how to wash old jeans to keep a favorite thing

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Jeans are the favorite clothes of most people. These are practical and non-marking things. However, it is precisely because of these qualities that jeans are treated slightly casually, and then they are surprised to note that they have spots on them. Some wash out quickly, others - extremely hard. But do not panic because of this. Here you can do something.

First of all, you need to find out from what a particular spot. The type of pollution determines how and what to wipe off old and new jeans.

Against dirt and stains of unknown origin

  • With fresh stains, a simple washing powder will help. Just do not need to rub fresh dirt, t. To. It can enter. She should be allowed to dry, and then scrape off gently. Then pants should be soaked in warm water and powder for a couple of hours.
  • If the origin of the stain is unknown, then you can try to wipe it off with ammonia and salt. These funds are added to warm water, dissolved, and then soaked and washed in her jeans.
  • Good results are given by various stain removers, for example, “Vanish” for carpets or dishwashing liquid. The tool is poured on the dirt, washed up, and then put in a washing machine. In this case, instead of powder (or with it), you can again use “Vanish”.
  • Similarly to the method described above, you can use a cleaner for a toilet bowl or bath, for example, Domestos. They contain more aggressive chemicals. Therefore, for the beginning it is recommended to try the tool on an inconspicuous area.
  • A universal remedy to remove almost any stains is Antipyatin soap. They can wash the paint, fat, blood, etc. Jeans can lather them or soak for several hours. There will be no trace of stains.

How to wash old jeans


This is the favorite "injury" of children's pants. No need to feverishly tear off clay. This can lead to the fact that he will enter into the structure of the fabric. It is better to put the jeans in the freezer and when the clay freezes, it can be easily scraped off.

If, however, traces of plasticine still remained, then the stain should be soaped, rubbed with a brush, and then powdered with soda. After 5 minutes, rub again with a brush, leave for half an hour and wash the soapy stain, rinsing the fabric well.

Cleaning jeans


This type of pollution should not be given time to dry. Jeans with grass stains should be wiped up as soon as possible, otherwise the grass juice will saturate the fabric and enter into the fibers. Pants need to be soaked in water with vinegar for a couple of hours.

The stain from the grass can be treated with a solution of ammonia and soap. With this tool wash the greens on the jeans. The glass will need 1 tsp. ammonia and a small amount of soap chips.

A good result gives a slurry of soda: it is applied to the stain itself, left for some time, and then brushed and stretched jeans.

From office supplies

Often on the pants appear strips of pens, markers and markers. If the first one is dealt with more or less simply, sometimes the usual washing is enough to remove traces from a ball or helium pen. Quite good results are also given by yogurt.

With markers and markers, the situation is more complicated: their paint is deeply absorbed into the fabric, and in order to remove it, it is necessary to put a lot of effort. It is best to use solvents: acetone, white spirit, etc. They are good at corroding the paint, but jeans can also lose their color. You can try to treat the stain with citric acid.

We wash the jeans off the handle


The basic rule of washing all blood stains is no hot water. From high temperature, protein is denatured. Because of this, it eats into the fabric, it is literally welded, and it becomes almost impossible to erase it.

If the blood has not dried yet, then the stain should be rinsed in cold running water. Pollution is washed almost instantly. How to wash old blood from clothes? If she has already managed to get into the fabric, then you need to soak the thing in cool water with soap. After a few hours the pollution will go away completely.

Washing the blood with jeans

Fat spots

These spots can persist on jeans for years. However, there are many ways to remove them. The easiest way to cope with fresh pollution is to put salt on a greasy stain, leave for half an hour, and then wash it in a washing machine.

Dishwashing detergent can also be effective. It is dropped onto the contaminated area, left for 30 minutes, then the item is washed.

Fat can be removed with ammonia, let it soak in, and then wash the jeans in a typewriter.

The situation is more complicated with old spots. There will need more powerful solvents, such as gasoline or turpentine. However, it is necessary to work with these means carefully: in a well-ventilated room and in gloves. You also need to pretreat an imperceptible piece of fabric to see how the tool will work. If the fabric does not deteriorate, you can proceed to processing.

To do this, take a piece of cloth (preferably not colored) to moisten in the selected tool and wipe the stain on the reverse side. After 5 minutes, the stain must be closed with soap and rinsed. Then the jeans are completely washed in a typewriter.

In a similar way, you can use acetone, nail polish remover and kerosene.

Washing jeans from dirt


If the stain is fresh, it is easy to remove it with a solvent or acetone. Moreover, the latter can only be used for bright things, as dark ones can lighten up. If the paint has already managed to dry out, then you have to resort to more sophisticated methods.

So, stains from oil paint can try to remove using dishwashing liquid. Turpentine also helps in this case.

If, for any reason, the thing still cannot be saved, then do not despair: you can always sew an appliqué or translate a drawing. This way of masking is especially good for children's things.

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