipe for removing stains will help. For example, you can use glycerin.

How to wash rust with jeans

Glycerin staining

If the fabric from which the jeans are sewn does not allow using aggressive powders and stain removers in its texture, then it is worth trying to get rid of the rust marks with the help of glycerin. You should warm up the usual glycerin, which is sold in tubes in pharmacies in a microwave oven, and then gently apply it to rust. Glycerin is left for a few minutes, and then it is washed off with an ordinary dishwashing detergent. There should be no trace of rust.

It is much easier to remove rusty traces from thick fabric. Acids will help.

Acid Rust Removal

If jeans are sewn from a sufficiently dense fabric that can “survive” the effects of acids, then try to wipe off the rust at home with acetic, tartaric or citric acid. This method of how to wash away the rust from jeans is quite gentle, but is only suitable for thick fabric.

The principle of action of acid on rust stains is very simple - the substance decomposes iron into two components, which are easily washed separately. Even complex rust stains can be removed at home with simple acids that can be bought everywhere.

The principle of staining is very simple:

  • You will need acetic, citric or tartaric acid. Most often remove rust citric acid, as it is in almost every home. Citric acid is diluted to a slurry, and then applied to the stain, leave for some time.
  • Then the place of pollution is heated by a hair dryer. You can also cover the jeans with a cloth and ironed with a hot iron.
  • After that, the thing is stretched in the usual way in a washing machine or manually, wiping up the places where there were stains.

Acid Rust Removal

Remove stains on black jeans

How to wash away the rust on the jeans in black, because the acids can discolor the fabric and the thing will be damaged? Try to bring out traces of pure lemon juice, which does not act as aggressively as pure acid, but, nevertheless, perfectly helps to cope with stains.

Put ordinary water to boil in a pan on which to stretch the jeans so that the spots are above the steam. Then clean, just squeezed out lemon juice should be watered contaminated areas. Jeans should be left “steamed” for 5 minutes, and then simply rinsed in clean, cool water.

You can wash off rusty black jeans and toothpaste. Prepare a mixture of toothpaste, table salt and vinegar, taken in equal parts. At the exit you should have a gruel. This gruel is applied to contaminated areas, and left for 5 minutes. Then the rust is washed with ordinary washing soap and the item is washed in the usual way.

How to remove rust stain on jeans

Remove stains on white jeans

How to remove the rust stain on jeans in white, because it would seem that the thing is hopelessly damaged? Help oxalic acid and potash.

Take half a cup of oxalic acid and ¼ cup of potash. Potash and acid should be separately dissolved in water, then mix the solutions and bring their volume to a liter of 0,5 with plain water. The mixture is slightly heated, and then soaked contaminated sites on the pants in the solution.

The tissue should lie in the solution for about 5 minutes (sometimes it may take more time). Then jeans stretch in water with the addition of ammonia or baking soda. Usually rust stains come off with this method of removal from the first time, and jeans become snow white again.

Bathroom Cleaner

Very well washes away a rust a cleaner for a bath. But this method can only be used for thick fabric. A scouring agent is applied to the stains and left for 15 minutes. Then polluted areas strongly rubbed with a stiff brush. After such a procedure, the jeans are washed in a large amount of powder and rinsed well. The tool smells unpleasant, and therefore it is better to rinse your pants several times and hang out to dry in the air.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to remove rust from jeans, and they are all quite effective.

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